Election 2020: Stakes Never higher for Dis-United States


By Ian Greenhalgh for Tehran Times (October 10,2020)

Writer Ian Greenhalgh

The United States has not been so dis-united since the end of the Civil War a century and a half ago. The reason for the great divide that has opened up in U.S. society is clear and it is the presidency of Donald Trump. It is not by accident, but rather by design that the U.S. has been fractured and broken; for this reason, we merely need to recall the principle of ‘divide and conquer’.

Writer Suzy Kassem perhaps expressed the principle most succinctly: “When two brothers are busy fighting, an evil man can easily attack and rob their poor mother.” In this case, the mother is the United States herself and the brothers are her people.

Novelist Oliver Markus Malloy wrote a clear and accurate explanation of the current state of the Dis-United States in his book “How to Defeat the Trump Cult: Want to Save Democracy?”: “The rich ruling class has used tribalism, a primitive caveman instinct, to their advantage since the beginning of time. They use it to divide and conquer us. They drive wedges between us peasants and make us fight each other, so we won’t rise up against our rulers and fight them.

You can observe the same old trick everywhere in America today: Red states and blue states are fighting. Christians and Muslims are fighting. Men and women are fighting. Baby Boomers and Millennials are fighting. Black people and white people are fighting. That doesn’t just happen all by itself. There are always voices instigating these fights.”

That is the situation the U.S. finds itself in today, but how has this sorry state of affairs come to pass? Can the finger of blame be pointed solely at Donald Trump, the man who has presided over the fall of the nation into near-anarchy amidst economic collapse, social unrest, and a sweeping pandemic seemingly out of control?

No, Donald Trump is nothing more than a frontman, a reality TV ‘star’ playing the role of President, the public face of an extremely dangerous, intrinsically evil, and the utterly inhuman cabal that created the Trump presidency in order to complete the destruction of the United States after spending decades weakening and exploiting the once-great nation.

This cabal has no name, no public face, it is very old indeed, perhaps as old as human civilization itself and it is the enemy of every human being on planet Earth today. We see its hand behind countless acts of evil – the September 11th, 2001 attacks in the U.S., the creation of the ISIS-Daesh project to destroy the Middle East, they murdered Gen. Soleimani for opposing them, they bombed Syria, Yemen, and Beirut with nuclear weapons; the list of their crimes is endless and stretches back deep into the mists of history.

“Trump has been talking about a rigged election for quite some time, suggesting that the Biden campaign will seek to commit voting fraud via postal balloting. This is a cynical, calculated lie that the Trump camp created in preparation for a refusal to accept defeat and an attempt to declare victory, regardless of how the ballots actually tally.”

They created the Muslim Brotherhood to destroy any Arab states that threatened to become strong and independent, they use Freemasonry as a cloak to hide behind, they rule in Saudi Arabia and Israel, in Europe, they are the Black Nobility that still rules, most obviously in my own country of Great Britain, in the U.S. they are the real ‘Deep State’ and one thing above all else defines them and their world view: they are the personification of evil and they draw their power from the worship of the old gods – Baal, Bathomet, Moloch, etc, what has been incorrectly summarised as ‘Satan’ or ‘The Devil’.

Their core belief is that they can obtain great power and immortality by worshipping and serving these ‘gods’, that their actions in this life on Earth have no moral consequences as it is just a temporary plane of existence they must pass through before becoming initiated into an eternal, immortal afterlife by their ‘gods’. They seek to literally ‘sell their souls to the Devil’ to use an inaccurate but ultimately correct age-old narrative from Western culture, in hope of becoming immortal beings, blessed with eternal life beyond this limited, Earth-bound plane.

According to experts such as Father Malachi Martin, who was The Vatican’s chief exorcist for decades, the cabal communes with ‘The Devil’ through Satanic rituals involving the abuse and murder of children. This is where Donald Trump and various of his closest ‘friends’ re-enter the picture, for Trump has been deeply involved in elite level pedophile rings that kidnap and abuse children and supply the cabal with child victims for their rituals.

Trump was mentored by the notorious Roy Cohn, one of the most disgusting and inhuman creatures to ever pollute U.S. politics. Cohn was a Jew who hated Jews, a homosexual who hated gays, he was also a Mossad agent who ran an elite pedophile operation in Washington, DC, and NYC which was used to entrap countless key figures in the U.S. political and governmental spheres. It was through Cohn’s entrapment operation that The Mossad and Israel gained control of the United States – they had the ultimate blackmail material in the form of video and photographic evidence of the rape and murder of children. Trump is one of those that they hold such blackmail material on, therefore he will never dare to disobey them.

Cohn died in the late 80s, but that didn’t mean an end to the pedophile operations he ran, the Mossad simply replaced him with Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of notorious British ‘press baron’ and Mossad agent Robert Maxwell. Ghislaine used Jeffrey Epstein as the frontman who moved in the highest social circles as a pretend billionaire and who lured hundreds of key figures in U.S. political and governmental spheres to ‘parties’ at exclusive locations where they were entrapped by participating in the abuse and sometimes murder of children and the necessary video and photo evidence gathered. One of the key helpers in this operation was Donald Trump, who frequently lent his Mar-A-Lago resort and other properties to host this evil, inhuman events.

Control of the United States is key to the Satanic cabal’s nefarious agenda, the U.S. is the largest economy, the strongest military, the sole superpower, it is the big stick that they can use to beat down any and all opposition and it is the fatted calf that they can bleed dry to fund their operations. Cabalist Benjamin Netanyahu once boasted over drinks in the notorious Fink’s Bar in Jerusalem: “America is a golden calf; and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the world’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control. Why? Because it is the will of God, and America is big enough to take the hit; so, we can do it again and again and again.”

The cabal’s influence over the U.S. didn’t begin with the election of Trump in 2016, it goes back decades – they were ultimately responsible for the murder of JFK in 1963, they most likely controlled the Nixon administration; we know for certain that the Reagan and Bush administrations were under their control. Without doubt, since the events of Sept. 11th, 2001, they have held sway, hence the destruction of the Middle East; first by the War on Terror, later by ISIS-Daesh. They have infiltrated the U.S. military, the judicial system, Republican Party, Senate, and thanks to Trump, the White House.

This is the background to the 2020 U.S. election, one quite unlike any other previously seen, one where the stakes are perhaps higher than they have ever been, where the fate of not only the United States but possibly the whole world is at stake. A Trump victory would be a disaster of global proportions, it would enable the next steps in the cabal’s nefarious agenda and whatever those steps may be, they will be to the great detriment of all mankind.

Which brings us to the election itself, or rather, to what I consider to be a fake ballot that has an already determined outcome – the ‘re-election’ of Donald Trump. Trump has been talking about a rigged election for quite some time, suggesting that the Biden campaign will seek to commit voting fraud via postal balloting. This is a cynical, calculated lie that the Trump camp created in preparation for a refusal to accept defeat and an attempt to declare victory, regardless of how the ballots actually tally. It is known that a majority of Biden voters will use postal ballots rather than going to a polling station, for this reason, Trump has taken a number of actions intended to disrupt the postal system and create the necessary conditions for the fraud to take place. Over 40,000 mailboxes have been removed from U.S. streets and hundreds of mail sorting machines have been taken off-line, which has thrown the U.S. Postal Service into utter disarray so that the mail has been taking weeks instead of days to deliver and making it possible to ‘lose’ countless ballot papers sent via the mail, thus robbing Biden of untold numbers of votes.

The second and more disturbing aspect of the planned disruption of the election process comes in the form of the far-right militia groups comprised of heavily armed white supremacists. We have already seen these militias appear on the streets of many U.S. cities in recent months in reaction to the protests against police brutality that have sprung up due to events such as the murder of George Floyd. To a man, these militias are staunch Trump supporters and they are prepared and very eager to commit violence in order to protect Trump from what they see as a threat to the future of the United States but in reality is a popular movement that has sprung up in response to the ever-increasing brutality and violence inflicted on the people, particularly the black and other non-white portions of the population by what is rapidly becoming a fascist police state.

Trump could easily ignite these militias into violent action at any moment by nothing more complex than a single post via his Twitter account, we saw a chilling example of this possibility during the first Trump vs Biden debate this week when Trump name-checked the ‘Proud Boys’ far-right white supremacist militia and told them to “stand back and stand by”, which immediately brought an enthusiastic response via social media from Proud Boys members who took the ‘stand by’ phrase to mean ‘get ready to attack my (Trump’s) opponents’.

Therefore I foresee a situation come November whereby Trump simply declares victory, regardless of how the voting goes, and should anyone try to stop him, he will unleash the militias in an orgy of violence. If the vote goes against him, Trump will simply declare fraud on the part of the Biden campaign and his heavily armed supporters are ready and waiting to use violence to ensure a continuation of the Trump regime.

Scary, disturbing times that we are living in, but I leave the dear reader with the wise words of Suzy Kassem: “Mankind should always stay united, standing shoulder to shoulder so evil can never cheat and divide them.”

Ian Greenhalgh is a British political analyst and historian with a particular interest in military history and the real causes of conflicts. His studies in history and background in the media industry have given him a keen insight into the use of mass media as a creator of conflict in the modern world.


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  1. The only way for Trump to remain in power at this point is for him to declare a “national emergency” of some sort and assume near-dictatorial powers under the USA Patriot Act. I’m certain that the real perps of 9/11 are working on that. May Heaven help us all.

  2. Trump’s little speech earlier tonight on the “fraud” in vote counting was disgraceful! He’s totally willing to drag the nation down with him. He needs to be removed from office now!

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