Editor’s Note: We have an established trend now that the Taliban is not winging in on their post-collapse media handling, showing that they have anticipated some of the things that would be said about them and have been preparing the answers.

There is the old American saying that ‘talk is cheap, but my gut feel is that the Taliban knows it has an uphill battle in terms of credibility and should not want to stumble right at the beginning of their yet to be formed government.

That in itself might be game playing, as I can’t imagine that during the past year they have not been working all of those government formation details out. I suspect that they are waiting for the right moment, a historic one, like when the last American leaves. The date will become part of their history.

As for the refugees, that is another story. Expect endless family chains to appear once the actual US visa-holding people come out.

The Taliban’s consistent line is that they do not want all of their professionally trained people to leave, and hence it would be stupid to do anything to them in terms of threats and punishments.

But what he does not understand is they will all want the opportunities in the West, particularly the spectacular social benefits waiting for them in the West, and especially in the US where refugees can instantly be enjoying a more affluent lifestyle than Americans on the bottom here.

If most of the government workers bailout they will have to import replacements. They have said they will prevent no one from leaving. We shall see. If it is not true, they will not be the first government to change its mind on something.

And lastly, the idea of any reprisals going on is crazy while the Taliban critically needs to have recognition, funding, and establish embassies, which by the way are not cheap to do. Its main security concern is the anti-Taliban rebels, and they already have the surrounded and all supplies cut off.

I sense one of the well-heeled Muslim countries, or several, will have to pony up the money, and they will not be doing it for free. We hear that the UAE is covering the tab now. Maybe it will become the one wanting to asset strip Afghanistan, having learned the art from Westerners… Jim W. Dean

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Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid

…from NBC News – Richard Engel and Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid

First aired on August 25, 2021

In an exclusive interview, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid sat down with NBC News’ Richard Engel in Kabul and said:

“There was no proof [Osama Bin Laden] was involved” in the 9/11 attacks, adding: “There is no evidence even after 20 years of war, we have no proof he was involved… There was no justification for this war. It was an excuse for war.”

Asked about the U.S.’s withdrawal after 20 years, Mujahid said:
“The withdrawal is almost finished. These are our happiest moments.”

On reports of Taliban fighters taking unmarried women as forced brides, Mujahid said:
“This is propaganda from the old regime. We have no evidence of a single case.” He adds that Afghan women “are our sisters. We must show them respect. They should not be frightened. The Taliban are humans and from this country. They have fought for their country. Women should be proud of us, not scared.”


RICHARD ENGEL: The United States is evacuating and it is taking out Americans who worked with U.S. forces but not everyone is going to be able to make it out. Will you let those people leave in the future? Can you guarantee their safety?

TALIBAN SPOKESMAN: We don’t want our countrymen to go to America. Whatever they have done in the past, we have given them amnesty, we need young, educated professionals for our nation. But If they want to leave, it’s their choice.

RICHARD ENGEL: What would you say to women, Afghan women who are terrified?

TALIBAN SPOKESMAN: They are our sisters. We must show them respect. They should not be frightened. The Taliban are humans and from this country. They have fought for their country. Women should be proud of us, not scared.

RICHARD ENGEL: There are already reports of Taliban fighters taking young women, unmarried women as brides, and forced brides. There have been reports of people going into homes.

TALIBAN SPOKESMAN: This is propaganda from the old regime. We have no evidence of a single case.

RICHARD ENGEL: This war started when Osama Bin Laden, the guest of the Taliban, organized the 9/11 attacks. Can you guarantee that this country will never again be a base for terrorism?

TALIBAN SPOKESMAN: When Osama Bin Laden became an issue for the Americans he was in Afghanistan. Although there was no proof he was involved, now we have given promises that Afghan soil won’t be used against anyone.

RICHARD ENGEL: You still don’t think that Osama Bin Laden carried out 9/11?

TALIBAN SPOKESMAN: There is no evidence even after 20 years of war, we have no proof he was involved.

RICHARD ENGEL: So it sounds like even now after all of this, you’re accepting no responsibility?

TALIBAN SPOKESMAN: There was no justification for this war. It was an excuse for war.

RICHARD ENGEL: How are you feeling right now after 20 years and the Americans are leaving?

TALIBAN SPOKESMAN: The withdrawal is almost finished. These are our happiest moments.


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  1. How about some real questions, not the BS ones the sheeple are getting. Like, how much is the US/friends paying them? What kind of long term agreement was struck with our willing adversary…who we have been paying for years? UAE involvement says Zionist cabal in the most demonstrative way. We aren’t really leaving, just changing the shepherd. Let’s see what becomes of the ‘northern alliance’. Is Al Qaeda/ISIS really an enemy? or a tool? Taliban?

  2. The Taliban Movement is a ‘Historical Fossil’ entity! But, that the reason for the U.S. to invade Afghanistan, was the purported role of Osama Bin Laden in ‘9/11’, I fully support their stand/statement! O. Bin Laden had no part, in the ‘Controlled Demolition’ of the, WTC. Towers #1,#2 #7 structures!

  3. Extraction of skilled human resources is one of the original objectives. It weakens the country and boosts our talent pool. If the UAE is bankrolling, it is probably Britains proxy.
    You cannot get a lighter or bottled water through an airport, but tons of opium is a piece of cake.

  4. What a goofy North American interviewer. Lmost as bad as those Goofies North American mainstream media use to send to interview Putin, Medyeev and Shoigu. Do they have special breeding grounds in Central Park and i Washington D.C. with animal treiners as teachers for these types from US pg A mainstream media hillbillies and rednecks?

    • These were typical questions that any interviewer would have asked. What did you expect him to ask. “What’s your favorite college football team?…When is the last time you have been to Vega?…Aren’t their hookers the best?…What is this attraction you have for medieval society, especially the low life expectancy part, ane even moreso the low life expectancy for kids?”

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