Blockbuster Editorial: A treasure map for an American tyrant (Boston Globe)

Donald Trump exposed the weaknesses in our system of government that could now be exploited by a corrupt leader with control of the White House. In this series, the Globe editorial board outlines the urgent reforms needed to prevent the rise of an American tyrant — and to protect our democracy for posterity.

Donald Trump at a campaign event in Vienna, Ohio, March 2016. Trump began one of the most corrupt presidencies in US history on the campaign trail when he failed to disclose his full tax returns and his hundreds of millions of dollars of debt. MARK MAKELA / THE NEW YORK TIMES

Before the day Donald Trump moved into the White House in 2017, Americans had never had to contend with a president in such deep financial trouble — and with such determination to conceal his true finances from the public. Trump’s business empire — the one he espoused during the campaign as an example of his purported financial acumen — was nothing more than a hollow gold-plated shell.

While he was dumping money into his hotels, his golf courses, and his real estate deals, they were netting him almost nothing but significant losses year after year. By the time he was running for reelection, Trump was over $400 million in debt, most of which would have been due during his second term should he have won in 2020.

And yet for nearly four years, there was effectively nothing whatsoever the public could do about it. As was the case for so many of the countless outrageous abuses of his presidency, the former president largely got away with serving a full term in which he bargained with foreign leaders, signed tax legislation, and named financial regulators, without ever coming clean about his own personal debts and the conflicts of interest and opportunities for corruption they created.

While there are supposed to be laws and limits on the presidency, Trump was unrestrained, exposing just how toothless those safeguards have become and just how urgently the nation needs to reform the office of the presidency itself.

Presidents in a democratic system of government are not meant to be able to extract personal profits from government service — or hand out pardons to imprisoned buddies, pervert justice, or foment an insurrection.

That’s the promise of democracy: that it will be superior to these authoritarian tendencies of tyrants and kings.  read more…


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  1. We can pass all the laws we want, demand honesty all we want and the result will be what we have. A government of liars, constantly blowing smoke. What we really need is to grow up and take our licks as deserved. How can we demand honesty, when the people seem to glorify criminality as long as it’s perceived to be righteous?, or supportive of selfish ideology? In electing Trump, the American people plainly stated that we could give a shit about morality or honesty. Anyone that supported this POS and didn’t know what he is, was not doing their part. No due diligence at all whatsoever. Laws can always be circumvented or ignored…it’s up to the people to avow or not. We failed miserably in the eyes of the world. Who would hire a security guard that is a 3 time felon on parole? I refuse to believe that people in their hearts do not know the truth behind those they support, we just couldn’t care less.

    • There is not one in the whole of government that is not compromised or for sale. Trump is just the poster boy for apathy and selfishness. Biden may be smoother, but watch how he approaches Venezuela, Cuba, Iran, et al. JCPOA should already have been re-implemented, why is it not? Because we still play games. Americans play their part by believing the memes set forth. In truth, they are all unworthy. Those that were or attempted to be? They are dead, discredited or imprisoned. The L/R paradigm is the surreptitious dialog enabling it all…and the majority still believe in it. There is no center, there is no consensus among the people. We continue to cling to the idea that our side is right, as in righteous. We know we are being screwed, but it’s always by the other guys side, never admitting what is before us…that they speak with different voices, but say the same thing in the end. 20 years of war over what the vast majority have realized was a tissue of lies and deception, yet here we are…and the perps are still running the show.

    • I can’t summon the words to do justice to your profound summation of the situation.
      The overwhelmingly majority of the world live by their 5 senses. That is their primary, if not their only way of they relating to the world.
      A human race that serves, and services its lusts, will always be led down a dark path.

  2. Further, it is clear and obvious that the DOJ is favoring both office and religion with it’s recent opinions. Both of these are not to be held above the common law for the common people.
    As I have repeatedly stated, this is a Catholic administration and it will favor religion and place both office and religious beliefs above the law for the common person. We are seeing that in real time, blatantly applied. It is a step toward Monarchy from the existing Oligarchy.
    Trump and his goons were never the actual threat but a catalyst for the present actions.

  3. We do abide kings here. Currently we are witnessing the protection of an office above the standing laws. We need to know whether there are laws for all, or if law is segmented and unequally applied, according to standing or political office.

    The DOJ needs to make this clear pronto or they are exposing their explicit complicity in the subversion of the ideals laid forth by the constitution and the will and intent of the US people.

    If incitement is no longer a crime, we need clarification from the DOJ.

    • The primer for the Brandenburg Case or Test, With riots in DC, we ask a First Amendment attorney, WHAT IS INCITEMENT?
      … and where Trump and others at the rally crossed the line and failed the Brandenburg test is

      Planned Location, Timing, and specific Directives to the rally participants. This gave a specific target, plan of action , and placement of rally as a staging point, and this IMO is the reason it fails the Brandenburg test. The direct injury to the capitol police takes it well beyond the bar set for incitement. The question is, would that have happened without the the elements in place and the specific speech ? It was an Insurrection. Someone Incited it.

    • Now those are some sense-making words, Mr.Odell.
      Nice video too; it demonstrated two things.
      First, that law sometimes make common sense, and second, that one can make a living as a lawyer focusing on one particular aspect of freedom.

  4. Trump exposed the insane criminal elite because he was inept. We got a peak at real power and now they are covering their tracks. With Trump they were doing the St. Vitus dance. What surprises me is that Trump is still alive. He must still be useful.

  5. Democracy is a big lie, is the way that elites found after French revolution to avoid “lose the head” keeping the masses easy and making them believe that them are who decide about who rule … 🙂

  6. 50 million Christian Zionists would beg to differ. Far from being hypocritical, they see Trump as the fulfillment of their every prayer. Pastor John Hagee, Trump’s “spiritual” advisor and founder of Christians United for Israel, gave the following sermon when Trump moved the US embassy to Jerusalem, “Jerusalem is the preordained capital of Christ’s 1,000-year empire, during which Christians and [the Ashkenazim] (at least some of them) shall live in peace, after the unsaved (Democrats, mostly) have endured seven years of unspeakable horrors.” What a glorious end-times scenario that will be.

    • The flock of simple sheeple who follow their equally deluded shepards, are just as much victims as any other blinded race of slaves. They are third, fourth and fifth generation mind-controlled zombies.

    • Paul Tillich once said, “Every human institution eventually becomes demonic.” Time and time again, all the so-called Christian denominations have taken their turn at idolatry, substituting themselves and their puny understandings for the living God of justice, compassion, and truth. We aren’t to judge, but we are able to discern a tree by its fruits. If those fruits are hatred, domination, and exploitation, they’ve passed into the realm of the demonic. That’s why all forms of Zionism are blatantly evil.

    • That was the best thing I’ve ever seen from you Mr.Apeiron; on that subject, and maybe even on any subject.

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