Russia: US Should Go After ‘Negroes’ as Terrorists and Leave Nazi’s Alone

Russia's version of "ideal Americans"

VT:  VT has found itself at odds with RT and Sputnik News since 2016.  Before that, always a source for independent stories with a mix of propaganda, something happened.  There was, at one time, a basic policy not unlike VT’s that supported human rights and racial justice, that recognized issues like the rights of the Palestinian people to survive the very real holocaust they have endured now for 70 plus years.

Then something happened, and it wasn’t just RT and Sputnik.  An entire orchestra of pundits and now recognized as fake “alternative news” websites and TV/Radio “personalities” suddenly went full Zionist, full white supremacist…full GOP…full Trump.

Leading the pack is RT with pieces like this one below, written, we are told, by a person who evaluates the quality of quite mindless video games played by device addicted ADD children.

If you are to believe Russian state media, the “welfare Cadillac” is alive and well.  RT and Sputnik, on a daily basis, exalt Klan violence, exalt ignorance and America’s underbelly of despicable shit eaters.

Maybe they fucking hate America.  Maybe, which is more likely, they are run by pigs, albeit Russian pigs.  Every day I wonder, if Putin is so fucking smart and he is paying the bills for these clowns, why would he let it go on?  Scan the crap below.

Time Russia learned about what the word “embarrassment” means.

Bumbling Biden’s attempt to battle domestic terror seems doomed to end up targeting the wrong people

Micah Curtis
Micah Curtis

is a game and tech journalist from the US. Aside from writing for RT, he hosts the podcast Micah and The Hatman, and is an independent comic book writer. Follow Micah at @MindofMicahC

Bumbling Biden’s attempt to battle domestic terror seems doomed to end up targeting the wrong people
Joe Biden’s administration has unveiled a plan to tackle domestic terrorism in the US. But with no definition of what is considered ‘extremism’ and a desire to get the public to snitch on neighbours, there’s potential for chaos.

Most Americans despise terrorists, both foreign and domestic, and the US has experience of both. So, when the Biden administration came forward with plans to combat domestic terrorism, one would reasonably have expected some rather standard practices and understanding of what they are looking for.

But what has been revealed so far suggests America is being run by the party from George Orwell’s 1984 if it were led by the three blind mice. The plans seem to revolve around encouraging people to rat on one another based on suspicions of radicalisation. And one of the goals is to draw up a list of prohibited ‘extremist’ activities for the Defense Department – even though what is considered extremism hasn’t been properly defined yet.

The definition of extremism is the best place to start, because from a law enforcement perspective there needs to be a clear legal framework on what exactly is going to constitute ‘extreme’. Normally speaking, domestic terror in the vein of white nationalism has been easy to define. The culprits are individuals who target others because they believe that the white race is superior to everyone else.

ALSO ON RT.COMCrackdown on Capitol riot ‘terrorism’ may mean ARRESTS of people in Congress and around Trump, former FBI assistant director says

However, the person who has been put in charge of the Pentagon’s Countering Extremism Working Group (CEWG), which has been tasked with implementing Biden’s strategy, does not necessarily accept that definition, if his past comments are anything to go by.

Bishop Garrison, senior diversity advisor to defense secretary Lloyd Austin, has shown support for the 1619 Project (which has a much wider definition of white supremacy) and has slandered all supporters of Donald Trump as racists. Given that half of the country voted for Trump, it’s a bit disconcerting for someone in such an influential position to think that half of the nation could fall into a category considered ‘extreme’.

When we American citizens are told that this effort is going to be “agnostic as to political ideology”, and one of the people in charge has very clearly demonstrated his political bias, the alarm bells start ringing. There’s nothing politically agnostic about labelling half of the country racist based on who they voted for. There’s also nothing politically agnostic about not having a definition set when it comes to what you’re looking for in regards to law enforcement. When one of the people at the top is embracing ideas such as the 1619 Project and Critical Race Theory, the definition of ‘extreme’ could feasibly encompass anything.

What compounds this is the idea of opening up hotlines that encourage people to snitch on their neighbors for this same undefined ‘extremism’. And if the definition that is settled on is as wide as the likes of Garrison apparently believe it is, this initiative starts to make even less sense. There are some people who subscribe to CRT that believe simply flying an American flag is a sign of white supremacy. Are those flag fliers ‘extremists’?

Joe Biden’s administration has been a mess from the very start, and this is just another example of it, but a much more frightening one. The end result will be nothing but embarrassment for all Americans, as our incompetence and sheer inability to come up with a plan to battle the actual bad guys is demonstrated to the entire world.


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  1. I’m confused. Micah is obviously a tribe memeber and as such he has an agenda. However, where in the article does he support: “going after negroes as terrorists and leave the whites alone”? Biden’s program is deplorable on many levels, not the least that it is racist. Does VT agree to having a society where neighbors and even family members are encouraged to snitch on those around them. And what behavior would prompt one to call the FBI? How about this “Hello, I want to report on my brother.” OK let’s hear it. “Well he’s reading MacDonald, and Laurent Guyenot, not only that he’s talking bad about CRT, and mentioned something about a Harvard study on race and IQ but what really has me worried is when he mentioned FBI annual crime statistics. He said they show that blacks commit the majority of murders and rapes, way disproportionate to their percentage of population. I know he’s lying. OH, yeah he also thinks some guy named Zundel got a raw deal.” Thank you we’ll get right on it.

  2. Yes they do hate fucking Americans. Why wouldnt they?
    The nazi fascists in US government are waiting for that chance to nuke Moscow and Minsk without those God-less Russian Beet suckers being able to retaliate since the end of WW2. The first strike strategy….Dr Strangelove weee haw.
    Are they supposed to love a country at the ready to exterminate millins of Russians in minutes and only reason they dont exterminate Russians is Russia will blow the shit out of WashDC if they try it?

    RT is pushing Trump because Trump stupidity ruined the USA, and the world too, with the release of a US military viral bioweapon to knock out no1 Chinese industrial city, and followed by punishment of Iran government for the missle attacks on the two US airbases.

    RT knows the truth but they cant say it because they are funded by Kremlin and Kremlin is smart not to blab the truth out to public and start a WW3 against the USA.

    RT hates Biden since Biden was in charge of Ukraine coup and ethnic cleansing of thousands of Russians in E Ukraine.

    RT hates VT since VT feeds them massive shit all the time.
    VT hates RT since RT full of shit pushing Trump still….

    • Maybe RT is controlled by the Kosher Nostra? This is what many of us think….and I will stop there.

  3. I’ve been singing this here since 2016 when I stopped reading RT, that Likud has more in common with the today’s RU than all the imbeciles occupying the US congress.
    Now RT is actually representing RT.

    As far as Micah, he’s extremely religious which by today’s standards, the standards that brought Trump clan and RU together, it runs counter to tolerance towards all mankind.

    • Micah’s religion embraces the political concept that God divided the world between the elected and the unelected, that is, between His chosen few and everyone else deserving of eternal damnation. That said, they have given up on the idea of democracy in the USA and look for some kind of military coup that will put Trump back into office. This will all happen in August…

    • Well Mr.Tommy, it is all about “good” and “evil,” or “love” and “hate.”
      Only two of those four wins.

    • We’ve all fallen short of the goal, Elvin. And, as you’ve said, none of us are the judge. The apocalyptic nonsense that the so-called Christian Zionists believe has nothing to do with the living God of justice, compassion, and truth.

  4. Sorry, Micah, both Manifest Destiny and Zionism are based on the racist notion that Europeans are destined by God to range around the planet, displacing the indigenous, stealing their land and resources, and eventually to bring mere humanity to an end in an apocalyptic final battle between “good” (them) and “evil” (everyone else). If you don’t believe this, just ask any Native American or Palestinian to explain it to you.

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