Too little too late: Murdoch publishes Op-Ed saying Trump a Psychopath

Yes, he has a gold toilet

VT: We publish this along with a piece on the person who owns the newspaper publishing this as well. We have a ‘pot/kettle’ situation here, with one criminal psychopath accusing the other.

Trump has spent his life surrounded by criminal psychopaths, Epstein, his gay lover and best friend after the death of partner Roy Cohn.

Imagine being fed to a slurry of Eastern European wives? Either could kick Arnie’s ass and both have roots we can’t begin to discuss without legal consequences.

Bush 43 was worse than Trump, and although Trump has more American ‘confirmed kills’ than Bush, he is ever so slightly less crazy. The entire Bush administration was psychopathic, so is Trump’s, Barr the freako Opus Dei fanatic, Chad Wolfe the Israeli, and the rest?

Satanic pedophile and gangster?

Problem is, they were in Washington long before Trump. He simply recognized small time thieves who steal a few million and humiliate themselves in the process. Had they inherited his fortune, they could have taken on his style as well.

The photos below of the Trump ‘wog-a-leum’ show us that ‘dime store Hitler’ lives in ‘dime store Versailles.’ Imagine gold leaf on everything, and by everything we mean fake stage decorations made of injected molded urethane, plaster of paris or particle board.

First some photos courtesy of (a favorite):


Say it plainly: The president is a psychopath


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  1. Hi Adrian
    Interesting…as if you do get eternal life by drinking gold somehow, that means you never die and your soul/spirit is “lost” never gets to be next to God eternally in death.. You become an angel (or demon) something that serves God in some way good or bad but never really lives since can never die. Maybe those who drank the Gold water got what they wished for but not what they hoped it would be
    probably pretty bored after the first 2000 years

  2. The foundation is ego, and the means was teasing the eager contractors with ‘more work” or referrals to others. I always enjoyed my work, because I stayed away from jobs like this.
    most who worked in there, were tipped the first time, and stiffed the second. No thanks.

  3. I saw TV show where people die but come back from death.
    One guy ended up in hell, somehow he got out of there, and came back to life, but while there he saw the big gold throne with the horned beast sitting in it, and all around him stacked up high was gold “offerings”

    • …made me wonder what is gold really for? (I don’t know)
      why is it that the amount of possession in gold is what makes one a wealthy person or not..(true)
      where does the worlds heaviest metal always eventually end up? (Next to the devil?)
      How can one “buy themselves” out of hell if confronted by the devil?
      (Or at least be tricked into thinking they can?)
      Why does the devil value Gold so much? (I don’t know)
      What is relationship between “losing your soul” and accumulating gold? (I don’t know)

      Why does Trump’s penthouse flat remind me of the description of hell that guy on TV show talked about?

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