Woke Resistance to the Taliban Begins Now!

Rainbow Flags Sprout Like Poppies in Hindu Kush


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Woke Resistance to the Taliban Begins Now!

By Akhmadijah Masjoud, for the Washington Pooft

Dissociated  Press

In 1998, when I was a 9 year old boy who identified as two girls, my father, the mujuhideen commander Ahmad Shah Masjoud, gathered his gender-confused soldiers in a nightclub of dubious repute in the Pansyjhir Valley of northern Afghanistan. They sat around in dresses and high heels and listened as my father’s very special friend, bisexual Zionist philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy, lisped: “When you fight for your freedom to dreth up in womenth clothing,” Lévy said, “you fight also for our freedom to be ruled by Zionitht thexual blackmailerth like Jeffrey Epthtein.”

My father never forgot this as he fought against the patriarchal, hetero-normative Taliban regime. Up until the moment he was hit with a pillow on Sept. 9, 2001, at the behest of the Proud Boys of Pashtunistan, he was fighting to debase and degrade not only Afghanistan but also the West.

Now this common struggle against hetero-normativity and patriarchal oppression is more essential than ever in these dark, tense hours for my homeland.

I write from the Pansyjhir Valley today, ready to follow in my father’s footsteps, with high-heeled, lipstick-wearing mujuhideen fighters who are prepared to once again take on the Taliban, the Proud Boys, and any straight white men who happen to be in the neighborhood. We have stores of squirt guns and pillows, as well as whole cave-loads of women’s clothing, that we have patiently collected since my father’s time, because we knew this day might come.

We also have legions of LGBTQ Afghans who, over the past 72 hours, have responded to my appeal to join the queer resistance in Pansyjhir. We have drag queen soldiers from the Afghan regular army who were disgusted by the surrender of their commanders and are now making their way to the hills of Pansyjhir in their outlandish pink wigs and glitzy sequined mini-skirts. Former members of the Transexual Division of the Afghan Very, Very Special Forces have also joined our struggle.

But that is not enough. If Taliban sexists launch a patriarchal assault, they will of course face staunchly depraved resistance from us. The rainbow flag of the Unnatural Resistance Front will fly over every position that they attempt to take. Yet we know that our supplies of makeup, pantyhose, hormones, and gender-reassignment surgeons will not be sufficient. They will be rapidly depleted unless our friends in the West can find a way to supply us without delay.

The United States and its allies may have fled the battlefield, mincing and simpering all the way, but America can still be a “great arse-nal of degeneracy,” as Franklin D. Roosevelt said when coming to the aid of the British buggers and transvestites before the U.S. entry into World War II.


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  1. There is strong evidence that the so-called “Hollywood Left” has teamed up with Right-Wing Conservatives to “feminize” (apologies, it’s the best word I could come up with at the moment. I’ll try to find a better one) Black men in movies, TV, and across all media. Is this a political agenda by a well-financed group?

    My understanding of gay people (PLEASE don’t say “THE GAYS”) is that seeking a quiet normal, don’t-bother-me life is the goal, as it is with most people. But I have some serious concerns about what is possibly a political agenda. This coming into black Elementary Schools, reading material, & attempting to explain sexual concepts to black children for which they couldn’t POSSIBLY have the maturity or knowledge to handle by people is an abomination. It appears that this tends NOT to happen in the conservative parents’ schools. Wonder why?

  2. Let’s see what you have on NYC’s best known gay couple…Roy Cohn and Donald Trump?

  3. Amazing Hollywood bull shit, trying to justify America’s “powerful escape” from Afghanistan.. Is Biden serious?

    • Very true, Mister Chask: If people hanging on to planes or banging each other in cowds was a problem, The US and Danish and Norwegian and British airplaines should just have discontinued their flights and left the plains on the tarmac. Waited a few days and made a deal with the Tabels or others about what to do. But US/Britain/Norway/Denmark were probably too stingy: Why not let die a few in the crowds instead of paying up?

  4. Since the Christine Keeler scandal around 1960. It’s been known all over (Northwestern) Europe that top Brit nobelity and civil non-servants and Conservative politicians ofte cross-dress for their funny banquets and evening get-togethers. Only exception was Winston Churchill, who in later years preferred consorting with arab boys in Casablanca and in Franco North Africa.

  5. There’s a lot of talk in the united 50 states of North America about the “Thykides Trap”. Thukidid was an artistocratic Athenian general fighting Lackedmonaea (Sparta for simplicity) during the two Peleponesian wars, which happpened on the two Greek penninsilae of Attika and the Pelepones (where Sparta lies in its Deep South) and a few strange marine expeditions to Sisila.
    Mos USans only site the first part of his description of the “Trap”: That the hegemon feeling threatened attempts to quell the rise of a competing power.
    But they forget the second trap, which he rightfully shows to be the cause of Athen’s misery: That the competing power (Athens) abolished the freedoms that made its citizens feel free and proud of being Athenians, and instituted instead the same kind of imperialistic control over Athens which Athens had practised over it dependent allies and the spartans over their serfs (agricultural semi-slaves). It now seems Amerika is copyong the fall of Athens, even thoug China is no new Lakedaemonia!

    • Need I add that Sparta was a favorite hang-out for top Athenians who had been ostrasized (i.e., exciled for some years from) Athens? Not only Aristotle , but in addition several Athenian disgruntled aristocrats, stated that the State of Sparta (Lakedaemoniae) had the most ‘perfect’ laws/constitution of all Greek statlets?
      By the way: All commentators need to learn the “distinction” betwen democracies (like in Athens: direct rule by the citizenry) and republics (like in ancient Rome and all the time in the US of Norrth A): Role by the rich elites
      Also: Please learn to distinguish between “rhetoric” and “demagogy”. (A much misunderstood difference!)

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