‘We have a conspiracy’: Ex-federal prosecutor connects the dots after new Trump DOJ revelations


Raw Story: Former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner walked through the latest revelations and their ramifications on former President Donald Trump.

Kirschner explained that this is the first time that witnesses revealed Trump was linked to a conspiracy to commit a crime.

“I’m going to enlist you in a hypothetical crime. I’ve done this to you before on-air,” he began. “So what we have here is the president asking his DOJ officials to lie. ‘Say the election was corrupt and leave the rest to me.’ We now know that Jeffrey Clark, a DOJ official, took him up on that. And what he did was he authored a letter to Georgia state officials and the state officials of five other states, trying to implement Donald Trump’s lie and undermine the election results.”

He explained that’s the point at which there’s is a coordinated conspiracy.

“I thought now we have not only a conspiracy, an agreement between two people to commit a crime, defraud the United States, undermine the election results,” Kirschner continued. “We have the second element of conspiracy which is an overt act. So, if you and I agree to rob a bank and I went out and got the gun, you went out and rented the car because we were going to use a rental car in the bank robbery and then the next day we abandon our plans. We thought we’re not going to do it. Guess what? Even though we didn’t rob the bank, we didn’t actually move on to the object of the conspiracy, you and I, hypothetically, committed the crime of conspiracy to rob a bank. That is what these facts support and demand an investigation of a conspiracy that was involved President Trump and involved Jeff Clark and perhaps others.”  Read more..



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  1. In my opinion, Kirschner proposal on “conspiracy to commit a crime” have many inconsistencies.and loose threads. What the crime?? sedition ?? No way. Sedition means: “conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state” and the authority of state at January 6th was Trump himself and him was not inciting people to rebel against himself that it was the current authoritie on that moment. You can’t do sedition against a government haven’t in office.

    • …which makes the charge treason, not sedition. Some say there must be an enemy you offer support to in order for treason to exist. Well, how about offering support to thousands of domestic terrorists?

    • Edward it’s the same, treason or sedition both have a lot deep grey zones doing impossible you can build a solid case with indisputable admissible evidence in a court of law.The only thing you have is a lot circumstantial facts with numerous legal interpretations beyond the fact, that first you need turn to the protesters into terrorists and prove it they were terrorists instead of protesters.

    • I don’t believe this necessarily falls under the purview of the Justice Department, but rather a military tribunal, with capital punishment on the table. Reasoning: Trump was C-I-C when these treasonous acts were committed. Even a Nuremberg type of proceeding with civilian judges would be appropriate, for Trump and all his co-conspirators who sought to seize power in a failed coup.

  2. Always remember, 9/11 was also conspiracy, one that was allowed to happen. The US military stood down, the official investigation was a fraud, and the real perps got away with it, they were never brought to justice. Something tells me that the same thing will happen with the 1/6 conspiracy.

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