Trump’s Coup: Murder Congress, Rule with Flynn and his gang of posers and fakes


VT: Today, a story buried by CNN and others is coming to light.  The plan was to have rioters herd Congress into the Tunnels, with a few exceptions and we know who they are.  The rest of Congress would be trapped by corrupt capitol police.

This is why the standown at the Pentagon.  Here is the CNN story they buried…

But today this story is coming back to life with the FBI investigation of Stewart Rhodes.  Rhodes had tried to partner with VT over a decade ago.  Rhodes is a brilliant guy, a cut above his Oath Keepers and certainly Trump.

However, nothing about Stewart Rhodes is real, not by VT standards, not fucking close.

Rhodes is former US Army who lost an eye, Yale Law and a “kiss ass” congressional aide for Ron Paul. What Rhodes isn’t, however, is a combat vet and “operator” like so many at VT who are tier one and above.  To VT, Rhodes is shilling for someone, now we know who, and more poser than “real deal” as are other Oath Keepers.

Real deal guys (and gals) don’t wear fake tactical gear and parade around like sad fucks.

Two “real deal” guys somewhere off the coast of Venezuela.

Another VT “real deal guy,” leading an SF “A Team” in South Vietnam circa 1965.

Another VT “real deal guy” picking up a “misplaced” nuke, Mali 1994.

Another VT “real deal guy” gearing up after an ambush, I Corps 1969

A VT guy on the Golan Heights

VT guys having lunch with Hezbollah in Lebanon

VT tactical gear

VT girl in tactical gear, Iraq 2003

This is one of their guys, Lansing Michigan 2020

More of them

A VT guy taking the day off…

One of their guys….cooked…

Why is VT so snippy with posers?


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  1. Mr. Duff, can you give us a hint of how Trump pulled it of in 2020 – i.e. the extra votes? If you can’t, I can understand.

  2. The Republican Congress and legislatures would oppose as that would interfere with their electronic voting machine manipulations – the same ones that allowed the vote in 2016 to be rigged in Trump’s favor and in many other elections. Republicans are minority in most of the US and have to rig elections to stay in power. Every year their voting block gets smaller and smaller.

  3. MG

    Very uninformed comment. Lots of paperwork to check and it was all checked.

    I think Trump lost by 20m and I know how.

  4. Dominion does have a feature to track the vote from the pad, to paper ballot, to the tabulator.
    In the GA recount, they did NOT use Dominion scanners for the recount. The counted the paper in each region manually and they got the same number results as Dominion got on election night.

    Maybe we will get to the point where a voter can verify that their bar coded ballot was counted in a certain way but if the lack of this feature makes the last election fraudulent then every election we have had from the 1700’s was fraudulent.

  5. Maybe so, but I don’t see how that could have ultimately ended well.
    The whole power structure would have had to submit.
    And an agreement to that submission would be something acquired before the coup, making the coup a done deal.
    Seeing as it “failed,” I believe the whole thing came off more or less to perfection. That is “perfection” for the real planners of it.

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