History: Strange Case of Britain’s Freemasons and the Missing Nuclear Weapons


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

[Editor’s note:  Seldom do we get a video that has everything right.  Whether you work your way through the story, do take time to view the video.  We have confirmations on the information there as well as our own sources that go considerable further. 

I am looking for comment board participation from the UK and South Africa from those with information we need to move this project forward.  This is a critical story that has to be brought back to the forefront.)

It wasn’t until years after this was published that we were able to find the common denominator here, Britain’s corrupt underbelly of Freemasons, partnering with Israeli and Saudi intelligence and working hand in hand with Rupert ‘Fox News’ Murdoch’s spy network.

That other story, the News of the World scandal, now raising its head again with the revelations of the 1987 murder of Daniel Morgan: (click on graphic below as link)

Blockbuster: Rupert (Fox News) Murdoch Cited in Report Tied to Murder of Investigator, Massive Police Coverup


British Prime Minister David Cameron has taken an aggressive stance advocating the silencing of anyone who refuses to stick to his version of what he likes to tell others are “facts.”  We have something to say about that.  In 1989, Cameron, only 25 years old but a rising star in Britain’s dirty political game, traveled to Africa on a trip that would lead to election fraud in Britain, stolen nuclear weapons and a war in the Middle East.

Let us supply some background.  Cameron has equated challenging his long proven fabrications as acts of terrorism and is threatening to use British security services to silence honest journalists the way Dr. David Kelly was silenced.  He seems to have appointed himself “god.”

Sanction Busting, Israel, Britain and South Africa

In 1975, South Africa signed a top secret accord which allowed Israel to build and test, not only nuclear weapons but chemical and biological weapons as well. The deal was “build and test,” not just nukes but gas and bioweapons as well, conveniently done in Africa where mass slaughter doesn’t matter so much.

This was done, covered up by the Reconciliation Commission, but the facts are there, BX gas, VX gas, ebola, anthrax, small pox among others, released in Angola and against other non-white populations across Africa.

On September 22, 1979, one of ten nuclear devices to be created through this partnership was exploded.  American satellites picked up the 80 millisecond double flash while sonic detectors, part of the worldwide anti-submarine network, picked up the signature of a nuclear explosion, this one on a barge off Prince Edward Island. (See Figure 1)

As explained in the video, which gets everything right, the remaining 9 nuclear weapons were sold to the US and Britain.  David Cameron was part of the delegation that purchased 3 of the weapons.  This deal was an 11th hour scam, worked out between politicians and arms dealers.

It involved stealing at least $50 million for a political slush fund but there was something far more sinister involved.  The deal Cameron was a part of along with Dr. David Kelly and John Bradenkamp, the quite famous arms trafficker, involved stealing nuclear weapons.

Cameron’s visit violated UN sanctions against South Africa and UN treaties covering nuclear non-proliferation as well.  These facts are clearly in evidence.

Figure 1

Britain Simply Gave 3 Nukes to Terrorists

This operation, to steal 3 nuclear weapons from South Africa, weapons supposedly bought by Britain to be disassembled, according to sources directly involved in the sale and transport of the weapons themselves, interviewed at length, began at the Pelendaba nuclear facility in South Africa.

There, the bombs were loaded onto Blatchford cradles and moved into blue 20 foot containers.  VT personnel were along for the ride to Durham where they were put on a ship for Oman, a ship arranged for by John Bradenkamp, a Rhodesian/Zimbabwean arms trader only recently off the terrorist lists.

This represented David Cameron’s “blooding” as a real “insider.”  In Britain we know what that generally entails.

His good friend on the trip, Dr. David Kelly, has been murdered in 2003, over threats to expose the dirty deal cut with arms traders to steal nuclear weapons.  Did Cameron know the details of the deal he helped negotiate?  We suggest yes.

What was the nature of that deal?  Britain was to simply unload the weapons in Oman, leave them unguarded and walk away.  They never mentioned them again, never looked for them and never asked questions even when one of the bombs supposedly belonging to Britain was exploded by North Korea on May 25, 2009.

Britain was quickly informed that one of the “Saddam nukes” had exploded in North Korea.  American satellites or ground teams can detect the origin of nuclear material and the specifics of bomb design.  Peladaba for North Korea and Hanford for 9/11, two of nearly 50 unexplained post World War 2 nuclear explosions according to sources at the IAEA.

This is when liability under the UK’s Nuclear Explosion Act of 1998 which was carried over into the Anti-terrorism, Crime and Security Act of 2001 become a reality.   The following provision within the expanded 2001 act applies:

The Act explicitly declares that to knowingly cause the detonation of a nuclear weapon, for a test or any other reason, will be an offence, and punishable by life imprisonment and confiscation of anything relating to the offence. The only exception is where the explosion is deemed to have been carried out in the course of an armed conflict – if a question arises over this then the Secretary of State for Defence decides and issues a certificate of his determination. The Act will apply to any weapon used within the United Kingdom, or used elsewhere by British nationals or corporations.

Two British prime ministers are in danger from this act, Tony Blair who received nearly $5 million in political payoffs. later returned, laundered through a source tied to Formula One racing.  Blair’s cash came from Bradencamp and is assumed to have been his cut for keeping quiet about the source of what he was told were Saddam’s nukes.  The Chilcott Inquiry was tasked specifically with tracking down those involved in “misplacing” these nuclear weapons.

The defining language in the act and those with full knowledge and access to conclusive proofs of violations, the Bradenkamp group, Murdoch’s “News of the World” spy operation and its affiliate, Israeli military intelligence, have gained and clearly exercised broad leverage over these two prime ministers and, through a decades old sex and murder scandal now rocking Britain, key ministries and members of parliament as well.

The other is Cameron.  Both are assumed to have information tied to the Korean nuclear explosion and that, either through failure to act while in office or complicity in the transfer, they are culpable and potentially liable under provisions of the 2001 Security Act that apply to nuclear weapons.  Enforcement of these provisions is “non judicial.”

How This Changed History

The weapons have played several roles in recent history:

  • Britain and the US invaded Iraq to seize these weapons stating: “There are 3 nuclear weapons in Iraq, only 45 minutes from assembly and use, which we believe are being transported to Syria via ambulances.
  • Later Israeli intelligence said the bombs were in a Beirut hospital, kept in the X-ray room to hide them.
  • Then Israel claimed they were transported to Turkey and placed on the Mavi Marmara, under the hull to shield radiation.  Israel gave the US this reason for their attack on the Gaza convoy.
  • Two weapons are believed to have been transported to the US inside vending machines sent from Israel.  This was the plot of the Israeli financed Sum of All Fears, a film that blamed Syria for what US intelligence believed Israel had done.
  • Alexander Cockburn of CounterPunch, a suspected Israeli backed “alternative news” outlet, in 2005 penned an article titled “Lost Nuclear Warheads in Iran.”  (quoted and linked below)  The article is believed to have been written to not only to push for an attack on Iran but to cover an Israeli nuclear material smuggling operation to North Korea using Dolphin submarines supplied by Germany.
  • On July 13, 2010, the Delta Force hit a warehouse outside Indianapolis, “The Loft,” a company that sells furniture for college dorm rooms.  They believed one of the nukes was there.  We can’t confirm that one was recovered.
  • In 2012 and American NES-Team (Nuclear Emergency Security) was dispatched to Essex to recover what was believed to be a nuclear weapon meant to threaten the London Olympic games.  Russian intelligence had leaked a story about a midget submarine moving the weapon up the Thames estuary.  We have confirmations that a weapon was recovered.

Starting around this time, according to investigators for the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) and the Able Danger teams in the US, nuclear material in the forms of W-54 pits began disappearing from the Pantex facility in Amarillo, Texas.


Similarly, on February 3, 1991, a B 52 flying a secret mission near Iraq, armed with crashed off Somalia.  Its 3 SRAM nuclear warheads were believed to have been recovered by South African Special Forces and transported through Mombasa.  Several “Broken Arrow” missions were dispatched.  It is not known if these weapons were recovered. 

Peter Eyre and Gordon Bowden

Much of the original work on this story was done by Peter Eyre who has consistently gotten it right.

Do the people fully understand that vital evidence is being withheld from the Chilcot Inquiry regarding the Conservative Party being implicated in illegal arms to Iraq prior to the war and as a direct result of their actions put our own troops at great risk?

Do the public fully understand just how much of this deplorable, under the table dealing, Dr. David Kelly knew and that he was about to expose it?

You may ask why Dr. Kelly? It’s very simple really because he was the only man that could be trusted into making sure the three nuclear weapons that were shipped out of South Africa arrived safely in Oman prior to the British Government releasing the money!!

Dr David Kelly physically checked the three “battlefield ready” nuclear bombs, after they arrived in standard sea containers in Oman by checking the internal core temperature via a concealed inspection panel.

Don’t you just find it incredible that these weapons were purchased illegally and in violation of the UN Sanctions on South Africa, were illegally shipped to Oman without any security and then were stored in an insecure private compound in Oman?


This under the table deal was all done using British Taxpayers money via a notorious arms dealer named John Bredenkamp, and who later stole them back knowing that our government could do nothing about it……..this man who graces the shores of the United Kingdom, living a life of luxury, then sold them on the black market…..one of which was test fired by North Korea two year ago…….such is the level of trust we bestow on the Conservative Party who currently are running our country with the very man at the helm who was part of this conspiracy!!



The Mossad Cover Operation Exposed

There are reports that the smaller plutonium pit from one of the SRAM warheads was detected in a failed nuclear test in North Korea on  October 9, 2006, a “fizzle.”  Still, however, intelligence sources tried to cover up the North Korean role, one that strongly supports a hypothesis that North Korea only has access to black market nuclear material and has no domestic production capability of its own.

Alexander Cockburn, now deceased, of Counterpunch, included this very suspicious language in a 2005 article cleverly titled “Lost Nuclear Warheads in Iran:”

As the three warheads entered international arms-smuggling loops, the Bush-One and subsequently Clinton administrations dispatched various covert units to recover them, with no success.

As possible substantiation that the warheads may have ended up in Iran, CounterPunch’s informant cites a hour-long BBC-TV Channel-2 documentary, broadcast on May 3, 2005,titled “Iran’s Nuclear Secrets” in which they showed their TV-cameraman with UN weapons inspectors in Iran.

During those searches the inspectors found radiation traces in rooms left by the previous presence of weapons-grade uranium, with an enrichment of 40% to 60%.

The BBC program suggested that as local enrichment had not started then the Iranians must have held non-local black-Market material. The BBC concluded that with this material Iran was already perceived as a threat by Israel and the Scott Ritter’s forecasted raids were a likely possibility.

If the US or Israel does launch an aerial attack on the suspected depository of the three warheads, or of uranium from them, the consequences could be lethal in more ways than one, if a “bunker busting ” raid simply dispersed the nuclear materials into the atmosphere, with unpleasant consequences for all in the wind path.

CounterPunch has long been on our radar, fronting for Assange in his push toward war with Iran, moving in and around Libya and Syria, while putting out “chickenfeed.”


What we do know is this, David Cameron has knowledge of missing nuclear weapons.  This can be proven.  We know he was involved in the theft, in what manner we can’t prove but we are sure others have and have used this leverage to get Cameron to make a fool of himself over and over as he is doing in his Ukraine policy and as he did before the UN General Assembly on September 24, 2014 in his “declaration of war” against the world’s independent media.

As an ally, we simply don’t trust David Cameron.

No telling of this story should fail to credit the work of Peter Eyre.


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Addendum I

Correspondence from Gordon Bowden to the Attorney General, Dominic Grieve:

From: gordon bowden <rafbowden@yahoo.co.uk>
To: dominic.grieve@beaconsfieldconservatives.co.uk
Cc: scotlandp@parliament.ukjohn.healey.mp@parliament.ukchris.williamson.mp@parliament.uk; beckettm@parliament.uk; feedback@peterlilley.co.uk; reportingafraud@sfo.gsi.gov.uk; info@derbyconservatives.co.uk; info@derbylabourparty.co.uk; info@libdems.org.uk; fife_office@mingcampbell.org.uk
Sent: Fri, 10 June, 2011 14:12:30

Dear Rt Hon Dominic Charles Robert Grieve.

 You will refer the forwarded reply from your official office below, dated Sunday 22 August 2010 timed at: 15:42:08.  I make and hold on record this further legal communication to you and the added list of Cc Recipients, forwarded to you via your Constituency address.

As a Duty of Care: Given the recovered Documents of Ms TARA ANDREA DAVISON I  hold, duplicated, forwarded and held safe by others.

 I make accusation that you have, as Attorney General committed Treason, lied and conspired with others in perverted the course of Justice, using your respected and trusted Public Office as Attorney General to refuse a new inquiry into the conspired Death of Dr David Kelly.

 I make legal accusation. You have used your legal, trusted and public Political position, to criminally protect those who hold high Conservative Government Office, current and Past from facing Criminal prosecution (Under the Nuclear Explosions Act) and Deliberate criminal Fraud involving an Overcharge to the Treasury of £17.8 Million to Purchase covertly 3 Nuclear Bombs from ARMSCOR, the £17.8 million laundered into the “EMPTY” Tory accounts as recorded in HANSARD via a front  UK registered Company of Rhodesian John Arnold Bredenkamp.

Addendum II

Recorded in Parliament

HANSARD JUNE 22 1993 starting from Column 197

Statements regarding these facts entered  and recorded by LORD DOUG HOYLE and Derby South MP MARGARET BECKETT.

I make record in this legal communication, that these Conservative Government Corruption Facts were disclosed and exposed in “Classified” Document form to the then Labour Party leadership by a senior civil servant, Ms TARA ANDREA DAVISON then an ARMS to IRAQ Investigator who went on to be Senior INTELLIGENCE ADVISOR to the Select Committee of the Department of Trade and Industry under Kenneth Warren and MP Peter Lilley.

From my research:

Ms TARA ANDREA DAVISON ex Sister-in-Law of MP Peter Lille and one of Four Daughters of Senior Conservative SIR JOHN BIGGS-DAVISON

That you have further used your respected official position as Attorney General to protect those involved, by covering up the official involvement of DR DAVID KELLY, who was ordered by the then Conservative Government to oversee this covert Nuclear WMD operation that turned into a CONSERVATIVE POLITICAL disaster when John Bredenkamp and his ex SAS Group stole the Nuclear Weapons in OMAN and sold at least One Nuclear Bomb to North Korea.

To use your Office to further protect the expose of those MP’s, Grandees and VIP’s involved in the Criminal Covert government / Private finance purchase in 1991 of 3 x Peladaba Pretoria, Battlefield Ready 20kt Nuclear Bombs.

 I include as an attachment the one page article disclosure and accusations of Conservative Government Corruption by:


One page of over 400 “Classified” I recovered without copyright from the personal web blog of Ms TARA ANDREA DAVISON on the Internet before they were removed.

 I make record:

Given Ms TARA ANDREA DAVISON gives clear statement in the attachment, that the Derbyshire Police have acted beyond their official remit and acted as a Conservative Political Party agent, to seize and withhold vital criminal evidence required by the “PUBLIC” CHILCOTT IRAQ Inquiry.

I also understand, that you replaced MP Tim Smith in the Constituency of Beaconsfield

I am also informed, it was Tim Smith who had inside information regarding the LAUNDERING of the deliberate criminal overcharge to the Treasury of £17.8 Million (A theft of TAX PAYERS assets)  via a front Company of John Arnold Bredenkamp into the “EMPTY” 1991 Tory accounts to fight the 1992 General Election: HANSARD JUNE 22  1993 from Column 197

I await your official reply.

 Mr Gordon Bowden

 Addendum III

—– Forwarded Message —-
From: Dominic Grieve <GRIEVED@parliament.uk>
To: GORDON BOWDEN <rafbowden@yahoo.co.uk>
Sent: Sun, 22 August, 2010 15:42:08
Subject: Thank you for contacting Dominic Grieve MP

Here is a copy of your message:

This is not a Constitutional Matter.

I make record of this web site Communication and it’s total written contents.


You ask for Motive into his MURDER:

He was the appointed Conservative Nuclear Weapon Scientist entrusted in 1991 to oversee the covert purchase of 3 ex Stock Pelindaba, Pretoria Battlefield Bombs.
On a request UOR From ASTRA via the DTI, the UOR Signed by Stephan Kock for ASTRA and Peter Lilley for the DTI to purchase from ARMSCOR 3 “CYLINDERS”
The Operation, a deliberate Conservative Fraud to overcharge the Treasury by £17.8 Million to top up their EMPTY Coffers to fight the 1992 General Election.

As uncovered by the Labour Party
HANSARD JUNE 22 1993 From Col 197.

The 3 Nuclear Weapons purchased along with 6 others with a logged Destination of Chicago USA for de commissioning.
The 3 Conservative Nukes, diverted to OMAN for retaliatory use against Saddam if he used Chemical or Bio Weapons against UK or Coalition Forces in the Retake of Kuwait (Gulf WAR 1)

In effect, the Weapons were held over in OMAN until all military action ceased.
Somehow, the weapons broker, JOHN ARNOLD BREDENKAMP with a group gained access to the Weapons in OMAN and Stole them.

He sold at least one of the Nuclear weapons on the OPEN Market.
NORTH KOREA Detonated it on 25 MAY 2009

There are many MP’s and VIP’s to face Prosecution.

That is why Dr David Kelly was MURDERED.
He knew the identity of ALL those involved in this  criminal act….end of Gordons email


Addendum IV:  Nuclear explosion in Ukraine;  they got it wrong.

Based on release of video claiming Russian nuclear weapons use in Ukraine, we posting the video of a real nuclear attack, one by Israel on the outskirts of Damascus from May 2013.


Now for the Ukraine explosion video from February 8, 2015, one that has no ball lightning.

 censored by YouTube


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