Putin: We can now safely obliterate the United States, thanks to Trump – Bolton


RT/Moscow: The US pullout from the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty was a threat to Russia’s security and risked “zeroing” its nuclear arsenals, prompting Moscow to design unparalleled hypersonic projectiles, President Vladimir Putin said. Moscow, which claims primacy in the worldwide race to develop the ultra-fast weapons systems, faced an urgency to maintain strategic parity with its near-peer opponent Washington, the Russian president recalled on Saturday.

“The US withdrawal from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty [ABM Treaty] in 2002 forced Russia to start developing hypersonic weapons,” Putin said while speaking over a video link to Gerbert Yefremov, a renowned engineer who played a lead role in designing an array of sensitive missile systems for the Russian military.

Signed back in 1972, the ABM Treaty was instrumental in helping keep the equilibrium between Russian and American nuclear deterrents, until the 2002 pullout threatened to dramatically tilt the balance. No longer bound by the pact, the US rushed to deploy its ballistic missile shields, including close to Russian borders.  From Canada, December 2019:

Moscow could not stand back and watch the new threat emerge, Putin continued.

We had to create these weapons in response to the US deployment of a strategic missile defense system, which in the future would be capable of virtually neutralizing, zeroing out all our nuclear potential.


Russia also had to catch up with its prime rival on nearly every track, from building nuclear weapons to designing long-range bombers and intercontinental ballistic missiles.

According to Putin, the need to play catch-up has always put the country “in a very difficult and even dangerous situation.” On certain occasions, “we were threatened but had nothing to respond,” he admitted.

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He praised Yefremov’s contribution in creating hypersonic weapons, likening it to the Soviet nuclear program of the 1950s and 1960s.

For our country today, the embodiment of your concepts is undoubtedly comparable to implementing USSR’s nuclear and missile projects, which were carried out by outstanding Soviet scientists [Igor] Kurchatov and [Sergey] Korolev.

The modern-day advances in hypersonic technology turn the tide in Russia’s favor, Putin said. “Right now, for the first time in our modern history, Russia possesses the most modern types of weapons, which are many times superior in strength, power, speed and accuracy to previous and existing ones,” he explained.

Russia claims to be the first nation to have fielded a hypersonic weapon, the Avangard glide vehicle. Other projectiles, like the Kinzhal (Dagger) cruise missile and the Zircon anti-ship missile, are undergoing trials or said to be in the works.

In addition, the Russian military industry is on its way to designing an interceptor missile that will be able to shoot down adversary ultra-speed munitions. As part of the effort, it has recently rolled out a radar station designed to track over a thousand fast-moving targets, including those that are hypersonic.

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  1. @ hey Forum,
    ich würde doch etwas vorsichtiger sein, einen Rat von einem alten Mann
    kurz vor dem 93 Jahr.
    Ihr könnt alle nur einmal dass Armageddon erleben. Ein zweites gibt es nicht. Gruß an alle Patrioten. Werner

  2. Unfortunately, while aggressive, bloodthirsty politicians are in power in the West, my country is forced to develop weapons. History shows, and we are convinced of this, that the West understands only the language of power. Putin’s Munich speech in 2007 about a multipolar world haunts the West. And they will never forgive us for this…

  3. the evil consciousness of zionists cabalist and the infamies the militar industrial economic banksters complex is what forced Russia to try to defend herself, no matter if propaganda of lies of MSM tells to westerners Russia is the evil and Putin id evil in person…… The truth is another very thing. The behavior of western countries which follow the nonsense criminal acts of Usa all around the world.
    This truth can’t be hidden behind propaganda of lies.
    I’m from one of the former allies of west europe and I was a militar policeman which in 80’s seen many very strange actions which I understood only in the last 20 years when 9/11 was the mother of all false flag ops that bring all of us in a nonsense war to the terrorism……. But now we (many of us) understood the real terrorists are NATO, Usa, UK, and first of all ISRAHELL, the armed weapon of the cabal which wants to own the whole world, no matter if completely nuked and desertified, perhaps many if them has where to go?
    I don’t know nut I prefer desertified to a world completely exploited with only a billion of people after the nuclear holocaust they think they are unleashing without getting involved into the infinite destruction.
    Same thing of what happened this year with covid scam.
    I’m very worried for the good americans, they will be the first, this time to be involved, they can’t think Usa will protect them, they will be the first to be shot

  4. I presume, Jay, you’re being sarcastic, everyone knows that the ballpoint pen was first patented by László József Bíró in 1931 and very quickly making him a very rich man.

  5. So while the US administration has been governed by, and grossly overfeeding, the MIC, Russia has used its brains and technology to create weapons to counter what they anticipated from the US. Very smart and industrious people, those Ruskies!

  6. Not to mention much more advanced EW systems, the S400, S500 and future S600 AA missle batteries, jet fighters and tanks superior to anything the US can sell or deploy.

    The old story you have probably heard:
    NASA and US dept of defense developed a special pen for their astronauts, it had to work in extreme cold and weightless environment, they spent millions on research and development before production, then gave the contract finally to Boeing who made 500 of the pens at a cost of $20,000 per pen.
    The Russians; they had their cosmonauts use pencils.

    • Yeah, but that couple million dollar government investment spawned the ball point pen industry which has made billions, and making a profit won the Cold War for us.

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