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Mysterious Detaining of Khashoggi’s Lawyer in UAE. “Opaque Legal System Close...

Mysterious Detaining of Khashoggi's Lawyer in UAE. “Opaque Legal System Close to Saudi Kingdom”

Oldest Buildings in the UAE Are 8,500 Years Old

Found off the coast of Abu Dhabi, the structures likely served as houses for Ghagha Island’s Neolithic inhabitants

In Snub to Washington, UAE reaches out to Russia

Washington’s geopolitical cards are dwindling rapidly. The high-level UAE visit to Moscow this week has consolidated OPEC+ support for Russia in the energy war now raging between east and west.

UAE Invites Assad, Thumbs Nose at Uncle Scam. Bye-Bye Petrodollar?

Have the Gulf princes stopped obeying Washington? Is the Empire over?

Diplomatic Breakthrough: Syria’s Assad in UAE

Syria revealed on March 18 that President Bashar al-Assad had visited the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This was the first visit by President Assad to an Arabian state since the outbreak of the war in Syria more than eleven years ago.

Report: Is UAE Constructing Settlement on Yemen’s Socotra Island for Israeli...

Citing local sources, an agency said the Red Crescent Society of the United Arab Emirates had signed a contract with Israel to create an intelligence center for Israeli Air Force at Socotra Airport.

US ‘fires Patriot missiles’ in support of UAE during Yemen retaliation

Why did Biden break his promise to end the Saudi/UAE genocide of Yemen?

US and Israel Oppose Rapprochement of UAE and Iran

Jim W. Dean - Dubai has skillfully executed a shift to ease Gulf tensions even while the Yemen war rages on.

Libya’s Hafter Secretly in Israel, Buying Presidency to Block Seif al...

General Khalifa Haftar has flown to Israel in a deal brokered by the UAE. Haftar has been working closely with Israel since 2015, through Jordan. His offer, normalization of relations with Israel, is tied to broader moves within the region as events are heating up in Lebanon and between Turkey and Syria/Russia. 

NEO – Is the Devastating six year-long War in Yemen likely...

Turkish edition Anadolu: The attempted conquest of Yemen was a “PR attempt” in which the Saudi Crown Prince was soon to enter the Yemeni capital as a “conqueror” and through this success would gain the Saudi throne.

Taliban says it has no evidence of Osama bin Laden involved...

Jim W. Dean - I can't image that during the past year they have not been working all of those government formation details out.

Report reveals Saudi crimes against Yemenis

A human rights group monitoring the Yemen situation has revealed a shocking amount of damage caused by Saudi Arabia.

UAE giving Citizenship to Israelis, who will eventually take over

Jim W. Dean - Dear UAE Royals, You screwed up, and I suspect you will pay dearly for it.

NEO – Israel to retain military supremacy in the Middle East

It is important for Israel not to sabotage the Abraham Accords through its opposition to US sale of F-35s to UAE.

UAE playing a two faced game in Palestine

Jim W. Dean - What do you say about an entity that funds a lot of charities for the Palestinians, and then on the other hand works closely with Israel to maintain their virtual enslavement?

NEO – Middle East States are bringing their rivalries to Africa

Jim W. Dean - It looks like geopolitical 'whack-a-mole' is here to stay.

NEO – Why is Saudi Arabia approaching Qatar and Turkey?

Jim W. Dean - While Erdogan tries to hustle the emirs and the princes, they are attempting the same with him.

NEO – Turkey enhancing ties with Israel

Jim W. Dean - VT has known for a long time that Idlib has a lot of oil, part of a formation that comes ashore from the Mediterranean, which would give Syria the rights to it.

UAE arms sale – “To be, or not to be, that...

Jim W. Dean - Whatever technology that we were to put into UAE hands that can be sold to others, will be.

How governments and media deliberately lied to you about Syria

People who after the Syria cover-up coverage continue to trust international Western mainstream outlets deserve to be fooled. And they will be.

NEO – On the Emerging rival Blocs in the Middle East

Salman Rafi Sheikh -- If violence begets violence, alliance produces a counter-alliance.

Thousands of mercenaries hired by UAE to carry out assassinations in...

Two international civil society organizations for human rights say the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has hired thousands of mercenaries to carry out high-profile assassinations and targeted killings in the southern part of Yemen.

NEO – Erdogan brings his ‘Ottoman ambitions’ to the Middle East

By championing ‘the Palestinian cause’, Erdogan intends to channel the anti-Israel energy towards the UAE and other Arab countries that are apparently willing to recognize Israel.

NEO – US shift away from Persian Gulf an opening for...

Why are Arab States No Longer Bound to Follow Washington’s Policy on Iran? by Salman Rafi Sheikh, ...with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow - First published ......

Will Crown Prince Salman be destroyed by his own greed and...

Jim W. Dean - The Saudi-UAE Yemen war has become the biggest cease fire joke of all time.

NEO – Middle East: How is the UAE changing its geo-political...

Jim W. Dean - I was not aware that the UAE was offering billions to Syria, under the cover of Covid aid, to fund an offensive against the Turks inside Syria.

UAE will help Syria to fight the Coronavirus

Jim W. Dean - Will the US dare sanction the UAE for doing this, and will anyone else in the US Persian Gulf coalition step up to help Syria.

Breaking: Yemen and Saudi Arabia in direct peace talks

Jim W. Dean - We shall pray for peace to end the long suffering of the Yemeni people. The Houthis hopefully will be smart enough to make their tormentors pay for rebuilding what they destroyed.

Breaking: Hurrah for the Houthis! Saudis say they want truce

Jim W. Dean - The idiots thought they would crushed the Houthis with their push-button war toys and rag-tag mercenaries, but found that their fake militaries were just that.

Yemen offers Saudi Arabia peace, but SA bombs them in response

Saudis themselves don't believe fiction of Iran's role in Aramco attacks: FM Zarif ...from Press TV, Tehran - First published ... September 22, 2019 - Iran has...

NEO – UAE turns its gaze to the East

Jim W. Dean - The geopolitical alignment is in motion, with the US Gulf States coalition showing signs of fear toward the US' unipolar march across the world.

WTF: UAE Attacks Saudi-Backed Terrorists in Yemen

A "preemptive operation" was an act of "self-defense" against "armed groups affiliated with terrorist organizations," announced a statement carried by the UAE's official WAM news agency.

UK expected to release seized oil tanker in near future

Jim W. Dean - The Grace 1 Iranian tanker seizure, in hindsight, seems to have been a John Bolton type gaff by the White house to create the conditions needed to justify a NATO Neo-colonialist armada in the Persian Gulf "to protect it".

Civil War in Yemen

KSA should be advised to give peace a chance. The UN must step in to broker peace and earnestly work towards a negotiated settlement between the Hadi regime and the Houthis.

UAE pulls most forces from Yemen in blow to Saudis

Jim W. Dean - VT is proven right once again, as we have always thought that Yemen would be a desert Vietnam, because the Yemenis had no choice but to keep fighting.

UAE withdraws ‘large’ number of troops from Yemen

... from Press TV, Tehran -  First published ... June 28, 2019 - The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has withdrawn large numbers of troops from the embattled...

Iran-US standoff in Persian Gulf

Jim W. Dean - Our publishing material of this quality is why we are monitored closely at the country level by their military, Intel and diplomatic branches, sifting for free analysis.

UAE, Norway, Saudi Arabia say state actor was behind Fujairah attacks

Which "state actor" specializes in false flag provocations?

Saudi Ship Sabotage – False Flag Cue for War on Iran

The ownership of these vessels points to an inside job. It's the same reason they needed the Zionist Jew Larry Silverstein to lease the World Trade Center just before 9/11

Yemeni drone cuts Saudi major pipeline

Jim W. Dean - While the Saudis are calling it a terror attack, that will sink like a lead balloon after the war crimes it has inflicted on Yemen.