…by Jonas E. Alexis, VT Editor

Paul R. Pillar, an academic and 28-year veteran of the CIA, brought the Israeli regime down a few years ago by saying that Israel and Saudi Arabia are the main culprits behind the covert war against Iran. We have been saying the same thing for years.

Pillar declared then:

“Much of the opposition has to do with a desire to keep Iran in the status of a perpetually isolated and castigated adversary that is blamed for all or almost all of the ills in the Middle East. That desire characterizes certain other regimes in the Middle East (especially Israel and Saudi Arabia) that are rivals of Iran, want outside powers to take their side, and want international scrutiny diverted from their own contributions to regional instability.”

In this covert war, said Pillars, “misleading and false” information is a fair game for those who want to perpetuate the incoherent idea that Iran wants to create trouble in the Middle East. “Many of the same old themes, notwithstanding the agreement’s success in the meantime in being implemented and maintaining its tight restrictions on, and scrutiny of, Iran’s nuclear program, are being repeated.”

These “misleading and false” techniques have been disproved or shown to be wrong long ago, said Pillar, but then warmongers kept repeating them, obviously because they wanted America and much of the West to get into a bloody conflict with Iran, presumably for Israel and Saudi Arabia. Trump has been a complete pawn in repeating what the warmongers wanted.
Pillar is now saying that the current marriage between Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu can only bring more misery and suffering for much of the world. Pillar writes:

“The political careers of President Donald Trump and Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu have become increasingly linked. The linkage goes well beyond the parallel personal interests they have in such things as the hyping of recent diplomatic developments involving Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates. It extends to a similarity of political methods that over the long term works to the detriment of both Americans and Israelis.”

Read that again. A relationship between Trump and Netanyahu can only bring disaster to the average Israeli and American. What does that tell us again? Netanyahu will more than likely support a candidate whom he can use as a complete puppet.

He seems to have remembered what Obama told him, that he was a “chickenshit,” that he lied too much, and that he wanted to destroy the cohesive and comprehensive agreement between Iran and the United States.

Pillar continues:

“The spectacle this week of a White House signing ceremony replete with flags and trumpet flourishes helps both leaders claim credit with their domestic audiences for what they say is a historic “peace deal,” even though it isn’t. An ideal Middle East would be one in which all states of the region, including Israel, have full and cordial relations with all other states of the region, but only because in an ideal Middle East such relations would reflect the successful resolution of previous conflicts. Relations that ignore or paper over unresolved conflicts, much less exacerbate them, are not an improvement.”

In other words, away with the Trump and Netanyahu marriage. Why? Because the Israeli government is alway interested in manipulating American politicians and molding them into the Israeli/zionist ideology.

For example, Trump told the entire world that the United States, according to Pillar, “’gave’ Iran between $100 and $150 in assets under the agreement and separately ‘gave’ Iran $1.7 billion in cash.”

Total lie. Pillar wrote: “In fact, the United States has not given Iran a penny. All of the money was Iran’s in the first place. Most of the assets in question had been frozen in foreign financial accounts. The separate cash payment was resolution of a very old claim dating back to the time of the shah, in which Iran paid for some airplanes that the United States did not deliver. Pallets of cash were used because sanctions continued to shut Iran out of the international banking system.”

Pillar concluded his article by saying:

“Donald Trump’s serial lying, and his penchant for repeating lies long after they have been disproven, is in a class by itself regarding dishonesty by a top American leader.”

Trump has obviously been drinking the Israeli wine, which literally clouds his moral and political judgment. This is probably why Pillar compared Trump to a zombie. He cannot think straight because the Israelis–most particularly Benjamin Netanyahu–have cast an essentially Talmudic spell on him. This is why Benjamin Netanyahu can say things like Trump’s “support for Israel is clear.”

Paul R. Pillar, “The Persistence of Falsehoods About the Iran Nuclear Agreement,” National Interest, August 3, 2017; “The Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu Alliance: Simply Bad News,” National Interest, September 17, 2020.

Trita Parsi has recently written a comprehensive study on this as well. Trita Parsi, Losing an Enemy: Obama, Iran, and the Triumph of Diplomacy (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2017).


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  1. One question, The African continent and the American continents have been euthanized, neutered, and overtaken what is your ducking point? I know where you can put your morality and so do you.

  2. Like the late Congressman from Ohio Jim Traficant stated many times; “The US Congress is a BROTHEL!” He was right on the MONEY! Our Congress is the NEST of Prostituted Senators, Representatives, who are not serving the interests of their Electorate but that of the Zionist Apartheid ‘Talmudic-Supremacist’ Terror State of Israel! This is how the Demonic Zionist Zealots return our ‘Friendship’; http://www.holocaustonthehighseas.com A ‘False Flag’ attack on our Navy, that failed! ‘9/11/2001’ was another ‘False Flag’ attack, by them, that became a roaring success, ( they murdered 2977 innocent Collateral Victims, when they ‘PULLED DOWN’ the WTC. Towers #1,#2,#7, with Controlled Demolition) and dragged the US, into the unending Wars of the Middle East! With a FRIEND(?) like that who needs enemies?

    • Pontosan igy van, bravo. Pelosi takes the lead here, being married to a super rich real estate speculator, a Kosher Nostra biggy. He is working through her. It is obvious. Here, in Europe, is spite of the Muslim invasion, they are still being exposed heavily, like that scum Francois Strauss-Kahn et all.

  3. But I have to tweak this little statement: “Trump has obviously been drinking the Israeli wine, which literally clouds his moral and political judgment.”
    You cannot cloud something that doesn’t exist.

    • “What will we get for bombing Syria besides more debt and a possible long term conflict? Obama needs Congressional approval.” “Be prepared, there is a small chance that our horrendous leadership could unknowingly lead us into World War III.” “What I am saying is stay out of Syria.”
      ~ Twitter posts from Donald Trump, (August 29, 2013)

      Any hyperbole or exaggeration aside, Newt, Trump does have moral and political judgment. However, like Obama and the other bankster puppets, he was never going to risk life and limb to take a moral policy stance, not against Bibi and his Mossad buddies.

    • Yeah I have a grandma too but she’s dead.

      Let me ask you a question: after 40 years of Iran not bending to the Israeli pressure of war and sanctions, do you think when your moral guy with political judgment was putting his John Hancock on Adelson’s IOU, he wasn’t told that yes we know that Iran will not bend to bullies but canceling the JCPOA on your first day will give the mullahs a clear signal that we’re not Obama to deal or anything but but we’re coming for you ?

      Khamenei said it best when Trump came in. He said “The other guy was at least coming forward with a positive gesture (talking about Obama and signing the JCPOA), this guy, this guy he’s going for for war from the very getgo.”

      Let me ask you another question: do you still believe in leprechauns ?

    • You forget that Obama was also backing the anti-Russia coup in Ukraine, the “moderate” extremists in Syria, and the Saudis starving out Yemen when the JCPOA was signed. With the Obama admin. warmongering against all of Iran’s allies and demonizing Iran for doing something about it, just how long did you think the JCPOA would have held up even without Agent Orange? That would be like a country… negotiating a deal with the US while also bombing Canada.

    • At least give the same defense of Mossad buddies to Obama. Or maybe he doesn’t deserve it ?!

      But the thing about Obama and the JCPOA that people don’t understand is that it was a key to reopen the doors of Iran to US corporations and if people remember, the US Chamber of Commerce with the State Department tried but the “Republicans” of Iran blocked them. And the ensuing rigidity in the European banking sector started which is still the main problem.

      Otherwise Obama’s ME envoy was supposed to be Chas Freeman and they blocked him so at the end he gestured with his not vetoing the resolution 2334. Very different than your moral guy.

    • Sorry if this was unclear, Newt, but when I said “like Obama and the other bankster puppets,” that means the “Mossad buddies” apply to Trump, Obama, and all the rest, too.

      None of these puppets are special.
      As you said, the JCPOA would have “reopen the doors of Iran to US corporations,” but do you really believe that alone would have successfully recolonized Iran? Or would the banker gangsters inevitably need to get more “gangster” on Iran, like Trump is ordering?

      Trump having General Soleimani murdered, who was defending Syria from the “moderate” extremists when Obama was in office, Trump shipping Javelin missiles to Obama’s Maidanites in Ukraine, Trump activating the THAAD missiles Obama had shipped to Korea: The personalities and approaches are different, but the pro-bankster policies and end games they support are exactly the same.

    • “The personalities and approaches are different, but the pro-bankster policies and end games they support are exactly the same”
      One supports them and the other one rejected them. Both have to walk with the leash but one was pulling away whereas this one is running the same direction.

      You have to admit that the closest Obama came to be married into Likud was being a friend of Emanuel. Very different than having your son in law write your every day ME policy.

      And yes I think if it wasn’t because of Likud putting the pressure of sanctions on Iran after losing to JCPOA, Obama’s terms would have finished on a much different term with Iran even without a business success than what we see today from this darling of Israel who is rushing to hint a war at the last minute.

    • Kushner may be most of Middle East policy for Trump, but Obama had Nuland’s policies in Europe. Both puppet presidents surrounded themselves with Zionists, and both supported their policies.

      Obama appearing to mend ties with Iran while warmongering against all of Iran’s allies is analogous to Trump appearing to mend ties with Russia while warmongering against all of Russia’s allies. Obama and Trump’s die-hard devotees might believe those acts, but do you really believe Iran and Russia’s leaders buy it? That Obama is predominantly Shiite Iran’s friend while genociding predominantly Shiite Yemen? That Trump is Russia’s friend while sending Obama’s “neo-Nazi” Maidanites in Ukraine more advanced, distinctly American, lethal aid than what Obama sent them? Good grief, Newt…

    • Lol. So let me ask you one last question. After this exchange here, which I appreciate because at least you know your history, do you still stand by your original “Trump does have moral and political judgment” ?!

      Because that’s what ticked you off and you started comparing.

      I never mentioned Obama nor that he had or didn’t have moral and political judgment. You did. You brought him in.

      I actually like what Carter did in 79 to Iran. I’ve always said he did a “Charles de Gaulle” to Iran (referring to his Algerian pullout) which was smart. And then Gipper came and by sharing his black book with Khomeini the rest of what we see unrolled.

    • Admittedly, Carter has been quietly criticizing bankster policies since he left office, so that’s fair.

      And sorry if I was unclear about this, Newt, but my working definition of “moral and political judgment” was “the process of forming an opinion or evaluation [in regards to morality and politics] by discerning and comparing.” I stand by my statement that Trump has such a process; after all, don’t we all have such a process?

  4. Mr Alexis, bravo. Finally a clear and coherent short writeup that sums it all. For years I’ve stopped the deceivers on the money “given” to Iran by Obama in 2015 which was for settling a lawsuit that the Obama administration saved the US a ton of money by doing that and doing the best “art of the deal”. The truth is that the lawsuit from 1979, if not settled, would have cost the US who had just lost in court in 2015 over $11 billion and Obama settled it for $1.7 billion which included principal and interest and just like you said because of banking sanctions had to pay in palettes of cash. He saved the US $9.3 billion.

    This lawsuit settlement has nothing to do with the $100 billion dollars of Iran frozen assets that the US is still holding which every Israeli firster judge in NY wants to put his hands over it.

    • One of those deceivers about the money is non other than senator Rand Paul which I’ve posted my few years old YouTube clip here before and Gordon you have seen it and discussed it on a different topic than the Paul’s “$100 billion” bs paid to Iran by Obama topic which is at the very beginning of the clip and my comment pinned down points out to that.

      Amazing that everyone listens to his monolog and no one corrects him. As if a senator doesn’t know the difference between $1.7 billion and $100 billion out of the same coffers of where he puts his hands in.


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