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[ Editor’s Note: Despite the huge trashing effort by the Trump org to frame the Afghanistan accelerated withdrawal as a disaster, it was hardly such to the grownups at VT.

We know the Biden trashers know that the swift surrender of the Afghani army and police had been feared but not necessarily expected. That troops would break and be routed is always on the table during these ‘last battle’ situations.

No one with half a brain wants to die on the last day of the war, which any combat veteran can tell you is the stupidest thing you can do. It accomplishes nothing. But this situation was made inevitable by the corruption of the Afghan government.

As the end was certain, all those in the Afghan government who could, stole any and all cash they could get their hands one. One of the easiest thefts was the pay for the troops. Interviewed surrendering troops said they had not been paid in six months.

Many of the front line units surrendered when they ran out of food and ammo, as no one in the rear wanted to risk making deliveries to the front lines and risk getting killed or captured.

Stories of the veterans community outraged at the Biden team, if true, are a disgrace as they should know better, especially the Vietnam Vets. They have betrayed those operational in this incredible movement of 124,000 people, and our NATO partners pitching in.

They have pissed in the faces of the current command structure that got dealt a bad hand that is being framed as a political disaster, when it was nothing more than another fake war ending badly that somebody wants to take advantage of politically.

While some of the best we have were risking their lives, we had Congressional Republicans working to overthrow an election with Trump on January 6th, going so high up that the Speaker of the Senate just made an idiot move violating the law on intimidation of witnesses in a felony investigation by threatening subpoenaed Telcom companies.

It comes as no surprise that folks like this will crap all over any operation that really could have gone bad, but who are desperate to hide their own crimes at the expense of our troops in harms way… Jim W. Dean ]

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A captured Taliban suicide bomber awaits his fate earlier in the war

First published … September 05, 2021

As the Biden administration scrambled to conduct a massive evacuation effort from Afghanistan, American officials quietly instructed U.S. citizens and at-risk Afghans, including Afghan commandos, to head to a secret CIA base outside Kabul to secure safe passage to the U.S. amid increased risks of a terrorist attack on the capital city’s main airport.

The clandestine operation, which took place over several weeks in August, resulted in the successful evacuation of hundreds of American citizens and vulnerable Afghans, including members of the elite Afghan special forces and their family members.

At least 1,000 Afghan commandos and their family members were evacuated in the overall U.S. effort.

…At least some of the evacuees were taken by air from the secret compound, known as Eagle Base, to the airport in order to bypass the chaotic crowds and terror threat around the gates.

Several helicopter flights operated by a U.S. company flew from an area around Eagle Base to the Kabul airport beginning on Aug. 15, when the Taliban took control of the city, according to flight data obtained by POLITICO.

…As the threat shifted, officials were “constantly mixing it up,” one day instructing people to head to one gate, and the next day telling them to meet at another location.

You can read the full Politico article here.


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  1. There are many people in the world, who do not want a nation state, do not pay taxes, do not recognize installed governments, and certainly do not want to be colonized.
    They just want to be left alone and to live where they always have. Our delusion is thinking what we have is so special, everyone would want it. The average US person, does not realize most of the people in this world do not own a washing machine and really do not want or need one. Too many possessions, and the constant need for more, is not freedom nor is it enlightened. The vets who are upset at how the evac went, are more upset that it all was such a waste. Wasting sacrifice and war profiteering, is not what we sign up for. The dogs of war, are not friend.

    • That’s very good David.
      But even the pre-Columbian American Indians had warfare.
      Warfare is as old as mankind, and no peoples have not known it.
      The primitive peoples of the regions of Afghanistan and their ancient societies have always been totally structured around their inability to get along with their own brothers, let alone, their neighbors.

    • I guess all societies have been structured, and/or capitalized (order out chaos) around man’s inability to get along with himself.

    • Western man has become a slave. Slaves of old-time wore one chain around their ankles. The modern slave wears chains galore around his body and mind. He spends most of his/her time at work and in traffic. He travels in a machine for which he pays, taxes, insurance, maintenance and Parkin, Parking charges, and many kinds of traffic fines. Before this slave realizes his life is over, The children this slave bore have gone to be slaves for the System RUN by 1PERCENT of Usuryers and Opportunists, Posfiers and that enslaved him/her. Then he stops and says ” what was it that I worked all those years to keep a roof over my head, to provide food on the table and the treatment when ill.

    • At Elvin Laton: Well if Afghans are primitive because they would not allow becoming pleasure providers to many men until someone sees her nature as a ” homemaker “. Then you are pathetic. The Science you enjoy many Afghans have contributed to it in Islamic Times. I would say you are the Primitive Who have made your home on the Skeleton of Millions of the Native Americans and Turned you, females, in Commodity which no is not equlity.

  2. Well, they say never let a good crisis go to waste. The C-17 seen by so many where Afghans were seen chasing the plane and ‘trying get aboard’…totally fake. The thing is a balloon. No wing joints, windows black, no access panels, no heat trail from engines (hell, no innards either), no jetwash bothering anyone and some of the ‘scared to death’ people laughing? This was what ABC, BBC and others were showing as real. There is a real plane with the same number 1109 (isn’t that cute). One can compare and tell they are not the same plane. Then the pic showing a plane loaded to the gills with Afghans fleeing…except it wasn’t. It was a pic from 2018 and they were refugees from Afghanistan being returned from and by Turkey. Just more BS to keep the shit stirred up. Of course the majority of Americans will believe it. Especially one faction. God, Americans are easy.

    • Such a Shameful Defeat is hard to swallow. So they come up with any Past videos and films to cover their shameful departure. Ant News one Readsor Watches on any Western TVs got to be …wait….not 1000 percent bot a Million percent LIE.

  3. How about the drug dealers and the addicts? Will we “evacuate” them too, in a different sense of the word?

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