The ‘Dastardly Hun’ Is On Maneuvers Again!

Michael Shrimpton exposes the role of German Intelligence in the coup attempt against President Trump. He also comments on the week's other developments.


The ‘Dastardly Hun’ is on maneuvers, again! If he succeeds in his plan to install Joe ‘Chinese’ Biden as dictator of America in January he will have achieved an ambition going back to the last quarter of the 19th century to undermine American democracy. Americans are taught to revere their Constitution and rightly so, but struggle to understand the contempt which countries like Germany have for the very concepts of freedom and democracy. No one in Germany really cares whether Biden won fairly and squarely or not.

Of course I intend no offense at all to Jerry in referring to him as the ‘Dastardly Hun’. All y’all know what a Woke I am! Every psychiatrist however knows that if you use ‘dastardly’ in a word association test, ‘Hun’ will come up nine times out of ten. If Harry Hun doesn’t like it he should stop sponsoring terrorism, invading Poland, pushing the European Union and rigging elections. Having destroyed democracy in Europe, the Hun, sadly, has now turned his attention to you guys.

It’s now overwhelmingly clear that Biden lost, by a wide margin. It’s also clear that the CIA panicked on election night. The Correa Group algorithms designed to rig the election through manipulation of electronic voting machines in swing states simply weren’t designed to cope with the scale of President Trump’s victory.

Counts were stopped for no reason and huge parcels of votes for Joe Biden were inserted, mostly in the early hours. The MSM know this but are staying silent – they don’t care how their man won, as long as he won. To say that there is no evidence of electoral fraud when multiple precincts reported over 100% turnout is ridiculous.

The Abwehr’s top man in Moscow in World War II.

One township in Michigan had a 350% turnout. Even Stalin didn’t pretend to have won 350% of the vote! Judge McCullough in Pennsylvania has already ruled that the plaintiffs in one case (The Honorable Mike Kelly & ors v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Case No 620 M.D. 2020) have a probability of winning. Her Honor was promptly overturned by the pro-Biden, anti-democracy State Supreme Court but the case is now on its way to the Supreme Court.

One thing we know about voters is that they are whole people – what mathematicians call ‘integers’. You cannot have half a voter. However that’s what Dominion Voting Systems have been reporting. So, how does that work? “Sorry, sir, you only have one leg, so you only get half a vote?” ”What about me? I’m completely legless!” ”You only get one-third of a vote, sorry.”

“I’m a veteran, I got blown up by the Taliban” “This is a Democrat-run city, you scumbag – we back the Taliban, so you don’t get to vote at all.” “I’m a Democrat, I only have half a brain, so do I only get half a vote?” “No sir, you get two votes – one now and one you can mail in later.”

In one county in Georgia they had a fake plumbing leak – nearly everybody left, except a couple of Democrats, who busily entered votes for Biden. Sidney Powell, sensibly with respect, has asked for the CCTV footage. She also wants electronic vote records to be kept and is in a race against time against corrupt Georgia officials who want to wipe the evidence of their fraud.

For some reason everybody is treating the timetable in the Constitution as though it were binding. I’m not so sure it is. We lawyers have a saying – fraud unravels everything. Where you have what is basically a two-party race and one of the parties tries to steal the election with systematic fraud why should an election not be rerun? The Founding Fathers assumed good faith. I know what George Washington and Thomas Jefferson would have said.

This may come as a surprise to some readers, but many of your Supreme Court justices have brains. We can expect intellectual rigor, at least from the majority. The 2000 race, don’t forget, was effectively decided by the Supreme Court, although their decision might have involved more subtle reasoning, no offense intended. (I well recall congratulating that nice man Bill Rehnquist on his decision, but he seemed a bit sheepish about it!)

It’s all down to the Supreme Court now. I can’t see any of the state supreme courts in the battleground states giving a principled decision, no offense intended. The majority of American judges, sadly, appear willing to throw over the Constitution and install Joe Biden as dictator in what is essentially a coup. I well recall the weakness of America’s judges when ‘von’ Obama became the first non-citizen President.

Lt-General Tom McInerney – good people.

The Special Forces Raid on Frankfurt

As that nice man General Tom McInerney and others have reported, there was a raid on a server farm in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, in which servers involved in the election fraud were seized. This was initially reported as having been a US Army raid, which it can’t have been, even though there’s been a denial from the Pentagon. The location has been variously identified as the US Consulate on Gieβener Strasse and a building on the outskirts of Frankfurt.

The US Consulate doesn’t seem a likely location from which to interfere in a presidential election. Correa Group, which controls the CIA, might have had a separate server farm, but I suspect it’s more likely that the servers were at their HQ, which is adjacent to the airport. The ‘Dastardly Hun’, no offense intended, may have underestimated American intelligence, in both senses of the word, in much the same way that he underestimated American fighting efficiency in World War II.

The special forces troops involved are far more likely to have been retired US Army Special Forces. They may well have been choppered in in V-22 tiltrotors, but of course the V-22s would have taken off from a European location, as they lack both the range to cross the Atlantic and the speed to do it in a reasonable time.

Initially there were reports that CIA Director Gina Haspel was amongst the casualties, but sadly (no offense intended) they proved to be exaggerated. It is possible however that the real head of the CIA, in other words the director of the Correa Group, was either killed or wounded. If he was captured so much the better, as he might cough after a bit of waterboarding. There does seem to have been a bit of a firefight.

The President does have an intelligence group reporting to him, indeed I’m in touch with it, but there are cross-currents within the group. In particular it’s not clear that the intelligence yield from Frankfurt has been handed over to the President or either of his able legal teams. The vital intel about the MI6 dossier, for example, was withheld from the President. Assuming, as I am prepared to assume, that the reporting was accurate, it looks as though someone at the Pentagon has decided to hang on to the data and use it to cut a deal with Joe ‘Chinese’ Biden.

This is dangerous – at the very minimum Peking will demand trapdoor access to ‘Five Eyes’ and all US defense technology, as well as US climb-downs over Hong Kong, the South China Sea and Afghanistan, where the initiative has already been handed back to Terry Taliban, thanks to our failure to execute captured terrorists and the crazy decision to release them to kill some more. The UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand will have to withdraw from Five Eyes if Biden becomes President and cease all defense cooperation with the United States.

Hugo Chavez

Sidney Powell has uncovered the Dominion Voting System connection to Venezuela and in particular the late Venezuelan dictator Hugo ‘von’ Chavez. Unfortunately she thinks that he was a communist, which is a bit like saying that Karl Marx was a Marxist or Mother Teresa a sex maniac.

Chavez of course was a German asset (DVD). He amassed huge wealth offshore by illegally trading Venezuela’s oil wealth, which wasn’t his to trade. He cared not one jot for Venezuela’s poor. He was also far too intelligent to be a communist. (Only stupid people believe in communism.) His German connections explain how he came to be introduced to Dominion, which is not in fact run by commies.

For the avoidance of doubt, by the way, Mother Teresa was not a sex maniac. She was quite nice actually, and incredibly tiny. She remains the only official saint I’ve ever met. (I don’t think that Tony Blair qualifies!)


There is no way that you’ll see any of this in the MSM. They’re all out for Biden and are ignoring any evidence of election fraud. They’re not so much burying their heads in the sand as burying themselves in the sand up to their ankles, head first.

Indeed if you live in a swing state and see some feet sticking up out of the ground they’ll probably belong to an MSM hack. The reporting of the 2020 presidential race has seen a race to the bottom by the MSM, with networks trying to outdo each other in demonstrating their bias and lack of integrity. Fox News, sadly, decided to join the race to the bottom on election night, with their ludicrous call of Arizona for the Chinese, sorry, Biden.

Election joke of the week, apart from Joe Biden

Granddaughter: “I see grand-pappy voted a straight Democratic ticket this time. He’d never have done that when he was alive.”

We have by the way reached the stage where anyone claiming that Joe Biden won should simply be laughed at. He won the dead vote and the Guatemalan vote, and that’s about it. If he is sworn in on January 20th he’ll have about as much democratic legitimacy as Chavez did, or Joseph Stalin.

Maradona, using his feet for once.

Dago, sorry Diego, Maradona (1960-2020)

The notorious Argentinian hand-baller, sorry footballer, and drug addict, Dago, sorry Diego, Maradona finally snuffed it this week. He will forever be remembered for cheating his way to victory over England in the quarter-final of the 1986 World Cup.

Since you guys call football ‘soccer’ you can be forgiven for not knowing that you’re supposed to play the ball with your feet, not your hands. Maradona went on to score a brilliant second goal, but only against a demoralised England team, who realised that they were playing against 12 men – the Argentine team and the Tunisian referee, Ali Bin Nasser, no offense intended.

The incident showed what a huge mistake it was not to have bombed Buenos Aires in the Falklands War. My old friends Air Marshal Sir John Curtiss, then AOC-in-C Strike Command, and Marshal of the Royal Air Force Sir Michael Beetham, then Chief of the Air Staff, had a lovely little plan to bomb Buenos Aires flat as a pancake at night with Avro Vulcan V-bombers. It would have worked a treat.

As it was far too few Argies died, sadly, as indeed was the case with Harry Hun in the last war. Their ridiculously light casualties led both countries to believe that they could carry on cheating in World Cup matches against England and waging quasi-war against Her Majesty. There weren’t very many flowers from England at Maradona’s chaotic funeral.

Maradona wasn’t the only Bad Guy to snuff it last week. Even though he never scored a goal with his hands Mossad very properly decided to take out the head of Iran’s illegal nuclear weapons program, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh. If you believe that he was only interested in the peaceful uses of nuclear power you probably also believe that Biden won Michigan and that Liberace was a heterosexual.

Iran of course already has nukes, at least 30, made using hot plutonium sourced from France after the great Allied invasion of Iraq in 2003. The weapons are of Chinese pattern, the idea being to prevent the Iranian mullahs following Saddam Hussein down the pan.

Both Iran and Iraq of course were involved in 9/11. What’s more, they knew we knew. Teheran was worried that they would be next. No one in 2003 could have foreseen the success of the audacious DVD propaganda operation to absolve Saddam of complicity in 9/11.

LONDON, ENGLAND – JULY 25: Home Secretary Priti Patel arrives at 10 Downing Street on July 25, 2019 in London, England. Britain’s New Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, appointed his Cabinet yesterday evening with 17 of Theresa May’s Ministers replaced. The number of Leave supporting Ministers doubled from six to 12 and 31 Ministers are now entitled to attend Cabinet. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

Priti Patel

The smear campaign against our nice Home Secretary, Priti Patel, who has sound views on the death penalty with respect, has failed, thankfully. She was accused of bullying Home Office staff, Cabinet Office code for standing up to them and not being a house-trained idiot. The ‘inquiry’ set up by the Cabinet Office wasn’t a serious inquiry at all, of course – Cabinet Office inquiries never are.

Interestingly the Sir Alex Allan who managed to find that the Home Secretary had breached the ministerial code is the same Sir Alex Allan who managed to find that Chancellor Rishi Sunak didn’t need to declare his wife’s huge shareholding in an Indian IT company doing business with the British government. Since the father-in-law who owns most of the company is an Indian billionaire and most Indian billionaires participate in the offshore high-yield money markets there is an obvious conflict of interest.

Just about every billionaire on the planet, including the Big Tech mob, some of whom have been bankrolling the coup against President Trump, will be hoping that the new British government doesn’t try to recoup the extra borrowing due to Covid from those corporations and high net worth individuals who have been playing in the offshore money markets. Rishi Sunak certainly has no plans to do so, indeed he wants to reduce the British government’s tax revenues by raising tax rates.

The Utah monolith

I knew it wouldn’t take long! All sorts of UFO nuts, no offense intended, have been emerging from the woodwork to claim that the ‘mysterious’ monolith planted in Utah was put there by aliens, presumably fans of 2001: A Space Odyssey.

What they don’t explain is why a bunch of aliens would come all the way here just to dump a monolith in Utah, of all places, indeed why would an alien want to visit Utah at all? (“We’ve got to see Utah?” “Why?” “They’ve got Mormons.”) Where are these aliens supposed to have come from? “2001: A Space Odyssey” wasn’t broadcast on TV until 1977. Only aliens within a 32 light year radius of Earth would have seen it.

Even travelling at C30 (thirty times light speed) it would have taken them about a year to reach Utah, then they would have had the construction works on I-70 to contend with. There aren’t a lot of candidates for intelligent life within 30 light years of Earth, fewer even than in Utah, no offense intended.


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  1. All Monarchies cheer and drool when any issues come up with US elections. People who live under Monarchy have no vote, and certainly have no desire to see our experiment work.
    Popes are not elected by the laity, and the Queen is not elected by the “subjects”.
    The future of the US may well depend on Britains and Australians shedding the crowns and declaring real independence. Not anytime soon, however, as most in those places like to be subjects who feel like a democracy.

  2. Is this the same Michael Shrimpton who once told me that Israel’s nuking of the USA on 9/11 was delusional? That was the litmus test for me that he was completely, with respect, full of it. Way too many articles on VT have supported that “delusion”.

  3. Thank you for your kind words for Mother Theresa. Meeting her would of course be an honor. The Hand of God Goal was a supreme dishonor to world sport. A slap in the face of the Beautiful Game.

  4. Sorry Michael, your pitiful and pathetic 1986s England team lose World Cup because it was a team composed by useless britons footballers, like almost all britons, no offense intended, maybe you should have had send them to play cricket that day.

  5. Stalin ridiculed the American electoral system. His phrase sounded like this: it does not matter who votes, it is important who counts the votes.
    Sometimes i re-read phrases of Mark Twain, devoted to dirty USA elections 100 years ago. And, of course, the monopoly power of mass media.

    • Any time I need to get a perspective on all this craziness, I go back to Mr. Clemens. He saw all this and than some a hundred years ago. His thoughts on this are still topical!

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