Potentially Offensive: QAnon Turns on Trump, Says He is a ‘Tool of the Joos’



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  1. involved in the creation of High Tech RFID chips for the coming communist state. Americans don’t be fooled.
    Take over your country, get control of your information, then get your military to go and dismantle Israel. Then we can all breathe out.
    Judaism (not just Zionism) is a satanic theocracy run by perverted individuals and has been the cause of all the misery and strife throughout all of human history. They exist as an antiquated ‘form of God’ that helps us know for all time, what we do not want in this world: The spirit of the liar.

  2. Taken together with the fact that Judaism is the only ethnic pseudotheocracy that offers no salvational redemptive ‘story’ for humanity (and is therefore not a religion), that Judaism has created the ‘semantics of separation’ (Jew Gentile) to reinforce the satanic verses of Moses namely: that all the peoples cultures of the world must be wiped out with ‘rivers of blood and mountains of corpses’ and whoever is left must be enslaved for all eternity to Jews, and taken together with the unquestioningly proven fact that 66 million white Christians were murdered between 1917 and 1935 by the (Jewish) Karganovic regime in ‘communist Russia’, 45 million in China, 88 million in WW2 (created by Freemasons and Jewish propaganda) etc.etc.etc.

    Isn’t it time that we take the ‘fight’ to the people who have created it right across the whole of history?

    My point is that in the coming world ‘tribunals’ to convict and execute the paedophiles of the world would be the perfect way that Judaism, having created this problem over hundreds of years, can finally genocide the remaining ‘intelligentsia’ of the world in vast show trials, beyond which there would be nothing left to stop the roll on of their desired ‘world communist state’ NOW where they can go on another Talmudic killing spree but this time murdering ‘billions’. Moses would be proud.
    This is why Q-Anon cannot be anything but a Mossad plot to fool and seduce Americans. Trump was created with Jewish money; His family are directly involved

  3. The Qanon phenomenon assumes that the massive paedophile problem in the world can be unearthed by the “patriotic USA” and forced to “trial” for an enormous global reset. The crime is of course bad enough. What must be asked however is who was it that turned (seduced) the world’s brightest and best to become paedophiles and drink baby blood? Just as with the narcotics problem, it is not the end user that is to blame. To discover the real source of the ‘evil’ in the world we have to consider three facts.
    1) It has been secret societies in the world (Banned under National Socialism) that have corrupted the ruling classes.
    2) It has been shown and indeed the Rabbis boast of it from many sources, that all the secret societies (for at least 300 years), the principle one being freemasonry, are run on Cabbalistic principles with Symbols and techniques of oath taking that are Jewish in origin.
    3)The ‘holy book’ of Judaism: the Talmud, actively encourages the sexual abuse of Gentile children and that even modern Judaism (sic) is based essentially on rituals of blood sacrifice.

    Need we know more?

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