COVIDGate: Trump’s Russian Spy Appointee to Choke off bad news from CDC has Imploded


Those who were throwing around the conspiracy theory that Trump was put in office to destroy the United States are now being taken seriously…finally

VT: What we know:

  • With recent revelations from Bob Woodward, we know that Trump actually turned over “managing” all COVID information to Roger Stone and Michael Caputo, the people the FBI says ran RussiaGate.
  • “Leading from behind,” Caputo choked off all needed data from state governments and media and threatened scientists (blackmail?)
  • We are told foreign intelligence services, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, aided Caputo into engineering the COVID disaster that has killed 197,421 as of this writing, using surveillance, cash and hit squads deployed throughout the US like the one that butchered Adnan Khashoggi.
  • What we are asking is whether Roger Stone, Caputo or “others” took advantage of Trump’s infamously poor attention span to take charge and assure economic collapse and social upheaval on behalf of an organization seeking to profit on the weakening and destruction of the United States.

Daily Beast: Communications aides appointed by President Donald Trump have been reviewing reports from scientists at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and changing them to better align with the Commander in Chief’s sunny message that the United States is beating the coronavirus pandemic, Politico reports.

All of this being done by someone the FBI insists is a Russian spy, picked for his role by convicted felon Roger Stone.

Michael Caputo, a former Trump campaign officer and now the appointed assistant secretary for public affairs of the Department of Health and Human Services, and his deputies have repeatedly requested pre-publication access to the CDC’s weekly Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Reports and reportedly altered them in several cases since April to lessen the seeming severity of COVID-19.

From Caputo’s Wikipedia:

Michael Raymon Caputo (born March 24, 1962)[2] is a Republican political strategist, and media consultant. In April 2020, Caputo was appointed as assistant secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services for public affairs.[1][3]

He worked for the Reagan Administration with Oliver North, and later as director of media services on the campaign for President George H.W. Bush in the 1992 United States presidential election.

Caputo moved to Russia in 1994, after the fall of the Soviet Union, and was an adviser to Boris Yeltsin. He worked for Gazprom Media in 2000 where he worked on improving the image of Vladimir Putin in the U.S. He moved back to the U.S. and founded a public relations company, and then moved to Ukraine to work on a candidate’s campaign for parliament.

After returning to the U.S., Caputo was called by his former mentor Roger Stone, who convinced him to move to Miami Beach, Florida, and then Caputo founded his media advising company Michael Caputo Public Relations.[4] Caputo moved back to Europe in 2007 while advising a politician’s campaign for parliament in 2007 Ukrainian parliamentary election.[4] (A Candidate chosen by Russia)

Caputo was investigated by the United States House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence as part of their investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential election.

CDC scientists have fought Caputo and company but in recent weeks have allowed them increasing sway over the reports, according to Politico. Caputo and his aides have also attempted to delay and even halt the release of other reports entirely.

Dr. Paul Alexander, an adviser to Caputo, wrote in an August 8 email, “CDC to me appears to be writing hit pieces on the administration.” Trump has asserted multiple times that the new coronavirus will “disappear” and that the U.S. is “rounding the corner” on the pandemic despite nearly 200,000 American deaths from the virus and the highest number of cases in the world.


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  1. From A Supercomputer Analyzed Covid-19
    “Covid-19 has another especially insidious trick. Through another pathway, the team’s data shows, it increases production of hyaluronic acid (HLA) in the lungs. HLA is often used in soaps and lotions for its ability to absorb more than 1,000 times its weight in fluid. When it combines with fluid leaking into the lungs, the results are disastrous: It forms a hydrogel, which can fill the lungs in some patients. According to Jacobson, once this happens, “it’s like trying to breathe through Jell-O.”
    “This may explain why ventilators have proven less effective in treating advanced Covid-19 than doctors originally expected, based on experiences with other viruses. “It reaches a point where regardless of how much oxygen you pump in, it doesn’t matter, because the alveoli in the lungs are filled with this hydrogel,” Jacobson says. “The lungs become like a water balloon.” Patients can suffocate even while receiving full breathing support.

    “The bradykinin hypothesis also extends to many of Covid-19’s effects on the heart. About one in five hospitalized Covid-19 patients have damage to their hearts, even if they never had cardiac issues before. Some of this is likely due to the virus infecting the heart directly through its ACE2 receptors. But the RAS also controls aspects of cardiac contractions and blood pressure. According to the researchers, bradykinin storms could create arrhythmias and low blood pressure, which are often seen in Covid-19 patients.”

    (Ref.: )

    • Cont’d.:
      “The bradykinin hypothesis also accounts for Covid-19’s neurological effects, which are some of the most surprising and concerning elements of the disease. These symptoms (which include dizziness, seizures, delirium, and stroke) are present in as many as half of hospitalized Covid-19 patients. According to Jacobson and his team, MRI studies in France revealed that many Covid-19 patients have evidence of leaky blood vessels in their brains.

      “Bradykinin — especially at high doses — can also lead to a breakdown of the blood-brain barrier. Under normal circumstances, this barrier acts as a filter between your brain and the rest of your circulatory system. It lets in the nutrients and small molecules that the brain needs to function, while keeping out toxins and pathogens and keeping the brain’s internal environment tightly regulated.

      “If bradykinin storms cause the blood-brain barrier to break down, this could allow harmful cells and compounds into the brain, leading to inflammation, potential brain damage, and many of the neurological symptoms Covid-19 patients experience. Jacobson told me, “It is a reasonable hypothesis that many of the neurological symptoms in Covid-19 could be due to an excess of bradykinin. It has been reported that bradykinin would indeed be likely to increase the permeability of the blood-brain barrier. In addition, similar neurological symptoms have been observed in other diseases that result from an excess of bradykinin.”

      “By acting like a natural ACE inhibitor, Covid-19 may be causing the same effects that hypertensive patients sometimes get when they take blood pressure–lowering drugs. ACE inhibitors are known to cause a dry cough and fatigue, two textbook symptoms of Covid-19. And they can potentially increase blood potassium levels, which has also been observed in Covid-19 patients. The similarities between ACE inhibitor side effects and Covid-19 symptoms strengthen the bradykinin hypothesis, the researchers say.

      “ACE inhibitors are also known to cause a loss of taste and smell. Jacobson stresses, though, that this symptom is more likely due to the virus “affecting the cells surrounding olfactory nerve cells” than the direct effects of bradykinin.

      “Though still an emerging theory, the bradykinin hypothesis explains several other of Covid-19’s seemingly bizarre symptoms. Jacobson and his team speculate that leaky vasculature caused by bradykinin storms could be responsible for “Covid toes,” a condition involving swollen, bruised toes that some Covid-19 patients experience. Bradykinin can also mess with the thyroid gland, which could produce the thyroid symptoms recently observed in some patients.”

    • “The researchers are quick to point out that ‘the testing of any of these pharmaceutical interventions should be done in well-designed clinical trials.’

      “As Jacobson and team point out, several drugs target aspects of the RAS and are already FDA approved to treat other conditions. They could arguably be applied to treating Covid-19 as well. Several, like danazol, stanozolol, and ecallantide, reduce bradykinin production and could potentially stop a deadly bradykinin storm. Others, like icatibant, reduce bradykinin signaling and could blunt its effects once it’s already in the body.

      “Interestingly, Jacobson’s team also suggests vitamin D as a potentially useful Covid-19 drug. The vitamin is involved in the RAS system and could prove helpful by reducing levels of another compound, known as REN. Again, this could stop potentially deadly bradykinin storms from forming. The researchers note that vitamin D has already been shown to help those with Covid-19. The vitamin is readily available over the counter, and around 20% of the population is deficient. If indeed the vitamin proves effective at reducing the severity of bradykinin storms, it could be an easy, relatively safe way to reduce the severity of the virus.

      “Other compounds could treat symptoms associated with bradykinin storms. Hymecromone, for example, could reduce hyaluronic acid levels, potentially stopping deadly hydrogels from forming in the lungs. And timbetasin could mimic the mechanism that the researchers believe protects women from more severe Covid-19 infections. All of these potential treatments are speculative, of course, and would need to be studied in a rigorous, controlled environment before their effectiveness could be determined and they could be used more broadly.

      “Covid-19 stands out for both the scale of its global impact and the apparent randomness of its many symptoms. Physicians have struggled to understand the disease and come up with a unified theory for how it works. Though as of yet unproven, the bradykinin hypothesis provides such a theory. And like all good hypotheses, it also provides specific, testable predictions — in this case, actual drugs that could provide relief to real patients.”

  2. They gave him rope and he took it. Giuliani is in trouble also, and Barr , as the records will show he took the Ukraine asset to cover for this one.
    I think Barr , is leaving a trail for conspiracy, and hoping to do just enough to cover it.

    Public Health, is a trump card when it comes to governing. Ignoring that, is unwise.

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