Discovery of Possible Antibody That ‘Neutralizes’ Coronavirus

The CoronaVirus molecule

Scientists at University of Pittsburgh Make Huge Discovery 

Health Editor’s Note: This newly discovered antibody (biomolecule) is 10 times smaller than a regular sized antibody. The drug Ab8 which is a potential prevention against SARS-CoV-2  has been tested in mice and hamsters and since it does not bind with human cells, hopefully it will not cause negative side-effects in humans.  

Ab8 has the potential to be used as a therapy to treat COVID-19 but also as a prevention against contracting the virus. This biomolecule neutralizes coronavirus.

Ab8 sounds hopeful as we continue to see hundreds  of new cases of COVID-19 every day in the U.S. and thousands all over the planet. We need a workable plan to stop this pandemic and hopefully Ab8 will be an important tool in the anti-COVID-19 tool box…..Carol 


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  1. How have this supposedly new antibody been made ? Have it been tested on Sars-Cov 2 or some other coronavirus ? If on Sars-Cov 2, this mean that they disposes of some Sars-Cov 2 viruses isn’t it !? BUT… this virus has NOT been isolated/purified to this day ! And IF they managed to get hold of a Sars-Cov 2 batch to test with, what strain ?

    Coronaviruses are known to mutate as we know with the flu. So, an antibody to a said strain of coronavirus is specific to that strain, period. I have not heard of existence of a wide spectrum antibody yet; have you ?

    And Sars-Cov 2 have mutated in many strain as of today, and will in the future.

    • Stargate, Read the article, it has been specifically tested on SARS-CoV-2. Ab8 has worked for mice and hamsters….probably works just as well for humans but then there are all those hoops that have to be jumped through to use it on humans…

    • Carol, ok ! red it and listened carefully to John Mellons’s (chief of infectious dieases at UPMC) story of how his colleague Dimitrov isolated this… mini antibody component (MAC) or TAC (tiny antibody component) as you wish :

      First, he says he uses a pool of billions of… *BACTERIAPHAGE* virus (NOT SARS-CoV 2) antibodies and then take a protein *LIKE* the “S” protein and he… ‘pans’ the mixture as if “panning for gold” (ie he mixes). He is using that “S” (like) protein as a bait to catch that *BACTERIAPHAGE* virus (did he forget to add: antibody) that… binds to it.

      So, the bait is NOT from SARS-CoV 2 but… LIKE it !

      Next, he say the “S” thing !? Why not say SARS-CoV 2 or “spike” ? His imprecision is very disturbing. Is he trying to conceal something in odrder to protect himself from claiming wrong things ? So, the combination of the “S” thing compounded with the “LIKE” thing don’t inspire me confidence.

      Then, they tested _in vitro_ with seemingly good results then _in vivo_ with mouses with seemingly good results. And we know that all that applies to animals don’t necessarily applies to humans.

      Finally, a BC University lab have uncovered the MAC mechanism of action on the (a ?) virus using a sophisticated electron microscope ! Yes ? Show-me-the-pics/videos ASAP !

      What stems out of all this anyway is a new way of administering the… ‘medicine’… without an IV needle. Only a patch !

    • Stargate, They are also looking at administering it by inhaling/nose and by subcutaneous or maybe I.M. injections instead of IV which is the only way remdesivir can be administered. Obviously IV administration takes personnel versed in IVs and that places the patient in a hospital setting to receive the dosage. They are also working on an inhaled version of remdesivir but I have not heard of any success on that. I have no idea why he would not use full terminology when explaining how it works. To be both a treatment and a prevention is a big deal.

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