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Judge Says DeSantis’s Order For Reopening Schools Is Unconstitutional

Judge strikes down Florida's schools reopening order as unconstitutional; state appeals

National Teacher Union Supports Strikes Over Unsafe School Reopening Plans

The nation’s largest teachers union, the National Education Association, separately said its members will do “whatever it takes” to protect students.

What are the Chances of Schools Reopening in the Fall?

As communities struggle with the decision over whether to open up schools, the research so far offers unsatisfying answers

Opening Schools Killed Netanyahu and It Will Kill Trump Too

Netanyahu’s decree that the nation’s entire school system would reopen was a political flourish to signal everything was under control

Trump Demands Schools Reopen Despite Coronavirus ‘High Risk’ Claims

The debate about school reopenings comes as the virus is spreading at its fastest pace yet across the country, a trend some attribute to states reopening prematurely this spring on a timeline encouraged by Mr. Trump.