Judge Says DeSantis’s Order For Reopening Schools Is Unconstitutional


Florida Schools Reopening in Limbo

Health Editor’s Note: Reopening schools will create a vast opportunity for coronavirus spread. Colleges, most grade school classes, and middle and high school age students will be able to be taught by virtual means. The issue for virtual learning for all students to have computer and Internet access which falls to each school district to provide. VT’s concerns are for the very young school age children and also for those with special needs.  These two groups cannot be expected to learn by virtual teaching measures and some sort of one on one or small group situation, using personal protection, social distancing, sanitation, to keep both students and teachers out of the reach of coronavirus….Carol 


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  1. I hope the background and secrecy associated with the CV-19 episode becomes open and widespread knowledge soon. As it is, this whole alleged medical crises is killing many western countries, including the United States. Is that what government wants, or is the crises just a huge distraction while the ‘financial adjustment’ gets made? How would we know – there are just too many secrets in government. Whatever. The short term future seems to be hell bent on being dystopian, rather than utopian. And that is sad.

    • HighlanderJuan, The knowledge of the background for COVID-19 is public and widely believed. This is a real virus, one that is quite like no other. The only real issue is getting control of coronavirus’s spread until there is a vaccine. No one has a natural immunity to this virus…Currently the only immunity you can have would be to have contracted the virus….and many do not survive that. Also, it may be that people do not have a lasting immunity to this virus, especially if they were only mildly ill or had the virus while exhibiting no symptoms. As I have said over and over again, humans are the host for this virus, do not give the virus more hosts….stop the spread by physically distancing, wearing masks, staying home if you are ill, diligent handwashing, etc.

    • If people want to claim that “SARS-Cov-2” is a truly unique and formidable virus, perhaps they will be so kind to post links to the peer-reviewed scientific papers outlining the purification, isolation and sequencing of this dangerous and unprecedented pathogen. Thanks

  2. Opening the schools is murder in the first degree. Remember when HIV was made a crime if knowingly transmitted. This would be the knowing transmission of a virus which will be deadly to a certain number of people. The responsibility of public servants is to serve and protect the public, not kill them.

    • Interesting. You seem to believe that CV-19 is actually killing people and that, as much as it appears to be seasonal, people still have to fear CV-19 during the hot summer months.

      If the Constitution is still to be followed by government, perhaps you can show me where in the Constitution any level of government is empowered to shut down healthy people. I’ve looked and can’t find any place. Perhaps in one or more state constitutions there is some provision? It seems that the underlying legislative laws, on both state and federal levels, required to allow the executive branches to shut down a healthy society may be missing.

      And yes, I think Sweden dodged a bullet by its non-lock-down approach to the alleged medical crises. Sweden is doing fine. The US? Not doing so well.

    • HighlanderJuan, COVID-19 is killing people. If you believe it is not, you are seriously deluded. COVID-19 does not appear to be seasonal. COVID-19 is still here and killing people. Sweden is not doing fine….no other Scandinavian country will let people from Sweden in. Sweden has far higher numbers of coronavirus cases and deaths than any of the Scandinavian countries and other countries as well. Your rights are not being jeopardized by mandating or asking or suggesting (depending on your state) that you wear a mask when in public and that you keep a physical distance from others, that you not come out of your home when you are ill, that you wash your hands before touching your face and do not go into groups of people. We do not have a healthy society as the potential is always there for spread of this virus. Coronavirus is extremely good at infecting people. Of course people has to continue to physically distance and wear masks, especially during summer months when people are vacationing in places other than where they live. I see large groups of people, usually young, together and not using masks or physical distancing, as if they are making a statement of some sort. What they are doing is spreading coronavirus which will kill their grandparents, parents, and also others of the same age. The young are not protected from this virus….

    • When flu season comes, it will be exacerbated. Public health overrides petty economic concerns in nearly every government structure ever formed.
      The origin and reasons are a separate discussion.
      If you ran a house full of people and one of them was contagious with a virus, it would be irresponsible to do nothing. And dumb. Particularly if your decisions led to the death of even one child.

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