…by Jonas E. Alexis, VT Editor

We have reported earlier that Benjamin Netanyahu has every reason to fear the Biden administration. We have said that Biden served in the Obama administration, and Obama has just released a book detailing how he constantly clashed with Netanyahu.

Biden has announced that he has appointed longtime senatorial staffer Reema Dodin as the White House deputy legislative affairs. Perhaps Biden was essentially sending Netanyahu an ultimatum here because Dodin is a Palestinian-American. We are told that Dodin’s family “traces its roots back to the southern West Bank town of Dura.”[1]

When Dodin was a student at the University of California, she got involved in “Palestinian activism,” which is to say, she didn’t like the way her brothers and sisters were being treated by the Israelis. “She described a place where Palestinians are not given fair rights, a place where water is so scarce that the Israeli government will cut off the supply to coerce the Palestinian population.”[2] Dodin is quoted in saying, “Palestinian suicide bombings were the last resort of a desperate people.”[3]

The Jewish Press was quick to say that “Biden Appoints Anti-Israel Palestinian to Liaison with Congress on Legislation.”[4] But the same outlet doesn’t even bother to tell us what is actually happening in Gaza, in the West Bank, and in other places, where Palestinians are being treated like animals by the Israelis. In fact, Jewish historian calls the occupied territories “the biggest prison on earth.”[5] Jewish scholars Norman Finkelstein and Sara Roy have written pretty much the same thing.[6]

Reema Dodin

So, Netanyahu must be in a panic mode right now because this upcoming administration isn’t going to allow him to bomb men, women and children at will in Gaza and in the West Bank. Netanyahu, as former Defense Minister of Israel Avigdor Liberman himself has said, is “a false Messiah, a machine of lies.”[7]

If this is the case, then this “machine of lies” should have no power over the American people, the precious Palestinians, and much of the West. Let’s just hope that Biden and his administration teach this diabolical figure a memorable lesson.

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  1. I think as long as the “religious” power in Israel has delegated the task of “preparing the way” for the false messiah to Bibi, he will be in power. Those that killed the true Messiah are in control of Israel and the world and with their lies and murders have conspired to prepare the way for Satan to rule over the Earth. May their days be numbered and the havoc they have caused in the world seal their judgement – in the eternal Hell.

    • I remember when Biden said that I’m a zionist. I saw it live and it was in a context. But that said you should also remember what Bibi did to him when after a full year of settlement freeze when Biden arrived in Tel Aviv for a formal visit, Bibi approved a settlement expansion plan the same hour that he was meeting with him. Basically he was showing the finger to Biden and Obama.
      He’s getting even just like he was instrumental in Obama’s decision to not veto the resolution 2334 when he was leaving office.

  2. Perhaps it’s incumbent upon each and every awaken soul to stand up against the heinous crimes of the occupying zionists brought upon the most deprived, the most disenfranchised, and the systematically weakened link in the chain of humanity, the Palestinians, as a litmus test of character for the rest of the human race before The Maker . We fail this and we have failed ourself as a species void of spirituality, disconnected from the source thus bond to be toiled as expendable slaves of the parasitic usurpers of the zionist overlords.

  3. As one of the real perps of 9/11, Netanyahu and Likud can never be counted out. Almost certainly, Trump will have his “Reichstag fire” that will give him near-dictatorial powers under the USA Patriot Act. Most likely it will be an Israeli false-flag attack of some sort blamed on Iran. It’s not a matter of if, but when. My guess is that it will happen before January 20th.

  4. Jonas E. Alexis-
    Sir, I have been checking out Haaretz and it seems The Crime Minister is not very popular in Zio-Land either, the Israeli state TV was even fact checking his lies LIVE!
    Well at least there is a silver lining, the Israelis can’t say Israel is a a Democracy anymore.

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