Crimes Above Watergate, Conspiracy, Obstruction, Sedition, State and Federal Charges Against Trump Await


Jail for ALL GOP rebels and traitors…

Trump’s recorded attempt to extort Georgia’s Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger into falsifying his state’s vote totals isn’t a Watergate Smoking Gun; it’s a Trump Smoking Flamethrower. This makes Watergate look like a gray area of what-did-the-president-know-and-when-did-he-know it.

He’s broken all the laws Nixon did, and in just one hour. He’s violated Election Fraud laws on the national and state level. He’s involved in a criminal conspiracy. He’s trying to nullify an election. And he’s broken his oath to the Constitution. IN ONE HOUR. ON TAPE. The time has come: the House won’t impeach and the Senate wouldn’t convict.

We need Presidents Bush, Carter, Clinton and Obama to make a joint statement condemning Trump, and his attempted coup, and the attempted coup by his toadies in the Senate and House like Ted Cruz, Jim Jordan, Kevin McCarthy, Ron Johnson and the rest of the sedition caucus.

And we need President-Elect Biden to confirm he will prosecute him. All possible pressure must be brought on Trump to resign immediately. — Watch my first political commentaries since The Resistance in this newest episode of my new series on Trump and the 2020 election: Olbermann Vs. Trump (or if the spelling overwhelms you, Olberman Oberman Oblerman Obermann and of course Kieth). The countdown, so to speak, is over! You know: the countdown with Keith Olbermann 😉


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  1. False accusations are grounds for a lawsuit. I receive false accusations, and immediately offer up a monetary bet, in public, to my accuser, that my accuser is “A LIAR”. It is a good way to maintain the peace, and get hairy vermin back with their miscreant parents in the shadows with the cockroaches.

    • Fame can be fleeting. My first famous visitor was Bruce Lee at my high school in spring 1971 after class was out. He was there to talk to me, then he left. Most recently, I was visited by a Joint Chiefs general, whose name I will decline to mention. Truth is eternal. Even President Trump deserves the truth to help him fit in. I pity the fool who follows in the footsteps of the Bush/Clinton/Obama/Pense/Biden criminal cabal.

    • Trump’s call is now listed on his impeachment charges as a “high crime”…get with the program, welcome us home after the big win

  2. It has moved beyond the necessity of droning on.
    It is “that which need not even be mentioned”.
    Self evident.
    Beyond what is necessary.
    More than enough.
    Old Bruises on the insult to injury.
    The body was found in the trunk, with fingerprints and weapon, and this is a receipt for the ammo.
    A pile-on.
    The gas that spilled on the ground after the tank was full.
    The first 40 pages of your insurance policy.
    The extra mile.
    The talk of where to bury the camel after the straw broke its back a month ago.
    Acting like we need more Tabasco when we have 4 gallons.
    Rolling a 2 foot fattie.
    Drinking from a giant bowl instead of a glass.
    More than needed.

    • I thought he was quite focused, laser focused on getting Raffensperger to throw the election, but trying to use language that a grand jury could not indict him on in five minutes. I think he failed. But his position was that on “advice of his attorney who cleared it before hand”, he had not intentionally stepped over the line. We shall see with today’s follow up on the story, whether the Repubs will back him up, or back away.

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