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Hundreds of U.S. citizens, Afghan commandos evacuated via secret CIA base

Jim W. Dean - Stories of the veterans community outraged at the Biden team, if true, are a disgrace as they should know better, especially the Vietnam Vets.

Breaking: US military is finally out of Afghanistan

Jim W. Dean - The war was just another disaster for the masses, but a huge win for the contractors that made out like bandits.

Biden’s Betrayal

The price for the withdrawal of US forces has now become clear – the Taliban clearly demanded US data on those Afghan nations who cooperated with NATO forces. The Administration aren’t denying that they’ve been talking to the Taliban.

Blinken said U.S. expects Taliban won’t seal off country after Aug....

Jim W. Dean - You cannot impose non chaotic methods on a chaotic withdrawal, one brought on by a collapse that happened so fast as to be a surprise to the Taliban.

Taliban says it has no evidence of Osama bin Laden involved...

Jim W. Dean - I can't image that during the past year they have not been working all of those government formation details out.

Breaking: U.S. Embassy staff rushed to Kabul airport as Taliban closes...

Jim W. Dean - Trump will be jumping for joy claiming that Biden ruined his "purrrfect deal with Afghanistan," which actually was a disaster, as we are seeing.

U.S. officials warn collapse of Afghan capital could come sooner than...

“Everything is moving in the wrong direction,” said one person familiar with the military’s new intelligence assessment.

Afghanistan’s Karzai attempts guilt trip on US and NATO pull out

n an interview with The Associated Press just weeks before the last U.S. and NATO troops leave Afghanistan, ending their ‘forever war,’ Hamid Karzai said extremism is at its “highest point” and the departing troops are leaving behind a disaster.

The Filthy Truth about America’s fake position on Afghanistan (Banned)

Factually, there will be no “light at the end of the tunnel” as long as America denies culpability in war crimes.

US-Taliban deal gives upper hand to armed group in talks with...

Speaking exclusively with FNA, Jim W. Dean said following the deal with Washington, the Taliban now considers Kabul “a puppet government that it wants nothing to do with”.

Afghan funeral and maternity ward attacks could kill peace deal

Jim W. Dean - Two mothers and their babies were sacrificed by the usual religious extremists for the usual reasons, to serve God.