Let’s Stop Talking About Herd Immunity


Herd Immunity Without a Vaccine: No Way!

Health Editor’s Note: We are seeing the back side of Trump’s choice for ‘pandemic situation advisor.’ Atlas had no background in epidemiology, immunology, virology, or infectious diseases.  Not a good choice at any time let along during a raging viral pandemic. He resisted mask science and insisted that the U.S. must forgo public health to end harm to the economy. Atlas also thought that the solution to this pandemic was to basically do nothing as increasing numbers of U.S. citizens sicken and some eventually die.

To do nothing but wait for enough of the population to develop an immunity to coronavirus by contracting the virus is not a viable/sensible/humane way to arrive at an end to the COVID-19 pandemic. People get sick, and if they recover, will often have lasting negative effects of their infection. Oh, and then there are the numbers who do not recover and die.  Gone, wiped off the face of the earth.  

Herd immunity kills people when we need a way to stop the dying. As I have been saying all along, herd immunity is only achievable when we have an effective vaccine. Eliminating easy targets for COVID-19 (any human) will put us on the road to be rid of this pandemic.  Waiting for at least 60% of the population to contract COVID-19, spread it to others, and possibly die is not a viable solution.

Vaccinations will decrease chances of contracting coronavirus, spreading it to others and perpetuating the continued existence of this virus. COVID-19 cannot replicate on its own and thus uses human body cells to make more of itself. When there are no human cells to hijack, the virus will become unable to maintain itself and will be gone. I suggest you read this article so you fully understand that Trump and his Atlas were going to lead us down the garden path of ‘death.’……Carol  


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  1. USA is UNIC, they kills everyone, everywhere, also at home and they can’t be punished because they are a superior nation, in my opinion they must pay for all they did from centuries, also by nuking them, seen they start this way, we can bomb them to stone age, as they did and are doing everywhere telling that they are bringing democracy.
    USA is a country which the whole world will be happy to cancel from maps, seen also how much zionists they have in the population, and the others people there are in Usa are ALL ignorant in history and in civilization, then if we clean the world from a population very close to the animal status, the hate for the human life they have deserve to be eradicated from the globe. In our minds we know that also the Covid is one of their weapons developed in the tens of laboratories they have all around the globe (see that website; http://www.dilyana.bg ) you can find what BIG PHARMA are doing with american money and pentagon benediction, then one time you read the documents you will understand that COVID IS ONE OF THEIR CREATURE

    • osamabin0, Coronavirus is engulfing the world and whether the novel coronavirus was ‘designed’ by humans or nature makes no difference at this point. We must have protection against it and the only way that will be seen is for an effective vaccine to be deployed….all over the world. We can clearly see this is a virus that people will get if around someone who has it and all who do contract COVID-19 do not survive.Not worth the chance that even if you do get it you will have a lasting immunity to it

  2. By the same logic, Carol, the USA was just trying to develop herd immunity among the Plains Indians when they gave them smallpox-infected blankets back in the 19th Century. It was for their own good, plus it kept them warm in the wintertime. What could be wrong with that?

    • Tommy, Not the same thing….the usurpers were trying to kill the Indians and take what they had. Vaccines are not going to kill, but will prevent needless deaths. No analogy here…

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