Donald Trump’s ‘Supervillain’ ABC town hall made Joe Biden appear almost superhuman


Trump can’t afford to talk about the country’s biggest problems because he is primarily responsible for them.

Windsor Mann, Opinion columnist

USA Today: Like most Americans, I didn’t watch President Trump’s town hall on Tuesday night. I was too busy doing anything else.

Two days later, I capitulated and watched it on demand. Five minutes later, Joe Biden’s town hall began. The contrast was startling.

Unlike Trump — who sat during his town hall — Biden stood during his, as if the national anthem were playing. Trump looked lumpish and sounded confused. Biden looked spirited and sounded human. He was lucid, informed and affable — almost superhuman.

As Rick Wilson pointed out, Trump makes Biden seem like Demosthenes. Indeed, Biden uttered more complete sentences in one night than Trump has in his entire presidency.

When Trump talks about vaccines, he sounds like an infomercial host peddling miraculous crystals that cure depression and hair loss. When Biden talks about vaccines, he sounds like someone who has studied them. This is not to say he was flawless. He got some facts wrong — Trump didn’t hold a Bible upside down at Lafayette Square — but he got the tone right.

Trump’s biggest problem — himself

Trump, who claims to speak for “real Americans,” was visibly uncomfortable speaking with real Americans. These were undecided voters, not sycophants or Fox News hosts, and persuading undecided voters to support Trump at this point — amid a pandemic and a recession — is harder than selling asbestos to them.

Former Vice President Joe Biden has increased his lead over President Donald Trump in a new poll.

Demagogues become popular because they talk about things that matter to people. In 2016, Trump talked about immigration, the opioid crisis and political correctness — things that no one else was talking about. This year, he’s talking about things that no one cares about: Confederate flags, Goodyear tires and his Twitter account. He’s a demagogue increasingly disconnected from the demos.

Unlike in 2016, Trump can’t afford to talk about the country’s biggest problems because he’s primarily responsible for them. When he talks about problems, he denies they’re problems. He tells sick people they’re healthy and unemployed people that the economy is booming. To appeal to voters, he has to lie to them, and on Tuesday he lied to their masked faces.


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  1. Yup. The Dems are a pack of endlessly self-congratulating preening pimps. The kind of A-holes we beat up weekly all throughout high school. Whereas the Republicans, as a party, are hopelessly fractured and have no unified message except for brief moments when they take a break from fucking the middle-class and sucking up to the military in order to shit on political correctness, atheism and Marxism (which is all too seldom). I voted for him in 2016 in the hopes that he was an actual populist, and WAS a tepid Trump supporter until recently (only because ‘the enemy of my enemy’), but no more. Any American ‘leader’ who says out loud that he basically sees nothing wrong with assassinating foreign leaders as foreign policy will never get my vote. And so for the first time, I have no party and will cast no vote for President in November. The cultural stakes for this country couldn’t be higher, but I just cannot bring myself to do it.

    • What I did notice is that we had NO republicans in the Marine Corps and none in Vietnam. As a boxer, I never fought a republican and didn’t find any in PKA as well. There weren’t any republicans serving in the Korean War or World War II, not in combat.

      Republicans are very good in crowds with assault rifles against teenagers. After your dumbfuck statement about beating up younger and smaller kids in school, one might want to see what you do now, perhaps view your criminal record as well.

  2. John

    One of us understand politics and economics and has worked for both parties. You live in a state where I wrote some of the tax laws. You have things upside down.

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