A Vote for Trump is a vote for Terrorism, But then everyone knows that…




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  1. Wait a minute, Máiréad, you don’t think “play ball with the gorillas” is how we got Trump go from warning “our horrendous leadership could unknowingly lead us into World War III” in 2013 to ordering air support for Obama and Biden’s “moderate” extremists in Syria in 2017…?

    If we the people are to stop losing in the corporatists’ rigged ball game, we have to stop following their rigged rules.

    • All right, and what if neither gorilla can be lived with because both will keep pushing World War 3?

      At the end of the day, the banksters do not get their power from voting; they get it from violence. If we stop fighting for them, regardless of which puppet president it’s under, then their corrupt systems crumble.

  2. Donald Trump can convince certain people. Others are enticed by that, and encourage it.
    We should all very clearly see who those two groups are. The large portion are victims of a con, and the other segment are criminals jumping at a chance to feed on those victims.
    We are a young country, most people do not know their neighbors. We are a violent country, and if it is ok to kill this one for that, then why not that one for this. We have a violent culture, and we are mostly confused and have lost trust in the Justice system, the elected, and the finance distribution. A very easy people to divide, and even a moron can do it. We have that proof.

  3. My thoughts too. Why feature Dylan Roof? Obvious false flag event. Dylan Roof is child actor John Christian Graas (from Seinfeld Yogurt F-bomb episode). Disappeared into Marines in 2010. Most everything on him has now been scrubbed from the web including images which have been made grainy and super small. Then he shows up as the church shooter. Was he sheep-dipped? Interesting Gordon would run with him as his article focal point. There is so much chatter about him being Dylan Roof even Snoops had to step in to say it’s not true. That’s a lot of dis-info effort for a former child actor.

  4. Look at all these hasbara trolls here posting. US has worked fine without the trash out of the bottom of the barrel brought up to distract and conceal the biggest theft of the US by top 1% who have ALL contributed to Trump’s campaign for a worthless shekel in return.
    I mean who can find more disgusting than Likud in the White House.

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