Israel continues its air strikes against Syria after Biden’s inauguration: What’s next?


By Ahmed Al-Khaled for VT

A family of four, including two children, died as a result of an alleged Israeli air strike on Hama in northwestern Syria on Friday, January 22, Syrian media said. In addition, four people were injured and three civilian houses were destroyed.

According to a military source quoted by Syrian outlets, Israel launched an air strike at 4 a.m. on Friday from the direction of Lebanese city of Tripoli against some targets on the outskirts of Hama city.

“Syrian air defense systems confronted an Israeli air aggression and shot down most of the hostile missiles,” the source said.

The Israeli newspaper Jerusalem Post reported that there were loud sounds of explosions in the area.

In turn, the Israel Defense Forces declined to comment on alleged strikes resulted in the death of Syrian citizens.

Over the past time, Israel significantly stepped up its aerial bombardment. This incident was the fifth in a series of Israeli air attacks on targets in Syria in the past month and the first after the inauguration of the U.S. President Joe Biden.

Foreign analysts and military experts said that Tel Aviv intensified air strikes on Syria, taking advantage of the vacuum of power in the United States on the eve of Biden taking office as president.

While the Donald Trump administration turned a blind eye on such aggression, a change of power in the United States could remarkably limit Israel in conducting of military operations against Syria and Iran-affiliated armed groups located there.

As it was stated during his presidential campaign, Joe Biden intends to pursue a more conciliatory foreign policy towards Iran. In particular, he unequivocally advocated the resumption of the nuclear deal with the Islamic republic. In this regard, Tel Aviv’s unilateral actions against Iranian interests in Syria could harm Washington’s plans to reduce tensions with Tehran.

By continuing air strikes against Iranian targets in Syria, Israel obviously sent a massage to the United States that Tel Aviv will consistently run anti-Iran policy, even if it will be in conflict with the interests of the Joe Biden administration. On the other hand, such Israeli behavior threatens to worsen relations with the United States, its main ally.

In the nearest future, the US reaction on the Israeli belligerent approach toward Iran will likely determine whether the relations between Tehran, Tel Aviv and Washington will get better or the escalation will continue.


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  1. Biden needs to consider who really did 9/11. That was the pretext for all the wars of this century, all for Israel. That’s something the Trumpsters have totally ignored, that Trump was aware from the very first day of that awful attack, that the official narrative was total BS. He went along with it just as have all presidents ever since. 9/11 is the backdrop to all the slavish catering to Israel over the past two decades by both Republicans and Democrats. Netanyahu will always have that over the head of every US president, that he or she knew who really did 9/11 and did nothing about it.

  2. The American Empire’s business is war, controlled/commanded by 6,000 to 7,000 people, or 0.0001 percent of the world’s population.
    They are the “Davos-attending, Gulfstream/private jet–flying, megacorporation-interlocked, policy-building elites of the world”
    using the Finance/Media/Religion/Education/Military/Industrial/Legislative/Judicial et al Complex, strategically organized to dominate the population of The World.
    In 2018, the top-five war corporations made more than $16 billion at a time when 500,000 Americans were homeless on an average every day. Millions are spent lobbying Capitol Hill and campaign contributions to Congress. In 2012, war corporations gave around $30 million and $25.5 million in 2014.
    The primary goal of this Global Elite is the hegemonic psychological control of human desires, emotions, beliefs, and values. The Intelligence Agencies enable them to judge the “inner” individual, aided by avante-garde scientists, mathematicians and theologians.
    US President Joe Biden has reportedly picked Anne Neuberger for a new cybersecurity position on the National Security Council. A member of one of the 100 wealthiest families in the United States, she transitioned from the private sector into government service following the September 11 attacks.

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