Evangelical Missionaries Stoke Fears of COVID-19 Vaccine in Brazil’s Indigenous Villages


Indigenous leaders warn of missionaries turning Amazon villages against vaccines

By Anthony Boadle/Reuters.com

Health Editor’s Note: Shame on any group who would try to keep people from getting the COVID-19 vaccine. Specifically playing off fears of those who do not understand the process of how the virus replicates, spreads, and harms and kills humans is particularly heinous.  Coronavirus vaccines are essential to put a halt to this pandemic that is sickening hundreds of thousands daily, and killing thousands more. Daily the U.S. alone looses several thousand people to the ravages of this virus This is NOT acceptable! The numbers of those who contract the virus, become ill, perhaps so ill they die, will dwindle as long as we can vaccinate as many people, as quickly, as possible. Every person who is vaccinated is one less person the virus can use to make more of itself and to spread. 

While this particular misinformation campaign is taking place in Brazil, we have groups working to achieve the same in the U.S. Those groups are the anti-vaxxers, those who deny the existence of coronavirus, those who would have us believe that nanobots and or microchips will be injected into the body with the vaccine, that the vaccine will make people sterile, etc. These naysayers continue to spout their misinformation and false rumors about COVID-19 vaccine. Those who run these groups should be arrested and convicted for social murder if they succeed in convincing just one person that he or she should not take the vaccine. The vaccine is the only way out of this pandemic…..Carol

BRASILIA (Reuters) – Medical teams working to immunize Brazil’s remote indigenous villages against the coronavirus have encountered fierce resistance in some communities where evangelical missionaries are stoking fears of the vaccine, say tribal leaders and advocates.

On the São Francisco reservation in the state of Amazonas, Jamamadi villagers sent health workers packing with bows and arrows when they visited by helicopter this month, said Claudemir da Silva, an Apurinã leader representing indigenous communities on the Purus river, a tributary of the Amazon.

“It’s not happening in all villages, just in those that have missionaries or evangelical chapels where pastors are convincing the people not to receive the vaccine, that they will turn into an alligator and other crazy ideas,” he said by phone.

That has added to fears that COVID-19 could roar through Brazil’s more than 800,000 indigenous people, whose communal living and often precarious healthcare make them a priority in the national immunization program.

Tribal leaders blame Brazil’s far-right President Jair Bolsonaro and some of his avid supporters in the evangelical community for stoking skepticism about coronavirus vaccines, despite a national death toll that lags only the United States.

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  1. Missionaries are the advance team for the banks. We’ve been watching this in the western hemisphere for about 400 years now, and the method has not changed because it is highly effective. Most donations go to marketing and construction and landscaping. It is an amazing marketing genius who thought to get a free sales force, simply by telling them, God wants them to do it, and if they don’t , God will not love them very much. This is predatory socialism.

    • When the missionaries came, the people owned the land and missionaries had this book. Now the people have the book and the banks own the land. The people want to give the books back.

  2. Carol, I have never had a flu shot for over 25 years, I’ve lived and worked in China for 4 years during the SARS epidemic, I lived and worked in Kurdistan, UAE, Iraq for over a year during the MERS epidemic. My wife, a health care professional, works in rehab and has encountered several patients with this so-called Coronavirus and has never been sick. Our diet contains plenty of garlic, ginger, turmeric and we do take zinc supplements along with tonic and vitamin D and I play golf in the sun at least 3-4 times a week. I’m 81 and haven’t had a runny nose in over 25 years and I’ll never take a vaxx or contamination of mRNA that has never been tested on humans. Stay healthy!

    • Dbooger, It is your choice as to whether you will take the coronavirus vaccine. For those who do take it…. they will not contract the coronavirus nor spread it. Vaccinations made by mRNA are not harmful. Without mRNA (which the human body has always had) your genetic code will not be used by the body. Without mRNA the body cannot perform its functions or make proteins since it is necessary for protein synthesis. mRNA is not a mystery. You do not take the influenza vaccine, but have you had the tetanus, polio, diphtheria, whooping cough vaccines? If you are old enough, have you had the smallpox vaccine? I strongly suspect that you have had them. Why not the take a vaccine that will make sure you do not spread, what has been a very deadly virus, to others? Worldwide, 2.4 million people have died from COVID-19.

  3. Elvin, Vaccines (both Pfizer and Moderna) used in the U.S. are 95% effective when they are used as intended. These are the only two vaccines that have been approved for emergency use in the U.S. At this time you will get only one of these until others have cleared the emergency use authorization realm. I do support the vaccines because it is quite simply the only way to get out of this pandemic without continuing to loose millions of people. As of 8 a.m. ET in the U.S. 27,393,896 cases and 475,457 deaths — up 105,606 and 3,693 respectively, since this time yesterday. These are figures for the U.S. alone. This virus is all over the world and sickening and killing people. I do not accept that we should do nothing and let this virus decimate the world…..the slight mutations that this virus is undergoing is because it is being allowed to continue to spread. The longer it is here the more mutations we will see. But these mutations does not make it impossible for the current vaccines to work. As time goes on vaccines will be tweaked to accommodate any mutations that occur, just like the flu vaccine is changed yearly. That process if done to cover mutations of the regular influenza virus. It is your choice to be vaccinated or not, but do not spread unfounded, false information that might keep others from getting the vaccine.

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