Intel Drop, July 24, 2020: Trump secretly cancels election (updated)


by VT Staff

Two days ago, Trump ordered the USAF to place a Dornier “Wolfhound” aircraft over Portland, Oregon.  A similar aircraft was overhead during the assassination of General Soleimani and during the fake gas attacks at Khan Shiekhoun in Syria.

The air force runs “black ops” with such a plane, ops that include false flag terrorism.  VT editor Stephen Avery piloted a similar craft for the Air Force during his career, on classified missions.

We can’t prove that Coronavirus was unleashed in the US in order to facilitate a takeover of the United States. However, we accept it as a possibility and even a likelihood.

We do know that Donald Trump has issued a presidential order cancelling the election based on a national emergency, COVID 19 and Chinese interference in the election tied to “treason” by Joe Biden and key American political figures whose names are already on arrest warrants.

Trump has already built an unconstitutional police force based on the model of the Pinkertons or the American Legionaires who tried to arrest Franklin Roosevelt as part of the ‘Business Plot’ in 1933 until stopped by Marine General Smedley Butler.

With Trump now hopelessly behind in the polls, experts around the country are getting wind of what VT’s inside sources in Washington have confirmed, that Trump has no intention of leaving the White House.

Trump had, months ago, told congressional republicans that he would not accept the results of an election.  As stated by Senator Tim Worth in Newsweek, Trump planned to declare the election rigged and would order Biden’s arrest as a “Chinese spy.”

Attorney General Barr had, some weeks ago, presented Trump an opinion allowing him to overrule an election using emergency powers while Barr would start investigating allegations of Chinese interference on behalf of Biden

Our sources tell us that Donald Trump has, this week, issued an order to cancel the November presidential election.  He has issued orders for the arrest of Joe Biden and other Democratic Party leaders.  His announcement that the GOP convention is cancelled is a step in his plan.

The plan was to send the election, eventually to the House of Representatives where, though the Democrats have a clear majority, the very odd rules tying state delegations to “electors” would give Trump 26 states and a victory.

This plan, roughly outlined in the Philip Roth novel and HBO special, ‘The Plot Against America,’ was set aside as too risky.  Trump has chosen the “nuclear option” instead.

He has thus far formed a 60,000 man force from border patrol, TSA, Homeland Security, US Marshals, prison guards and private contractors, to begin, not quell, violence in cities across the US.

He then plans to federalize the National Guard. Arrest warrants for more than a dozen state governors and a similar number of mayors of major cities have also been issued.

Word we get from Washington is that a cabal has been formed, Supreme Court justices, Lindsey Graham, Evangelical leaders and some within the military, funded by Russian oligarchs and Saudi Arabia.

Traitors within the Pentagon are planning to sink an American aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf, blaming it on Iran. An estimated 2000 Americans are likely to die as a result.

GOP operatives across the US are meeting secretly with police officials telling them to no longer take orders from civil authority and that they are now, by presidential order, members of a secret militia answerable only to Donald Trump.

Many departments are already stopping 911 responses.  Preliminary steps to put this into motion were done under George W. Bush but never enacted.  This is what the “Israeli training” was always about, reaching into thousands of police agencies for “bad apples” who could be bribed or blackmailed, and as we all know only too well that this is extremely easy with American police.

We watched the plan move forward in Portland.  Weeks ago, GOP operatives began moving in, no more than 40.  They began organizing violence and looting, often “leading from the rear,” as agent provocateurs. This has been done in city after city as any peaceful demonstration has to turn violent.  Where the party doesn’t have people, police are used and this was also the case in Portland, an accusation by Jo Ann Hardesty, who later was forced to walk back her observations.

The plan in Portland was classic, agent provocateurs for sure but even more clever. Barr had written an opinion that allows the Federal Government to bring in forces if key facilities like courts are threatened.

In order to assure that, Trump’s prison guards attacked the Wall of Moms (they even gassed the mayor) and then withdrew to the court. Their “agents,” mostly Portland police dressed as “Antifa,” organized a “chase” back to the Federal Court House.

This is part of the Sun Tzu “golden bridge” principle, but in reverse. Thus, fake demonstrators, really police, lead the attacks on monuments, court buildings and provide the photo ops.

Were Patrick Swayze alive, he would see what is coming.  This is “Red Dawn,” the communist invasion of the United States.  In reality, it is 4 years old already.


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  1. Tonight the, Wall of Veterans is going to be quite possibly huge in Portland.

    They told us we fought for certain freedoms and that those freedoms were under attack by foreign forces. now they are under attack by our own President and AG and a mish mash goon squad of wannbe’s. I find wearing camo on the street to entirely offensive and stupid. Let them put down their guns and lets see. Cowards.

    • Being a racist tyrant is not a freedom. Being a domination theologist is not a freedom.
      Targeting the poor is not a freedom.
      I’ve been fighting bullies all my life, you are the one standing behind the bully, saying, get em Butch. People are tired of the jack boots, and the high school football captains, and the wannabe dictators. The real ‘cancel culture” is the one where police can cancel your entire life and those of your family because your taillight decided to go out. Just bullies blabbering because they are no longer tolerated. Bunch of whiners. A person who loves Liberty is a liberal, and those who despise them are tyrants. pretty simple. Go buy a cheerleading outfit and call the Rush Limbaugh show. It’s snowing pretty hard over there.

  2. I don’t think any of this could even be conceptualized by Trump. His kosher-nostra handlers on the other hand are another matter. Like Duff says, they pulled off the September 11 attacks with impunity, had the Patriot Act all ready to go, and have squandered trillions in the war on terror. A coup d’etat could be their coup de gras.

  3. Do we even know if there has been any judicial follow-up to all these protestors being rounded up and placed in unmarked vans? Such as any formal arraignments? Who would be the charging officer? What are his credentials? Is it in a city court, a Superior Court, or a Federal Court?

    • Right now it is a toss up between the Star Chamber and a Kangaroo Court. Felix Edmundovich Dzerzhinsky will head up the prosecution.

  4. Whatever happens in the coming months will be determined by two things. First, the progress of the bioweapon COVID-19 in destroying the US economy and putting millions of Americans out of work. They’ll be desperate for a continuation of the CARES Act and it looks right now like Congress is unwilling to extend benefits into the fall. There will be massive homelessness and starvation in the USA, and guess what, homeless people don’t vote. This was all part of the diabolical plan by the so-called “powers that be”, or what Jesus called the “Synagogue of Satan”, to destroy the USA as we know it.

    Secondly, Trump is certainly facing prison time when he leaves the presidency. All of his calculations center around his staying in office indefinitely. Another major war, this time with Iran, Russia, and China, in which we would certainly have our asses handed to us on a platter, would give Trump the “get out of jail free” card that he so desperately needs. It might be started, as Gordon said, by a false-flag attack on a US aircraft carrier that will be blamed on Iran. This war would undoubtedly go nuclear within weeks or even days. When this horrible conflagration happens, all the rats, including Trump and the real “powers that be” will be heading for their bunkers and the rest of us will be cinder cakes. May Heaven help us all.

  5. First I’ve heard this has taken place. There’s been articles, discussions, and a gazillion versions of each in the past. Some credible sources, most not. Evidence has been scarce, all round.
    The Patriot Act (anything execpt patriotic) is Martial Law. Renewed every year after the law finally found the event it needed to be presented.
    The Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 legalized the creation of all manner of secret activity by Government, and more.
    Trump like all US Presidents, and Government representatives, are Zionist Khazars. (execpt Obummer no one is sure what he is) Many are of the Illuminati bloodlines. Trump is, US Presidents are. Trump serves the Zionist Khazar criminal Banking Cabal, the US Government in fact serve the Cabal. The fabled Globalist elite, whatever Trump says, does, has ordered done is at the direction of his masters. The Cabal is run at The City of London.
    This article appears to be consistent with the Globalist agenda. Complete with a total absence of evidence. Tangible evidence, and by the editorial staff’s replies to requests for this, I’m thinkin’ this won’t be found here. Further searching is required. The content of the article is plausible, even probable, there is no end to our beloved Government’s criminality.
    I didn’t know it’s China meddling in our elections, I thought Russia had been assigned to this task. I’m at a loss to understand how this great big superpower country, is completely unable to prevent what it calls poor third world shithole countries, that possess all the technology of a rock from meddling in our phony ass elections. Are we being led by 535 of the most inept people on the planet ?
    Round, or flat ?

    • Allow me to update.
      This article is accurate, despite it’s appearance.
      The Press TV clip,today is a better presentation. Good work.

  6. The USA Federal Forces have been being Trained since forever AND Now the young Trained Officer is Dying to show his Skills acquired from the Israeli Torture Training AND given this Enthusiasm I Can bet that Young Trainees will break Every rule to show that They are Brutal & Coldblooded And that these Young Idiots will have NO Problems Doing Any Immoral Shit to Try to prove to be a Good Obedient Slave ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Federal Uniforms Won’t Mind Slaughtering Anyone in an Attempt to prove to be a Faithful Slave ,,,,,,,,,

  7. I would like to read that executive order. Is that possible? What is the executive order number? when was it issued? Thanks!

    • Call “Qanon” and get a Q Clearance. You can also get confirmed to SCOTUS as one of the 5 or the Senate leadership, GOP only.
      Are you a Jewish billionaire? Just asking.

  8. The experiment with martial law acceptance by police was done under Bush2 and confirmed on the ground, by ex-DEA , and police if confronted and asked in private, but the part that concerned me was, it was kept pretty quiet by police and only very few backchannel leaks with no MSM coverage. It was effective, and the data has them drooling.
    At the time, if trying to share this, mostly what you got was “That is the craziest thing I ever heard, don’t be ridiculous”. But those who checked it out, came back and said, holy crap !

  9. Are we sure these are prison guards and border patrol? Tuesday evening someone on MSNBC (yes I know) mentioned that Eric Holder stated that those so called feds were Contractors (mercs)……Erik Prince’s stooges?

    • The numbers now are low, so there are plenty of official people available. When the crunch time comes, way more will be needed so ‘auxiliary’ people will be needed who are deemed reliable, and there will be a large pool of unemployed to draw from.

  10. I think this has been in the works for a long time. The US population has been thoroughly brainwashed and brainkilled to be blind to the truth, even if it bit them in the rear end.

    One can only hope that Sibel Edmunds’ Lonely Gladio will finally rise to the occasion, as most “militias” seem to be “trumpets”. (remember Ike and Tina Turner and the Ikets).

    As Gordon says, are YOU gonna stop them? = Who will/can stop them. Veterans might be the only group having the skills and contacts to do so.

    This will need an intervention from abroad. As for this being a “Red Dawn”, I see more a Kosher Dawn, which ain’t so kosher at all.

    Many countries hate zionists, time for alliances is now, but it might be already too late.

    And, alliances often mean embracing matters you received a life long (brain washing) treatment against.

    I wish you people godspeed, what an uphill battle you are facing if this is true, because on top of it all, a large part of the world has developed a thorough dislike of the USA, your loudmouth exceptionalism diarrhea has seen to that.

    But lets not forget: God bless president trump. Christ, the fuckiing irony of that!

  11. Oh hell no.
    Hopefully this has nothing to do with what Steve B. @ Israeli News Live, is talking about. Whatever does happen we all need to be smart & stick together as much as we can. May we have real peace & justice!

  12. Farrakahn is al also being irradiated by the Kabal. He can barely walk, his mylene sheeath is depleted from these microwave weapon hits. His insides are being cooked. looks like what Assange looked like when he could barely walk. Oh, I get the same, so have to shield.

  13. Garry, exactly! I think that our media covers everything well about USA. Also we have good analytical talk-shows about what’s going on in the USA. Hope you know Russian pretty good to get it )
    Vseh blag!

  14. Yahoo Finance shutdown their comment board. Too many red-pilled traders. is down for the count. Need to use wayback machine…

    It’s just a matter of time folks. We will reclaim our democracy and future.

    The man found parked in front of Ivan(k)a and Kushner’s DC home is a Chinese Targeted Individual from Los Angeles. He had videos posted on YouTube sort of ranting on about his targeting and confrontations with the police.

    On the precepice.

  15. I’ve always thought that Christian Zionists like Pompeo and Pence have always had it up their sleeves to start that transformative apocalyptic war they so crave, and that a false-flag attack on a US aircraft carrier would be the best way to get it started. Trump would go along with it because he gets a “get out of jail free” card when the USA goes to hell in a handbasket, which it certainly will if we attack Iran, Russia, and China as we are obviously angling to do. That will be the “national emergency” that spares Trump from having to be reelected in November.

  16. I don’t doubt the intel, but I have a difficult time seeing Trump get away with that. I also do not think most state governments would accept that. Civil war? As for canceling the election because of COVID, there is historical precedence. The 1920 presidential election (Harding vs. Cox) took place during the Spanish Flu pandemic, which proportionally was far more deadly than COVID.

    • Are you going to stop him? When the same folks did it on 9/11 did anyone stop them? The FBI knew the bombs were in New York, knew they were being deployed and carefully logged it all but did nothing to stop it and, when ordered to stand down, ended their investigation and joined the coverup.

    • Upon the blood of my ancestors, and for the future of the republic, I swear I will join any armed resistance to such treachery, come what may.

    • That’s another level of the treachery: Can’t the banker gangsters frame an armed resistance as supporting Trump’s “opponent,” Biden? The racketeers could control multiple sides… you know, like they usually try to do…

      For example, why would Biden stop the anti-China warmongering? He was part of that during the Obama administration through the TPP, the “McCollum Memo”-style naval maneuvers in the South China Sea, the THAAD missile system in Korea, the radicalizing of Chinese Uighurs into joining “moderate rebels” like the Turkistan Islamic Party, etc.

    • Edward Dodge

      Who is capable of organizing rag tag patchy militias into a Force that can charm the age the age old treacherous ………….,…………….

    • It would be my hope that in the course of such dire events, there would be a significant number of US military forces who would remain loyal to their oaths, not to Trump, but to the Constitution. From there, would germinate a resistance. As in the film, “Seven Days in May”, I should think one of the very first signs would seizure and control of all media and communications.

    • Yes, that sounds fair, Ed. Plus, how open and informative such a resistance maintained “all media and communications” would be a good indicator of how beneficial its reforms actually are.

      As President John Adams said, “Killing one tyrant only makes way for worse, unless the people have sense, spirit, and honesty… Let it be the study, therefore, of lawgivers and philosophers, to enlighten the people’s understandings and improve their morals, by good and general education.”

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