Biden Hits Exactly 270, lead not won, without Pennsylvania in Race too Close to Call (updated)


VT: This is our report at 9 AM EST.  It holds true.  Our subsequent reports are helpful also and VT’s reporting has been fair and accurate.

In the process, we have tripped over something.  We are looking at the Postmaster and now his CIA wife whose family goes back two generations as anti-Soviet agents out of Poland.  We are finding a core that began with the Regan neocons, Ukraine, Georgia, Lithuania/Estonia, Turkey, Poland, East Germany/Stasi at the heart of GOP election rigging and the growth of neo-Nazism in the US.  Trump is in the middle of this group, now largely managed by Giuliani/Stone/Bannon out front, and a second group within the State Department, starting with Donut Dollie and our corrupt Postmaster’s wife.

Late counts favor democrats….with Pennsylvania one that will drive Trump to try to stop the count using rigged SCOTUS…though Dems have a massive legal fund and better lawyers….this time.

Then he could challenge Wisconsin and Michigan which are very very close but turning Biden…the count:

Wisconsin is Biden, if mail ballots hold.

Michigan should go Biden and Peters…but also very very close.

Pennsylvania will take days….and be a total mess but mail in ballots may go Biden putting him at 290.

God help us.

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  1. You think it is true that 2020 voter turn out for this old guy (none of the companies wont even hire this guy) could be more than JFK back 1960? I dont think so, biden is a puppet for NWO global agenda.

  2. It’s looking like Biden won’t even need Pennsylvania. He’s projected winner in Michigan and Wisconsin, and leading steadily in Arizona and Nevada.

  3. It’s important to note that Wisconsin is delaying an official count until absentee ballets can bring Biden’s total to more that 1% so as to avoid a recount.

  4. If I have learned anything from reading VT, and Gordon Duff, it is that the absolute power of mind control supersedes reason -in most. Of course I have been aware of this through my struggles with faith and religion. I have learned of the weaponizing agencies and the practices of these entities. Knowing these things I am touched and heartened by your sentiment Gordon tho I agonize at the concept as well

    “God help us All” ”
    Can you say this about a government? “so it goes”

  5. Are you kidding? Did you see and hear Trump at 0230 hours (Zulu minus 6) declare himself the winner, and demand further voting be shut down?

  6. Thanks Gordon
    I have been waiting for your take on just what the heck is really going on. USA today does seem reasonably legit.

    • It definitely matters more to some than others. In NYS we do not separate the electoral votes and it is heavily blue, so voting in the presidential election does not matter much to me personally, as a simple majority gets all electoral votes. But, in the local races, it matters much more. And then there’s the general sense, that the plight of the common person does not change noticeably in a financial sense no matter who wins, and war seems to march on regardless as well. However, life is not meant to be passive, and the will, should get proper exercise.

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