False Flag Weekly News: YouTube Doesn’t Want You to Watch This!


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By Kevin Barrett, VT Editor

This week’s False Flag Weekly News (click HERE for links to the 41 stories we covered) included an anti-Q-Anon PSA with a smattering of profanity (who can resist swearing at those d*mbf**ks) and a few of the same violent images of the Capitol riot that were shown on network news. Normally that level of naughty language and newsworthy violence wouldn’t merit age restriction. But FFWN is strongly anti-Zionist and anti-censorship, and both positions are basically illegal these days. So they apparently used the age restriction gimmick as an excuse to harass us and limit viewership, the same way they gave me a bogus strike for “impersonation” (whatever that means) a few months ago.

The tech oligarchs’ post-2016 censorship riot is the single biggest factor driving destabilization of the US political system and a looming civil war. As the MSM tells us, “conservatives don’t feel they’re treated fairly on social media” (and in the rest of the MSM). And as all my conservative friends tell me, because of this perception of EXTREME unfairness, they have stocked up on combat weapons and ammo and are all set to start shooting. “Can’t shoot my mouth off any more? OK, guess I’ll have to start shooting other things.” For an illustrious but far from atypical example of this attitude, check out my recent interview with Dr. Alan Sabrosky.

They wouldn’t feel that way if social media platforms (as opposed to publishers) had continued to respect the First Amendment by treating all Constitutionally protected speech equally. Prior to the mid-2010s, it would have been unthinkable not to. But ADL-fueled hysteria about confederate nazis, and the rise of Idiot Trump, set off the censorship avalanche that is about to cause a violence avalanche.

Censorship IS violence. Censorship by a monopoly and de facto public utility functioning as the de facto national town square is worse than violence: It’s treason. Resistance to censorship, by any means necessary, is laudable self defense.

That’s why, at the end of the day, as much as I loathe Trump, if it came down to having to either live under a Trump dictatorship with a free speech internet (with all platforms legally bound to follow the laudable pro-1st-Amendment policies of Gab and Parler) or the current Zionist-internet-oligarch-ruled censorship dystopia, I would hold my nose and join the revolution.






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  1. “Conspiracy theorists”, apparently, occupy “hyper-rationality” which seeks to assign order and meaning to the chaotic chance of the natural world (or, erm, “The World”).

    “Ubiquitous Sensing. The number of Internet-connected devices hit 8.7 billion in 2012. IP-enabled sensors are projected to exceed 50 billion by 2020. The number of sensors of all types is variously projected at between 1 trillion and 10 trillion between 2017 and 2025. The lower estimate translates to 140 sensors for every man, woman, and child on the planet.
    The asymptote is where sensing, connectivity, and data merge into a single system. Every person and object of interest is connected to every other: the traffic readout on a mobile phone becomes the aggregation of all the data provided by all the mobile devices in the area reading the traffic. The world becomes self-describing and self-interpreting. At its outer limit, the digital map becomes the world itself. The world and our picture of the world are becoming the same thing: an immense, self-referential document. We are living in Borges’ map”.
    bcg.com website

    And Laplace’s demon?

  2. If the election was rigged, the main beneficiaries would have been Republican congressional candidates in close races, who vastly outperformed pre-election and exit polls. In races that weren’t close, the polls were accurate.

    Trump’s real gripe is that the Republicans who rig elections didn’t rig it enough for him to win.

    • Thank you for the clarification. With all the hurdles that the republicans created in majority democrat counties of various states such as eliminating drop boxes or polling centers, or messing with the USPS, if the system of the early voting by mail which many have been using for years wasn’t in place, republicans would have succeeded in their voting suppression.

  3. Since I know some VT colleagues don’t agree with me, maybe they can explain to me how they think social media monopolies should treat Constitutionally protected speech. My position is that those monopolies, like all monopolies, are criminal enterprises under antitrust law and should not exist, but should be seized and run as public utilities, in which case they would be required to respect the 1st Amendment and treat all Constitutionally protected speech equally. Meanwhile, as long as we are tolerating criminal enterprises controlling our national town square, we must demand that they do what a social media public utility would: respect the 1st Amendment and treat all Constitutionally protected speech equally (as was the policy everywhere prior to around 2015-2016). If you disagree, please explain your reasoning, and tell us how you think social media, today’s de facto national town square, should be run, by whom, in accordance or not with the 1st Amendment, and why your solution would be better than my very simple and time-tested one.

    • Kevin I watched your video and without attempting to address the issue of constitutionally protected speech in social media sites as first you’re asking your colleagues, plus I believe that if it falls under FCC it will be a bigger disaster, I want to know your opinion on the election theft as per Giuliani or Powell’s cases of machine rigging etc. I couldn’t tell your position by watching the video and the back and forth with Mike.

  4. If the garbage that you wrote a couple of days ago on the Persian Khwarazmian Empire having “hundreds of years of assassination history of the people they didn’t like”, your idea of not being “pro Biden enough”, then you have issues. I suggest you either see a shrink or switch your hasbara manual.

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