The Debate


Fill it in yourself.  We are waiting for the media to tell us what to think.

Oh, 300 lbs of shit in a 200 lb bag.

Why is he leaning?  So he won’t fall down, they cut off his Adderall and he is reeling a bit from amphetamine withdrawal.

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  1. The unmanning of Rude-y: from sub-par to sub-penis. 9/11 mm or thereabouts. ‘Bout as miniscule as it gets.

  2. The USA will never be anything other than what it is, no matter who wins this election. It will always be about “chosenness”, what in another century was called manifest destiny, what justified taking Turtle Island away from the indigenous, and what now justifies the Israelis taking Palestine away from the Palestinians. It’s all the same thing, chosenness, and hubris thrown in for good measure.

    Maybe it’s possible for us to somehow go back to being a “normal” nation that works for a living and pays its bills, instead of by raping and plundering, but I doubt it. Otherwise, like all empires of the past, maybe we will just go quietly into that dark night… But, we have nukes and so do the Israelis.

    • I think by now people are getting it. It’s a fight between the Israeli right and the Israeli left and people are hostages. At the end it’s all about Israel no matter who wins. That’s what she said and go read the hate on her Twitter account.

      If the right wins the tax code on the hostages is tweaked by republicans who want to chip in nothing to help Israel.
      If the left wins those republicans will pay more, taking the burden off of the hostages who help Israel.

      Call it communism but the left relieves the hostages from that one duty.

    • Newt, I would like to think you are correct, but there is the little detail about the nukes. Christian Zionists like Pompeo and Pence think they can force God’s hand and bring on the transformative, apocalyptic conflict that with bring to Earth their warrior messiah to smite all the unbelievers, everyone but them apparently. Armageddon is their code word for WWIII, war with Iran and Russia that would almost certainly go nuclear within hours. You can’t reason with these nut jobs as they think the Earth was created 6000 years ago and that the Sun orbits around it. May the living God of justice, compassion, and truth save us all from the wrath of the Christian Zionists.

  3. I’m not voting for either one. As usual, they both did a lot of lying. I was going to vote for Trump only because I thought he’d do a better job concerning the economy. Then, after the debate, I thought about voting for Biden because it seemed he lied less than Trump. Then, I thought about how Pelosi is holding the country hostage over her bickering about the stimulus package, that I feel will never be finalized, while she is with her $12,000.00 refrigerator and eating her $13.00/pint ice cream. As usual, we will all lose no matter which one gets into office. I feel it would be sheer insanity to try to justify voting for either one at this point.

    Also, it seemed QUITE obvious that certain topics were purposely left out of the debate that could have helped both candidates. That was disturbing. Both have the same Rothschild handlers. I think we are all aware of that by now.

    Until we get the Federal Reserve Bank out of this country, I will refrain from voting in the future.

    • Until you eliminate the Federal Reserve don’t gift the rest of Palestine to Trump’s evangelical base for a lousy pint of ice-cream.

      Pelosi’s second stimulus package has been ready since May. McConnell wants to insert the elimination of everything that will benefit average Americans in there and he’s threatening Trump to not negotiate with your favorite ice-cream lady until after the elections. You’re “supposedly” suffering because of a slave runner pos in Kentucky.

      You Republicans are all the same. “Until the Federal Reserve and Rothschild are erased from the face of the earth I’m not voting for a single democrat.” Lol.

    • NewtRallyt, I am not a Republican. I am a Moderate who votes independently. You quoted me as writing: ““Until the Federal Reserve and Rothschild are erased from the face of the earth I’m not voting for a single democrat.”

      I never wrote that.

      I do not now and will never side with Israel. I am fully committed to the Palestinian cause.

      The Federal Reserve Bank finances both candidates. That is the primary reason why nothing will change. As long as both parties refuse to bite the hand that feeds them, the Palestinians will continue to suffer.

      Pelosi has been holding up the stimulus package as a “strategy” to get Trump out of office. That is all fine and dandy, except that while she is doing that, millions of Americans are suffering. Tens of thousands have/are losing their homes. If Biden gets into office and she finally gets to have her 2.1 trillion, it will be the Republicans who vote it down — just to get even. I wouldn’t hold my breath on any kind of stimulus package in the near future if I were you.

    • NewtRallyt, The economy has been tanking since 2008. It was known in 1913 when the Federal Reserve Bank was allowed to operate in this country that the entire banking and financial system was unsustainable. It was one of the reasons why Russia wanted nothing to do with it. (I am not a Communist) 100% of ALL financial experts have been saying all along that it will crash someday. Since 1913, our dollar has been devalued by 97%. It was only a matter of time before it crashed completely.

      Both parties are controlled by the Zionist Bankers who finance their campaigns. That is why nothing gets done. Kennedy never revealed what his intentions were before becoming President concerning the elimination of the Federal Reserve Bank. That is the only reason he was allowed into office. When he tried to get rid of the Federal Reserve Bank, the bankers had him killed. Lyndon Johnson (a distant cousin of mine) null and voided Executive Order 11110 before the plane he was in with the dead body of Kennedy even landed. Johnson was a Zionist.

    • Lol. Thanks for the comeback. Your original post read like soft hasbara because of the Pelosi insert. She’s not refusing the gop omnibus bill to defeat Trump, they really are taking out the child tax credit etc to compensate for their tax dodging. She was in my district for 40 years until I saved my skin from it all.
      And just for your info the economy started tanking in 2003, exactly when King Henry Paulson changed the Net Capital Rule equation and coupled with an injection of $5 trillion dollars into the secondary market of WS, rode the horse on empty till 2008 until it crashed when the reserve of Bear Stearns reached 32 to 1.

      But my reading of you was wrong because you cannot possibly allow a tax dodging 1% get away with no contribution until “the Fed Res has to go” and before you vote in a dem who’s going to collect. Note that the by dodging the 1% is withholding all the safety nets of the country.

      Voting for an independent is voting for Trump.

  4. Drumpf STILL allowed to repeat his top con that China pays the 35% #TrumpTAX tariff TAX he ran on.

    Five. Years. Ago!

    It somehow never gets polled either.

    • Trump2016:
      It’s all about the TRADE DEFICIT😱!!!

      Anoints him “Tough On Trade”.

      2018: Worst Trade Deficit Ever.
      2019: Second Worst Ever.

      Trump & Media: 🦗🦗 (crickets).

    • They don’t want to touch foreign policy because it will bring up Iran and the embarrassing ceremony of taking pride in canceling the JCPOA which rendered this administration powerless in reimposing the arms embargo on Iran.

      They don’t want to touch foreign policy because Kushner’s peddling around the Gulf to gather a coalition to counter Iran has ended in embarrassment.

      They don’t want to touch foreign policy because Trump has no clear policy as he’s still stuck in Afghanistan plus killing kids in Yemen. He will end up rambling about Obama and make a bigger ass of himself.

      Republicans are protecting him.

    • Nor N̶a̶t̶i̶v̶e̶ Americans.
      2% population in their homeland (while Palestinians at 50%, including 30% in Israel.)

      Still under the Death March Reservation system that inspired Hitler.

      Killed by police at highest rate.
      Serve in military at highest rate.

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