Russia strongly supports cancelling US election to keep puppet Trump in office


VT: Russians claim illegal Dems keep Trump from securing election through control of the House (voted in by vast majority of American people)

In a carefully written but highly biased article, it becomes clear that Russia is running Donald Trump just as RussiaGate proved.

Real findings were censored and the GOP controlled senate blocked all evidence and testimony while the White House blocked all evidence and testimony in the House under a wild assertion of executive authority in a strange interpretation of Article II of the Constitution authored by political trickster Bill Barr of Opus Dei.


RT: Trump moots delaying 2020 election over mail-in poll concerns ‘until people can properly, securely & safely vote’

Moscow: Mail-in voting threatens to make the November election the “most inaccurate & fraudulent” in US history, so the nation may be better off simply postponing it, President Donald Trump has suggested in a tweet.

“It will be a great embarrassment to the USA. Delay the election until people can properly, securely and safely vote,” he wrote.

Sharing his ongoing concerns over mail-in voting, Trump raised the possibility of delaying the election “until people can properly, securely and safely vote.”

​​It comes as Trump’s strongest attack yet on the remote voting system, which is being increasingly employed across the US to accommodate the looming election to the coronavirus pandemic.

In 2016, just five states – Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Utah, and Washington – conducted all-mail voting and 29 accepted no-excuse absentee voting.

Five more states – California, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey and Vermont – are set to join in this year, and around 17 states are going to send mail-in voting applications to every registered voter.

Trump has repeatedly suggested that mail-in voting would invite fraud and allow Democrats to damage his re-election chances this year. He claimed last week, for instance, that foreign governments would counterfeit “millions” of mail-in ballots.

Attorney General William Barr, the president’s ally, floated the same theory last month. When pressed on his comments on Tuesday, he told a House Judiciary Committee he had no evidence that foreign countries could successfully rig US elections with forged ballots but insisted it was “common sense” that they would try to do so.

Republicans also argue that if the ballots are automatically sent to every voter, including inactive ones and those with invalid registrations, this opens the door to rampant fraud

The US president appears to be considering an idea that just a few months ago he angrily dismissed. In April, his presumed Democratic rival Joe Biden claimed the incumbent would “try to kick back the election somehow.”

Trump responded with an angry rebuke, calling it “made-up propaganda,” and adding: “I never even thought of changing the date of the election. Why would I do that? November 3. It’s a good number. No, I look forward to that election.”

Since April, Trump has apparently lost ground to Biden in terms of popularity as the US drags through the Covid-19 pandemic and an unprecedented economic slowdown. Both nationally and in battleground states, the president currently lags behind the former vice president, according to pollsters.

A spokesman for Trump’s re-election campaign later said the president was simply raising the question of a potential delay.

“The President is just raising a question about the chaos Democrats have created with their insistence on all mail-in  voting,” Trump campaign spokesman Hogan Gidley told CNN.

Trump has already questioned the security of mail-in voting on numerous occasions. In May, he launched into a heated quarrel with Twitter after the platform marked some of his posts expressing concerns over potential election fraud with a “fact-check” note suggesting people click it and learn “facts” about the practice.

Regardless of what Trump and Biden think of a potential postponement, the election date is mandated by federal statute and altering it would require an act of Congress, where Democrats currently control the House.


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    • The world countries should put US Republican party on terrorist list, just like US does with Hezbollah and various other legitimate foreign parties.

  1. Waiting in line to vote on a Diebold or some-such networked device is not-unlike lemmings approaching the edge of a cliff.
    My very-first potus vote was cast for McGovern in ’72. Second time was 36-years later and that was for ‘Barry’ not only because of the ignorant chimp GW but also because it was the last-act of a political charade, i.e., the “apparent-adversariaism” of blue vs. red. Now, I’m all-played-out.
    “If voting made a difference, they wouldn’t let us do it.” (Samuel Clements)

  2. The RT story is not all that biased. It doesn’t exactly make Trump look good. As for Russian policy, obviously Russia sees itself as locked in an existential conflict with the US, and thinks it is more likely to win that conflict if US leadership is ultra-incompetent and conflicted. The best possible scenario from the viewpoint of Russia and other nations seeking independence from Washington would be US civil conflict and economic collapse forcing a total retreat from empire. Who can blame them?

    • Agreed. But wasn’t “US civil conflict and economic collapse” going to happen regardless of Trump? The banker gangsters crashing economies every 7-10 years, widespread protests ideologically opposite to the banksters like Occupy Wall Street, Standing Rock. and (to a lesser extent) Black Lives Matter, major anti-war protests like those against the 2013 chemical false flags and Syria War escalations: Those were going on under Obama and Biden’s administration, continued into Trump’s, and would have continued into Hillary’s if she were selected instead.

      Honestly, Russian officials should be worried that the banksters hijack US civil conflict. While it could lead to legit reforms or a revolution, Trump, Biden, and the “two” corporatist parties are already placed so the people could lose no matter how the conflict turns out. And if the people lose, opponents to the rich-get-richer wars lose, too.

    • Here’s a simple fact, Kevin. The Russian information troll farm that has been accused of conducting undue influence on the 2016 presidential election, Internet Research Agency, spent all of $46,000 on pre-election Facebook ads in 2016. Sheldon Adelson, on the other hand, spent $82.6 million, all of it on Republicans. In the 2018 midterm elections, he doled out another $100 million, all to aid Republicans. Russia-gate is total baloney, Kevin! It should have been Israel-gate all along.

    • If Russia thinks delaying or cancelling the election would make a difference it wouldn’t. Speaker of the House takes over after jan 20, in any contested situation.

  3. The triumvirate is crafty with its alliances, timely with its statements, and secretive with its movements. But one thing never changes, They seek to dominate every government from within. So much teaching about humility, paired with such an absence of it.
    After Trump leaves, the arrogance will show when they will claim to have kept him in check and saved us all.

  4. Author is clueless. Only DOJ can delay elections.
    Term ends Jan 20th. Elections or NOT.
    In which case, Nancy Pelosi would be unelected president. And Russia rejoices.

    • Hey “rex”…yes, you are right, the DOJ and delay elections…on fucking Mars…

  5. It’s laughable that Democrats continue with the Russia-gate nonsense. The only country that significantly influences US elections is Israel. No other country even comes close.

    Sheldon Adelson, on September 23, 2016 announced a $25 million donation to Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, this was after assurances from Trump that he would not only kill the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) but also move the US Embassy to Jerusalem. He is prepared to do the same this year, but Trump shows signs that he may implode before November or declare a “national emergency” to stay out of prison. Adelson throwing money at a dead horse like Trump may not be the best use of his doe.

    Whatever… if we even have an election in November, Biden is the only candidate who promises to abide by the results. Almost certainly, Trump, has no intention of doing that.

    • Never a truer word!
      Question is: Does Jerusalem answer to Moscow or Moscow to Jerusalem?
      My money is on Jerusalem dancing to Moscow’s tune despite BiBi’s best efforts to escape.

  6. Russians don’t want Biden as he ran the ethnic cleansing war in Ukraine.
    3000 ethnic russians killed, probably double that by now….these deaths are of civilians too.
    One million refugees fled to Russia as the USA supported Nazi militias stormed through all the villages they could in E Ukraine.
    Ever hear the truth about.this in US or western media? Never.
    They made it out to be:
    the Ukrainian protestors “drummed” (Obama said this) the evil corrupt pro Russian president out of office thanks to those peaceful Maidan protests which only got violent when pro Russian police started shooting protestors.
    This the bullshit fed to American public. I could go on will stop here…will be interesting to see who Biden has as VP…Hillary it will be I bet..
    Trump or Biden both horrible I will reluctantly pick Biden even though he makes me sick only because it seems impossible anyone could ever be worse than Trump

    • True. And when Trump came in, he shipped Javelin missiles to the Maidanites, more advanced, distinctly American, lethal aid than was supplied under Obama and Biden.

      Sun Tzu said, “The clever combatant imposes his will on the enemy, but does not allow the enemy’s will to be imposed on him.” If the banker gangsters want us to support Biden, Trump, or some other puppet, why do it? If/When they get a major provocation response or false flag, all bankster support will have to stop anyway… unless people should “reluctantly pick” World War 3…

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