A superhighway of infiltration into America’s police, the FBI and DOJ…

A massive influence operation has been discovered, penetrating police through Russia using domestic terror groups, the NRA, the police union, certain veterans groups and police training operations run by fake Israeli’s…really Russian spies…

A sick game of planned police shootings of blacks, fake riots while partnering with drug cartels and their powerful DC lobby….

Is Russia gloating over the DOJ’s continual attempts to blame anyone but them for the January 6 coup attempt?  Real investigations trip over Russian involvement continually, with 4 years of MAGA is the KGB and so is QAnon, becoming the ultimate truth.

VT’s own investigation has found the relationship between the GOP and the Russian mob, which may well control the Russian government under Putin as well, a relationship that began in 1990-91, is more than alive and well.

VT has also found that not only are Trump supporting domestic terrorist groups tied to Russia, they are all active police informants, paid informants. When VT was able to establish that the NRA was laundering Russian cash to pay for election dirty tricks, we began tripping over police union issues as well, with wide Russian involvement with police and terror militias fronted by Israeli based police training groups that openly operate across the US but answer to Moscow.

Tarrio’s arrest before the coup attempt was faked, saving a longtime police informant who would continue to be useful during the FBI’s war on BLM.

The DOJ is already blocking an investigation of 140 members of congress who openly supported a coup through full treason and sedition and dozens of criminal charges against Donald Trump.

Increasingly, Russia’s hands are seen at every level in Washington after 4 years of Trump.  Members of Congress who “bent over” for Trump also bent over for Russia.

From the Daily Beast:

Proud Boys Leader Repeatedly Worked Undercover for Law Enforcement, Says Report

Enrique Tarrio is notorious as leader of the Proud Boys—and made headlines for being arrested earlier this month for allegedly burning a Black Lives Matter banner in Washington, D.C.

An FBI agent at the hearing called Tarrio a “key component” in local police investigations

But, according to Reuters news agency, he has led a double life as an informer for federal and local law enforcement. The report, which is supported by a transcript of a 2014 federal court proceeding, states that Tarrio’s undercover work has helped authorities prosecute 13 people in a range of cases involving drugs, gambling and human smuggling.

His former lawyer described one sting operation in court in 2014, saying Tarrio helped expose a smuggling ring by negotiating an $11,000 fee to help bring some of his made-up family members across the border. Tarrio denied the details in the report, telling Reuters in an interview: “I don’t recall any of this.” Barrio is banned from D.C. until his next court appearance in June.

Back then, the CIA looted Russian banks, laundering the cash through Trump’s failed empire and hooking him up with Cypriot Banks and their New York partners, used to build a KGB empire disguised as the ‘Russian mob.’

That empire, married with Murdoch’s media and operating with Russian intelligence, took over partial operation of the FBI under Comey and and near total operation of the US Department of Justice under William Barr.

Thus, we have the “chicken feed” arrests after the coup and total hands off White Supremacists and violent pro-Russian militias by the FBI.  From Raw Story:

“On Monday, Brandon Straka, a right-wing activist who spoke at the “Stop the Steal” rally was arrested in Nebraska for impeding a police officer and disorderly conduct. He made national headlines last June after refusing to wear a mask on an American Airlines flight, citing an unspecified medical condition, after which he was permanently banned from the airline.

Straka is the founder of the “#WalkAway” campaign which encouraged those on the left to “walk away” from the “divisive tenets endorsed…by the Democratic Party.” CNN’s David A. Love called the campaign “a psychological operation” that was “connected to Kremlin-linked Russian bots” attempting to overstate the popularity of the moment.”  From CNN:

However, #WalkAway has also now been connected to Kremlin-linked Russian bots, and it is now the seventh most popular Russia-influenced hashtag as of this writing, according to the website Hamilton 68, which tracks Russian influence on Twitter as part of the Alliance for Securing Democracy, an initiative of the nonpartisan German Marshall Fund.
The purpose of this now-astroturf campaign is to manipulate public opinion by creating the illusion that this is a popular movement. In reality, #WalkAway has become pure propaganda, a psychological operation.
Candace Owens, an African-American conservative and communications director of Turning Point USA — a pro-Trump student political group with a “Professor Watchlist” database that tracks professors who “discriminate against conservative students” — has promoted the #WalkAway hashtag. Owens, who has called police brutality a myth and said “unlimited illegal immigration has harmed the black community for decades,” claims black voters are walking away from the Democratic Party.”
What VT has found is a deep cover operation at Justice and the FBI to ‘spin’ the GOP coup attempt and blame it on AntiFa and Biden supporters.  Justice claims pro-Biden journalists are all under either Russian or Iranian and Chinese control and that groups like Proud Boys and Oath Keepers, who stormed the Capitol, are, in fact, allies of police.
Justice has moved to have all charges dropped against Proud Boys and Oath Keepers, according to our sources.


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  1. Dear Gordon,
    The only mistake you make in your hypothesis about the dark hand of Russia lying behind & being responsible for all that has transpired in America throughout the past 5-6 years (ever since Trump ascended from Trump Tower on the road to Zionist Heaven!) is that the Russia you finger is, definitively, the Russian Zionist Oligarchy which collectively sacked and plundered Russia and her People (and Ukraine & Georgia) of enormous slabs of Russia’s wealth with CIA Mi6 and Mossad running point for the heist and the transfer of that wealth to the cartel in Jerusalem. Take, for example the owner of Chelsea Football Club in London who, when done with ransacking the Russian Far-east, transferred himself to London where he hung out for 15 years while gloating in his role as owner of Chelsea but, when he thought of moving permanently to Brighton Beach found that his Residency Visa was not going to allow him permanency in his newly-chosen abode – following which he fled to Jerusalem, there to hide behind BiBi in return for an enormous injection of his ill-gotten weath into “Settlement” building in the Occupied West Bank in return for a lifetime guarantee to No Extradition back to Russia to face the music (conducted by the saviour Putin) and the certainty of a lifetime behind bars. Abramovich is merely one among dozens who were enabled by CIA Mi6 & Mossad, all acting together with the Jewish Mafia, to plunder and weaken Russia …… until Putin arrived in town & has saved Russia.

    • Putin Lavrov Shoygu and all other Russian Patriots have taken whatever steps they needed to take in order to save Russia from continuous plunder and the draining of its wealth and resources to the artificial state in Palestine. Trump’s Mob are unconnected with Putin, with the #sTrumpet in awe of the man who managed to stop the Jewish Mafia in its plunderous tracks within Russian Borders. That they have had to move from Russia to Tel-Aviv, via Kiev is no bad thing apart from the inevitable tightening grip of the Fascist newZionists on the lands of Palestine and their deranged and continuing Fratricide against the Palestinian People. Meanwhile, as the Zio-Mob’s influence has waned and all but disappeared in Russia they have collectively conducted a takeover of the United States. America today requires a Putinesque American to step forward and save America from plunder and certain disintegration – this necessitating a complete cut-off of all US subsidies to Israel; and not just the annual $3.5 Bn voted on in Congress but the additional (many more) Billions flowing to Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv via the US Military/Defense agglomeration and its corporate hirelings. Biden has saved America for the time being but his Cabinet appointments show that he fears the Criminals in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem far more than he fears the wrath of the American Electorate. Time for all to start thinking of who should replace Biden in 2025 – it may well be a woman but I don’t mean Kamala.

  2. It’s too bad that we can’t cut through all the BS spewed at every turn by either kompromatted or bought entities. Russia, Russia , Russia. But never Israel, Israel, Israel. Has the term Kazarian Mafia ever been uttered on TV/MSM? If it has I missed it. To me that is a much proof as needed as to show who is really doing the dirty work…just as Israel is continuously endowed with ‘the only democracy and true friend in the ME’. Neither of which is true, yet there it is on MSM every day. As well, is KM ever uttered on Russian MSM/TV? I bet not. As for this dude, snitch is more likely a synonym for provocateur, another term we will not see used by the MSM. A lovely tactic the FBI, et al, burnished in the 60s when ‘going after’ the Black Panthers, SDS, Weathermen…Even so-called ‘good journalists’ are involved. FRN has become the Matthew Ehret website where he pushes his Zionism is innocent crap. His connotations on the word provocateur? ‘whatever that means’…reducing it to the same status as ‘conspiracy theory’. FRN has either shown it’s true face, or gone to shit.

  3. Russian intelligence knows exactly what is really going on.
    But they never show their cards.
    Not even when they win the pot.
    Half of what VT prints about the evil Russians doing this and that is false, the other half is true, but true only because the trusted Russian info-agents VT relies on, made a decision to release these half-truths.

    • Absolutely right. Since Soviet times the intelligence didn’t like to boast about operations and their results. Even now Russians don’t know all information. FSB keeps secrets in the archives well. Silence is gold.

    • Tommy…I imagine every government in the world knows the truth, but the only gullible ones that matter are Americans, the rest of the world doesn’t. That no other state outs this is proof that they are all in on it or afraid that they will be next. The attacks in EU/UK are mere whiffs of what they could expect, as the European govs all know who and what Gladio was. They performed all manner of assassinations in the 70s/80s, bombings and demonstrations aimed at the Italian gov, culminating with the murder of Aldo Morro. Hows that for saying ‘proceed at your own risk’. Then there is the threat of outing their own antics, which the US knows about as well. Every state has done it, from UK to Russia (Chechnya/apt bombings). FFs, a tool of the elite and those they own, who are everywhere.

  4. The real “Art Of The Deal”:

    Getting $2.5B of your $2.8B net worth from SugarDaddy DeutscheBank (via Russia?)…

    $400M from BioDaddy & 400M from “Liberal Hollywood” (The Apprentice).

    Or “How To Lose $500 Million…

    & Convince White People You’re Their Savior”. 🤣

  5. And one of Trumps last acts as president, Allow Pollard to go home and be received like a hero.
    How,… re-patriotic.

  6. A former head of FBI , has suggested not pressing charges against a president who incited a violent insurrection of our capitol resulting in the bludgeoning death of a capitol police officer and the shooting death of a AF veteran.
    The wide open doors into all facets of US gov from Israel, are just down the hall from wide open doors from Israel to Russia,…whose dreams of being included in the “exceptionalism” club, very much mirror the white supremacists dreams of owning minorities. Religion very much at the core. And our third problem is,….toleration of these maniacs and being an apologist, is required to attain high office, despite the fact that nearly 50% of US is non-religious.

  7. It’s time to put the hand of the Kremlin into the Guinness Book of Records as the longest in the world! My dear colleagues from this magazine, do you check under your bed before falling asleep? What if there is another Kremlin agent there?
    But seriously. If this really happens, then it is sad, because you yourself allowed it. Shame on your intelligence and bravo to the Russian special services! On the other hand, remember how many thousands of CIA agents roamed around Moscow during the coup in 1993. How many thousands of Americans have participated in the destruction of defense facilities in my country? The Americans even provided equipment that sawed and broke completely new missiles and aircraft.
    Now, where is your proof? How criminal justice works: A suspect can be considered a criminal only on the basis of a combination of proven guilt and evidence. Any judicial system operates with facts. And only facts! Apart from unfounded hypotheses, we see nothing from our Western partners. Where are the facts, ladies and gentlemen? There is another saying: if you are not caught by the hand, you are not a thief.
    In the end, no one canceled the boomerang law: one day they will do to you as you did to others.
    In the end, Great Britain, and then Washington, became unsurpassed masters of intrigue and special operations around the world.
    Now what’s wrong?

    • The early 90’s were a golden opportunity for make the world a better place but daddy Bush wanted take this opportunity to to export “democracy” so he set up a trap to Saddam using Kuwait to started the Gulf War to avoid Iraq could acquire a pre-eminent role in the region at the expense of saudis and the zionist and also he used the opportunity to impose the “New World Order”. A war that was gave rise all the successive US wars until today.

    • Yes the Boris Yeltsin days were a bad time for Russians when US “helpers” roamed the country “helping” themselve to everything they could get their hands on. Eventually they teamed up with the early Oligarchs to go into media and then into politics for finishe the take over. Putin ruined the day for them at the last minute, ironic, similar to, but of course not the same, as the Biden movement saved us from Trump. Over the next two years we will get a flood of books on every aspect of the Trump regime. All will be known, and what the prosecutors find will be icing on the cake. I am not there wil be any winners, meaning only survivors. I feel like I have survived Trump, but not quite, because after trying over and over to log in to get a vaccine appt. finally three time came up and each one I clicked ‘take’ on was already taken…some screwed up software. This weeks allotment was booked in 15 minutes.

    • Yes, the Russian boogeyman is everywhere! I saw one sneaking up my tailpipe just before my motor blew up. My neighbor saw one messing with his water tank the other day, then suddenly his pump went out. They are attacking us in our soft underbelly. Can no one stop them? This all reminds me of a Mad Magazine cartoon wherein an unshaven, undershirt wearing, beer-gut Joe Sixpack was watching the news, where they were talking about Commie Russia undermining our social fabric through surreptitious means. His wife told him to get off his butt and empty the trash. As he picked up the bag of trash, the bottom came out of the bag, dumping it’s contents on the floor. Enraged, he yelled ‘those damn Commies’. That was in the 60s and not much has changed, huh? Even our Just-us system is the same, guilty unless you can prove you’re innocent. See JFK, RFK, MLK assassinations for precedents, along with the 2001 apex 9/11 performance, where we frame an entire region, it’s religion and it’s people…enabling us to attack the entire world at will.

  8. And of course, the appelation “Russiagate” and all the stories of bad Russkies are no more than covering for not openly calling it “Israël-gate” or “THe scandal of allowing both Russia and USA to be beholden to Khazarian and Zionist (banking and gangsterian) gangrenic machinationa.

  9. Has the “VT” become turned to a Secret Service/CIA/FBI subsidiary? If that be the case, then how and why? When did it stat? Just because the J-men from the FBI were polite to chief editor of VT when visiting him in SW Michigan or s´what –or how? What do they hold on each other?
    For a comparison: Consider how the website of Tarpley was ‘turned’ just a few (4) years ago by the same FBI: same story with You now, brethern??

    • It took us a long time to get here and overwhelming solid evidence. You have to have spent the last 4 years under a rock.

    • Well, I guess that VT has some articles that make me go hmmm, but I try to read between the lines as there is still some very good info here. Now, if you really want to be disgusted, go to TownHall, where you can be deleted for saying anything anti-Trump, anti-military or anti-Israel…especially if you’re right and they know it. I’ve been deleted there and at Breitbart for the truth, which is apparently a sin. The anti-Russian stuff here is mild compared to the crap over there. Here, I just insert the word mafia after the word Russian. Those other sites especially hate posts outing Tom Cotton, who is the most pro-Israel asswipe in the government. Nutsack’s goober tracks on his lips and chin prove that.

  10. Always thought that Israel had more influence on US elections than Russia ever did. Are the Dems ready for a redo of the Russiagate diversion when it should really be looking into Israelgate? Oh, right, that would mean coming clean on who really did 9/11 which neither party is willing to do.

    • Neither party can ‘come clean’ on 9/11 because by now they are all accessories after the fact…except for those in on the ground floor, so to speak, who were/are the actual perpetrators of this treasonous act. The ones that really, really gall me are those ala Tom Cotton. He ran as a patriot (big surprise there,huh?) of the Gulf War (for Israel) who would stand up for America. Of course that meant he got the big bucks from Israeli donors ($1M) for his campaign. He is yet another patriot-for-money shilling for Israel and collecting the big bucks. He was also one of the ones in on the stop the electoral vote count crap, but being the cut and run political chickenshit he really is, dumped them when the kitchen got warm. That’s the kind of POS we have in our gov today. All mouth, all money driven and owned through and through.

  11. “The DOJ is already blocking an investigation of 140 members of congress who openly supported a coup through full treason and sedition and dozens of criminal charges against Donald Trump”.
    I wonder if this changes after Merrick Garland, who owes absolutely nothing to the GOP, is sworn in as AG, or if the Biden Administration is legitimately concerned this would foment a real red vs. blue civil war?

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