US Strategic Command Chief Says China’s Nuclear Modernisation ‘Breathtaking


VT: The source of this article is Russian state sponsored media.

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – US Strategic Command chief Adm. Charles Richard said on Thursday that China’s nuclear and conventional forces modernisation efforts are “breathtaking” and warned that Beijing will soon become a nation “capable of coercion.”

“China’s explosive growth and modernization of its nuclear and conventional forces can only be what I describe as breathtaking. And the word, breathtaking, may not be enough,” Richard said at the 24th Annual Space and Missile Defence Symposium. “What matters is that they are building the capability to execute any plausible nuclear employment strategy, the last brick in the wall of a military capable of coercion.”

According to Richard’s estimates, China will soon, if not already, become a pacing threat in most categories in space, cyber, nuclear and missile defence, and is posing an even larger threat when paired up with Russia.

In May, US Strategic Command chief called for establishing a dialogue with Russia and China on nuclear armaments as well as on boosting mutual transparency and building confidence to mitigate risks that are rapidly expanding.


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    • But, David, 50 million US Christian Zionists say you’re wrong. One of them, Pastor John Hagee was in Jerusalem last month conferring with Satanyahu about what comes next. Both he and Mr. Shitty-pants need “some catastrophic and catalyzing event, like a new Pearl Harbor” to happen NOW so they can stay out of prison for their many crimes. The MyPillow dude is planning a big party for Trump’s upcoming reinstatement as President. It promises to be an “interesting” month.

    • The “soldiers” for the flayed man, will never stop warring until they assimilate everyone. They are the Borg. They cry persecution if you don’t let them invade you. China won’t have it. They have 2 billion +.

  1. As for China Town, totally rubbish observation. You might have encountered someone that just moved over or someone that doesn’t understands proper English. Ask the English speaking Chinese, and you would have been served.

    You must re-read the actual history on of WW2. China and USA were allies on the same side fighting the common enemy, the Japanese! There were Chinese locked up in America, mistaken for being Japanese.

  2. After the WTC, Beirut and their very own port being nuked it seems to me that China has made a sensible decision.
    Then, given a completed triangle of cultural fear to work with, the War Banksters will be able to stear world events from their hideout in Palestine.

  3. Christian Zionist Pastor John Hagee claims that the USA has nothing to fear from WWIII, that a nuclear holocaust will be a good thing. It will not lead to the end of the world, but rather to “God’s renewal of the Garden of Eden.” He goes on to say, “When Jesus Christ comes back, he’s not going to ask the ACLU if it’s alright to pray, he’s not going to ask the churches if they can ordain pedophile bishops and priests, he’s not going to ask if it’s all right to put the Ten Commandments in the statehouses, he’s not going to endorse abortion, he’s going to run the world by the word of God and the world will never end. It’s going to become a Garden of Eden, and Christ is going to rule it.” The Rapture-me-outta-here crowd prays for this to happen soon.

    • Yes indeed! Both to increase the budget and to excuse inaction. In my view, there will be no open war between the USA and China for these reasons: China does not want such a war and will not start one, whilst in the USA, though some politicians want such a war, the military dare not start one.

  4. “…Beijing will soon become a nation “capable of coercion….”

    What’s up with Adm. Charles Richard ?? he doesn’t like the free market and is afraid about competition??

    • Maybe.
      He worries that Russia is constantly modernizing and developing strategic nuclear weapons. China is also doing something there, but is carefully hiding it. But the most interesting news CONSTANTLY comes from the USA. About how the soldiers-guards of nuclear missiles throw parties, drink, take drugs right in the service. Of course, they will not be able to launch the rocket if they wanted to. But the very fact …
      In Europe, these nuclear bombs are generally shuffled like a deck of cards. The nuclear missile park is very old and very expensive to maintain. And modernization costs a lot of money … But… They can afford it, having that nice dead presidents printing machine.

  5. US Strategic Command chief Adm. Charles Richard realizes reality that they were wrong pushing Russia and China together but the ones that calls the shots still live in Wonderland!

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