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“If he wishes to command he must first learn to obey.” That was the scolding message in the headmaster’s report to my parents after I’d been sacked as a prefect. Health Secretary Matt Hancock perhaps never had the advantage of such a useful reprimand at school.

Hancock was caught on camera embracing and kissing his aide Gina Coladangelo in his office with his hand clasping her bum. Nothing wrong with that, you may say; women in a hot relationship like being squeezed here and there…. so what? So this broke all the Covid safety rules Hancock had been bashing the public with. Although Boris wanted him to stay for the time being, pressure for him to quit went through the roof.

She has jacked in her job too. How she got it in the first place is a mystery and there are other questions to be answered. Both players in this murky game are married and have families but, hey, this is a “love match” and they are said to be moving in together.

It’s perhaps better for Hancock to go down in scandalous style than wait to become a sacrificial offering at the inevitable public inquiry further down the line. The word is that he was deliberately kept in the role for precisely that purpose.

So what does passionate Zionist Boris do? He reaches into his toy cupboard and pulls out one of the Zio-freaking big beasts lurking there. It’s Sajid Javid, former Cancellor of the Exchequer and former Home Secretary and former holder of many other top jobs. He’a a former merchant banker, you see – ex-Chase Manhattan and ex-Deutsche – and can do no wrong in Tory eyes.

Like Boris he worships the apartheid state. Back in 2012 the Jewish Chronicle reported: “Mr Javid, who described himself as a “proud British-born Muslim”, announced that if he had to leave Britain to live in the Middle East, then he would choose Israel as home. Only there, he said, would his children feel the ‘warm embrace of freedom and liberty’. For him, only Israel shared the democratic values of the UK.”

When Javid married the happy couple honeymooned there.

Israel has been demonstrating its democratic values and its ideas of freedom and liberty for 73 years and they clearly aren’t shared by anyone in the UK with an ounce of humanity. So what sort of idiot does that make Javid? If he cares nothing about the health and wellbeing of the Palestinians under Israel’s brutal military lockdown, what does he care about the future or our National Health Service?

This “proud Muslim”, while Home Secretary, called Israel “the only nation in the Middle East that shares the same democratic values as Britain”. At the same time he was arranging for the political wing of Hezbollah to join its military wing on the list of proscribed terror organisations, ignoring the fact that in Lebanon Hezbollah is seen as a political movement and a provider of social services as well as a militia.

As such it forms an important part of the Lebanese government and Javid’s move could cause problems for the UK in the rehabilitation of the region and when providing humanitarian help to refugees escaping the horrors of Syria.

But Javid insisted that Hezbollah had targeted the state of Israel and its people. “This Government have continued to call on Hezbollah to end its armed status; it has not listened….. it is evident that Hezbollah has got more involved in and drawn into the Syrian conflict, and is responsible for the death and injury of countless innocent civilians…..”

Javid conveniently overlooked the fact that Hezbollah was formed to counter Israel’s invasion and occupation of South Lebanon in 1982. Why wasn’t he calling on Israel to disarm? But Hezbollah is funded by Iran, a bitter foe of Israel, and is therefore by some crazy logic an enemy of Israel’s chums like the Stupid wing of the UK’s Conservative Party. Hezbollah, it seems, hasn’t been forgiven in some quarters for giving Israel’s mighty military a bloody nose in the 2006 war.

And in January 2017 Javid, then secretary of state for communities and local government, wrote to all council leaders urging them to adopt the IHRA’s definition of anti-Semitism when it had been roundly condemned by legal experts for cutting across human rights legislation and being unworkable.

He is also said to be a member and regular speaker for Conservative Friends of Israel.  Christians United for Israel reported Javid remarking: “When I look at Israel… it is a country that aligns with all of our values… it’s great to see how strongly this [Conservative] party supports the values of Israel at every level – whether it’s our Associations, our Councillors, Members of Parliament, the Government, the Cabinet and our Prime Minister”.

“Aligns with all of our values”??? According to Wiki Javid has been a regular attendee and speaker at US neoconservative thinktank American Enterprise Institute’s (AEI) annual conference, whose members include Cheney, Wolfowitz and Bolton.

Javid has consistently supported foreign military intervention, having voted for intervening in Gaddafi’s Libya, as well as air strikes in Iraq and Syria. Not only is he a merchant banker in the literal and rhyming sense, he seems to have a strange set of moral values as well as defective eyesight.

The worry now, with his appointment as Health Secretary, is what he’ll do to our precious National Health Service bearing in mind the continual push from the Tory establishment to privatise it. This goes back to 1977 and the Ridley Plan.

Nicholas Ridley presented Margaret Thatcher with a scheme for privatising our nationalised industries by stealth, introducing measures such as changes of leadership, targets for return on capital, new incentives for managers, and other policies all designed to reduce the public sector to independent units that could later be sold off. Ridley described it as a “long term strategy of fragmentation…. a cautious ‘salami’ approach – one thin slice at a time”.

The scheme is very much embedded in the Tory Party’s DNA. Is Javid ruthless enough to push it through amid the chaos of a national emergency? His American connections must be rubbing their hands.

Stuart Littlewood
29 June 2021


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  1. When the story broke I have been waiting for your comments Stuey, Im not disappointed, Boris would have known about it for sure, and encouraged it.
    Great info on Javid, we will have to scrutinize him and see what he brings to the podium.

  2. After the post office buildings are sold and leased back and the highways sold to toll corporations will Americans accept Toll sidewalks?

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