Why Now? Trump to Give First COVID-19 Briefing Since April


Health Editor’s Note: Why have we not been getting coronavirus briefings from Trump? COVID-19 has certainly not gone away, not by a long shot. I cannot wait to see what suggestions he has for us on how to beat the pandemic….but wait, maybe he still thinks it will all disappear because..well, people getting sick and dying and complaining about such things is annoying to him…..Carol

Trump to resume COVID-19 briefings

by Brett Samuels/The Hill

President Trump on Monday said he will resume giving regular coronavirus briefings this week, reviving a practice that is controversial among some aides as infections surge across the United States.

Trump told reporters in the Oval Office he would deliver a briefing at 5 p.m. on Tuesday. It would mark his first time participating in a coronavirus briefing since late April.

Trump signaled the briefings would be heavily focused on the development of a vaccine and drugs to treat the virus, which has advanced significantly since he last held regular media sessions on the pandemic. He told reporters he may invite the heads of the companies involved in vaccine development to speak to the press.

“I think it’s a great way to get information out to the public as to where we are with the vaccine, with the therapeutics, and generally speaking where we are,” Trump said. “So I think we’ll start that, probably starting tomorrow.”

The president gave daily briefings from the White House through March and April, providing updates on the administration’s response to the pandemic. But the question-and-answer sessions regularly devolved into Trump bashing governors, sparring with the press and making factually inaccurate statements that undercut the federal government’s overall messaging.

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  1. He’s going to introduce ,…Trump brand chlorinated juice for kids. Just in time for school , Gods personal delegate to lead us will make sure we feel great again , and rest easy knowing the children can roam the hallways smearing everyone with body fluids safely.

  2. Adrian2MiL18, Point is that we do not need for him to make any statement at all. He is not part of the solution and each time he pretend that he is he makes things worse. He needed to jump on medical/scientific advice, even though we were up against a virus that we really knew little about, and shut down like the prime minister did in New Zealand who has had 22 deaths….total.

  3. Our Dissembler In Chief is covering up a lot about how the bio-weapon COVID-19 came to the USA. That’s why the first coronavirus deliberations back in March were classified. I can’t help but think that China having beat the virus and we are making such a god-awful mess of it wasn’t part of the plan from the get-go. That Trump has succeeded in rewarding all of his Likudnik pals with free money from the US treasury is proof enough for me. He saw thing coming way back in the second week of November and warned Israel about it but chose not to alert the USA.

    • Tommy Apeiron, Yes, how did the bioweapon make its way back to the U.S.? Note I say back to the U.S. after we took it somewhere else to be released. Everyone involved in making this was horribly medically/scientifically illiterate. Creating a virus that is so very communicable and is deadly to the older and less-healthy, medically impaired is a cowardly act to begin with and then for those who are in “charge” to not jump on containing it was the beginning of the end. Who every made this virus hated humans beyond all measure and must be quite joyful watching the sad result of how we are trying to keep our heads above coronavirus water and put out this pandemic wildfire.

    • But isn’t that the whole purpose of a bioweapon, Carol? As one of Gordon’s articles documented, COVID-19 was created in a lab to be as virulent and unstoppable as possible. The psychopaths who are the real “powers that be” see population reduction as a primary goal, especially the elderly, the unemployable, and people of color. It’s just like what the US did back in the 19th Century giving small-pox infested blankets to Native Americans.

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