…by Jonas E. Alexis, VT Editor

The Middle East Eye has recently reported that the Biden administration is planning to rehabilitate diplomatic relations with the Palestinians. Because Benjamin Netanyahu was essentially dictating the Trump administration what to do in the Middle East, diplomatic relations with the Palestinians were almost non-existent over the past four years.

Ambassador Richard Mills declared:

“President Biden has been clear in his intent to restore US assistance programmes that support economic development and humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people. And to take steps to reopen diplomatic missions that were closed by the last US administration.”[1]

While the article moves on to say that Biden fully supports Israel, one gets the impression that troubles between Bibi and Biden are not too far away. Biden obviously needs to teach Bibi a lesson because Bibi has already shown complete disrespect for Biden and his administration by approving, according to the Times of Israel itself, “some 800 new settlement homes ahead of Biden inauguration.”[2] In response, Netanyahu declared: “We’re here to stay. We’re continuing to build the Land of Israel!”[3]

Translation: Israel will continue to kick Palestinians out of their territories and steal land. You don’t like that? Well, you are a vicious anti-Semite! Israeli opposition leader, Yair Lapid, obviously saw that Israel has taken a bad move. He said:

“The Biden administration still hasn’t taken office and the government is already leading us to an unnecessary confrontation. Even during elections, the national interest needs to be maintained. A sane government doesn’t start an unnecessary battle with a new American president.”[4]

We all hope that Biden is taking copious notes and jotting down key points. We all hope that he will stick it to Benjamin Netanyahu within the next two years or so. He will certainly be on equal footing with past presidents like JFK.

[1] “Biden administration to restore aid to Palestinians, fix ‘atrophied’ relations,” Middle East Eye, January 26, 2021.

[2] “Israel approves some 800 new settlement homes ahead of Biden inauguration,” Times of Israel, January 17, 2021.

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  1. If there really wasn’t a difference between Biden and that terrorist trash Trump the headline of PressTV would’ve read like this today “Don’t rush to own annihilation: Iran fires back at Israel over military threat”

    Read and think why Israelis are ripping themselves new ones right now.

  2. Seeing is believing, but believing is not seeing. I lived in the “Show me State” of Missouri in my youth, and still adhere to those ottoes — especially in Middle Eastern matters, when the scorpion crosses a watershed, it is often a case of the scorpion crossing the Suez canal or Litani or Jordan rivers on the back of a swimming toad.

  3. Tommy – you are right – it won`t be a dance out in the open like Trump but will be done covertly to deceive anyone watching.

  4. The Palestinians are a conquered people, they should act like it. They are the biggest interference to peace. How many native Americans do you see protesting? None, because they got tired of getting mowed down and decided that the lives of their children were more important. The Palestinians should learn from them, the invaders are never going away. Try a different path.

    • I can’t take your Krrrap. Actually I am just a shell shocked invader American. It really is a good thing for both of us, that, it is a stupid keyboard seperating us. There will come a time for the Native Americans. Maybe in that place you think of as heaven. However, Their treatment was 60 million – plus times worse than the next ‘most oppresed’ “tribe”. Were you on the pipeline getting hosed in sub-zero temperatures? I don’t even think you even care to remember that episode, only the latest.

  5. How many Palestinians died, or were crippled along the Gaza fence line during Trumps four years? Or Syrians, Iraqis, or the Lebanese from the fertilizer airstrike, all enabled with impunity……and perpetual resupply of all the ingredients, including spin media….

    BDS 2021

  6. Exactly, Elvin. Always remember, Israel nuked us on 9/11 and got away with it. If Biden had any balls he would tell that to the world instead of doing the little dance with Netanyahu that all recent presidents have done. However, it will be nothing like the cheek-to-cheek dirty dance that Trump did.

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