Russia Involved? Federal prosecutor charging Trump and Entourage, Rioters Stole Computers with Top Secret Defense Files from Capitol

Biggest security break in US history as classified laptops from Defense and Intelligence committees stolen...heading to Ukraine/Russia

  • Trump and associates more likely to be charged with espionage than rioting or even sedition…

  • Trump’s goal: Leave America defenseless

  • Rioters stole computers from the Capitol with top secret national security files

  • Fears Malware now has spread through every system after attack, a follow up after the massive Russian hack only days before

  • Private Military Contractors working with Russian and Israeli agents embedded with terrorists cracked safes, stole computers, planted pipe bombs…time to question Giuliani and Flynn…

How many congressional computers from defense and intelligence committee members and staffers are now heading over to Ukraine/Russia and friends of Flynn and Giuliani?  Will we ever know the damage done?

WASHINGTON (Reuters) -Seditious conspiracy charges as well as rioting and insurrection will be considered for those arrested in the breach of the U.S. Capitol, Justice Department officials said on Thursday.

When Capitol Police pulled the barriers aside and waved rioters through, some armed with guns, some carrying IED explosives, they also allowed teams of security specialists, computer spies for foreign governments, in as well.

They had weeks to plan this, bombs to plant, malware to infect systems, and national security secrets, all sitting around to be taken in what was supposed to be the most secure building in the world…

and this is exactly what they did…

Members of the U.S. Capitol Police will be among those interviewed as witnesses and if evidence emerges that implicated any of those officers as complicit, they will be charged, Acting U.S. Attorney Michael Sherwin told reporters in a news briefing.

“All options around the table,” including charges of seditious conspiracy, rioting and insurrection, Sherwin said.

Some Capitol Police officers were captured on camera posing for selfies with pro-Trump rioters who broke into the building on Wednesday that houses the House of Representatives and Senate.

Sherwin said there were electronics stolen from U.S. senators’ offices that could potentially jeopardize national security.

“Materials were stolen, and we have to identify what was done, mitigate that, and it could have potential national security equities,” he said. “We just don’t know the extent of that damage at this point – if there was damage, we don’t know the extent of that.”

From CNBC:

  • The top federal prosecutor in Washington, D.C., on Thursday pointedly did not rule out charging President Donald Trump in connection with inciting a riot where his supporters invaded the U.S. Capitol complex a day earlier.
  • Dozens of Evangelical Christian leaders face charges of treason and sedition for their efforts in planning the attack on the Capitol Building.  Many are under notice to save all records of communication by the FBI.
  • Acting U.S. Attorney Michael Sherwin said the Department of Justice will consider lodging criminal charges against anyone who played a role in the riot.
  • The New York Times reported that White House counsel Pat Cipollone had warned Trump that he could face legal exposure for the riot given his remarks at the rally, where he urged his fans to march to the Capitol.
  • The acting top federal prosecutor in Washington, D.C., said Thursday that seditious conspiracy charges are an option that is “on the table” in connection with a riot by supporters of President Trump at the Capitol a day earlier.
  • Acting U.S. Attorney Michael Sherwin’s comments came as the first federal charges related to the disturbances were filed Thursday.
  • In one of the federal cases, Christopher Alberts was charged with carrying a firearm on Capitol grounds.
  • The other person charged in federal court, Mark Leffingwell, was hit with multiple counts, including assaulting a federal law enforcement officer.

Huffington Post: The top federal prosecutor in the nation’s capital said Thursday that charges against President Donald Trump for his role in the riot that brought chaos and death to the U.S. Capitol were not off the table.

U.S. Attorney Michael Sherwin, responding to questions from reporters on Thursday, said that federal prosecutors were looking at “all actors” to determine whether their conduct violated federal law, a group that would include speakers at the pre-riot “Save America March” that took place outside the White House. Trump, as well as his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani and his son Donald Trump Jr., egged on the crowd, encouraging them to fight to overturn the election that Trump lost.

Though Sherwin said prosecutors are initially focused on the obvious crimes committed by the mob that invaded the Capitol and engaged in “violence and mayhem,” Sherwin said federal prosecutors would look at the actions of anyone involved in assisting or facilitating the riot.

“We are looking at all actors here,” Sherwin said. “Was there a command and control? Were there others that maybe assisted or facilitated or obviously played some ancillary role in this?”

“Anyone that had a role, and the evidence fits the elements of a crime, they’re going to be charged,” Sherwin said.

Ashli Dead

VT: It would be easy to blame Ashli but, as VT is a veterans publication, and we have taken a long hard look at Ashli, she qualifies as a veteran. The video below is telling, watch it as much as you can, probably not so much, and judge.

First of all, Ashli seems to have virtually drowned in the Kool-Aid of right wing extremist crap the USAF peddles to its underlings. To fit into the USAF cult of mediocrity, it is necessary to not just lobotomize but soak in the carefully cloaked institutionalized racism, anti-black, anti-islam, anti-quality…anti-real…all cloaked in political correctness. Ashli’s rant says it all.

Ashli is no idiot but choose, we are assuming, to follow idiots and liars because of laziness.

Ashli also expected to charge armed federal officers holding a barricade against terrorists. The group she was with had planted bombs and used lead pipes to injure 60 police officers.

She was wearing a back pack when she, quite deftly dived up toward a window, trying to take down 3 officers. One of them killed her despite her believing being female and white would protect her as it had for year after year after year of run ins with police and courts for similar behavior.

This wasn’t a bad person but someone whose life was stolen by lies, mediocrity and military culture. People will miss her and we wish this hadn’t happened.

If she had been black, check her record as we see it below, she would have been shot years ago…

EXCLUSIVE: Airforce vet Trump rioter, 35, who was shot dead by cops while storming Capitol had charges of reckless endangerment, malicious destruction of property and tampering with a car on her rap sheet

  • Ashli Babbitt, 35, died from a gunshot wound to the chest after she joined dozens of terrorists who stormed the Capitol on Wednesday 
  • A witness to the shooting suggested she was shot by police when she tried to climb through a broken window to get into congressional chambers with a group that had planted pipe bombs
  • can reveal she was previously prosecuted for reckless endangerment, malicious destruction of property in July 2016 
  • The 14-year Air Force veteran was also the subject of two restraining orders 
  • Babbitt, then named McEntree, was also prosecuted for tampering with a 2012 Ford on a country road in Prince Frederick, a Maryland town outside D.C.
  • Court records reveal police found probable cause for the two criminal charges, but Calvert County court acquitted her of the reckless endangerment charge
  • She was found not guilty of malicious destruction or tampering
  • Babbitt was subject to a temporary peace order filed in February 2017
  • She wrote: ‘Tons of trump supporters on my plane!!!! I’ll watch my 6’ – using the military term for looking out behind you

The protester shot dead by police in Washington D.C. yesterday was previously prosecuted for reckless endangerment, malicious destruction of property and tampering with a car, and was the subject of two restraining orders, court records obtained by reveal.

Maryland court records show Babbitt had run-ins with law enforcement before – despite being a respected 14-year Air Force veteran, described as a ‘boisterous firecracker’ by a fellow soldier.

In July 2016 Maryland prosecutors charged Babbitt with two criminal misdemeanors of reckless endangerment and malicious destruction of property, and the traffic violation of willfully tampering with a vehicle without the owner’s consent.

Police believed Babbitt, then named McEntree, was tampering with a 2012 Ford on a country road in Prince Frederick, a Maryland town South East of Washington D.C.

Though the court records reveal police found probable cause for the two criminal charges, Calvert County court acquitted her of the reckless endangerment charge, and the veteran was found not guilty of malicious destruction or tampering.

The criminal charges also list a complainant against Babbitt: her then-housemate Celeste Norris, 37.


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  1. Good Lord. Connected to SolarWinds hack after all?

    Russia needs to back off.

    We do need to arrest Trump so he can answer to all this crap. Plus he may be heading to Russia or Ukraine to seek asylum.

    Gird your loins Diaper Don.

  2. Whomever was in charge of security was either compromised or in cahoots. I’m thinking cahoots. Normal people are not that stupid. I mean so stupid that they could open a stupid store and sell franchises for stupidity.

  3. It is difficult to find any activist who has not had police involvement. Felonies are a dime a dozen.
    But when she got to that window, it is hard to imagine she did not know security protocols.
    To ignore the threat, indicates confidence and/or possible intelligence previously fed to her, that cops were standing down. Two were standing right there next to her as she climbed to jump.

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