Libya’s Hafter Secretly in Israel, Buying Presidency to Block Seif al Islam Gadaffi


Despite fake reports, General Khalifa Haftar has flown to Israel in a deal brokered by the UAE. Haftar has been working closely with Israel since 2015, through Jordan.

His offer, normalization of relations with Israel, is tied to broader moves within the region as events are heating up in Lebanon and between Turkey and Syria/Russia. 

From Libya Tribune:

LT: Tel Aviv provides Haftar militias with training and weapons as Libya may become new market for Israel’s military exports.

Israel’s presence in Libya has escaped most publicitiy, but numerous media reports revealed that Tel Aviv secretly supports eastern Libyan warlord Khalifa Haftar against the UN-recognized Government of National Accord (GNA), led by Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj.

Israel views its support for Haftar as a tool to achieve its security interests. The self-proclaimed Jewish state, however, is keen to keep its relationship with Haftar a secret to avoid embarrassing him before the Arab and Islamic public opinions, particularly his Salafi and nationalist supporters in eastern Libya.

However, this secrecy has been jeopardized when Israeli and Arab media exposed this relationship between Israel and the leader of the self-declared Libyan National Army (LNA).

Haftar’s meetings with Mossad

In an opinion piece published by the London-based Middle East Eye, Israeli journalist Yossi Melman said members of Israeli intelligence service Mossad met with Haftar in Cairo several times between 2017 and 2019.

According to him, Mossad conducted a training for senior LNA officers in Egypt on military tactics, intelligence gathering and analysis, control and command procedures as well as helping them acquire night vision equipment and sniper rifles.

On the other hand, Israeli newspaper The Jerusalem Post reported that Israeli officers were in LNA-controlled areas between August and September 2019 to train Haftar’s militias on street warfare.

The report added that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) supplied Haftar’s forces with Israeli missile defense systems to repel drone attacks by the GNA army.

However, French newspaper Monde d’Afrique said in a report earlier this month that Haftar’s relations with Israel go back to 2015 when the LNA leader met Mossad officers in Jordan.

The report revealed that Israeli Air Force supported Haftar in bombing the city of Sirte, which lies 450 km east of Tripoli, without stating the date and the target of the shelling.

Alliance with enemy

Supporters of Haftar often praise him for his disputable participation in the 1973 war between Egypt and Israel when he was still a young officer in the Libyan army. Irrespective of the authenticity of those claims, Haftar is now colluding with his former enemies to gain their support for achieving his goal of ruling Libya.

Despite their high ranks, Haftar’s officers lack professionalism and training, particularly in terms of planning and urban warfare, which Israel is willing to offer.

More importantly, Haftar is in need of Israeli air defense systems to counter Turkish drones in Libya that have played an essential role in their defeat in the southern neighborhoods of the capital Tripoli, and their subsequent loss of the strategic Al-Watiya airbase among other areas to the GNA.

Moreover, Haftar seeks the influence of the Jewish lobby in the US to influence decision-makers in the White House to side with LNA.

Last month, in an interview with the Israel-based Makor Rishon daily, Abdul Salam al-Badri, deputy prime minister of eastern Libya-based government sought to win the support of Israel.

Addressing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the pro-Haftar official said they “have never and will never be enemies with Tel Aviv”, adding that they hoped for immediate Israeli support.

Al-Badri went on as far as to invite Israel to join a new political initiative with Greece, Cyprus, Egypt and Lebanon to reach a joint maritime agreement to challenge the agreement signed between Turkey and the Tripoli-based GNA.

These remarks caused an uproar among many Libyans, prompting al-Badri to deny the news.

Why does Israel support Haftar?
Israel’s national security concerns are the main drive for its support for Haftar. Since the fall of Muammar Gaddafi’s regime in 2011, there have been reports that weapons arriving from Libya were smuggled into the Gaza Strip through Egypt, something that caused grave security concerns for Israel.

In addition, Tripoli was also a security concern for Tel Aviv during the early period of the Gaddafi era as well as the onset of the Arab Spring in the country in February 2011.

Haftar’s rise in Libya’s political theatre in 2014 and his subsequent takeover of the eastern parts of Libya therefore presented an opportunity for Israel to create a buffer against the transfer of weapons from Libya to Gaza as well having a “friendly” government in Libya by forming an alliance with the new political actor.

Moreover, the oil-rich Libya could present a new market for the Israeli industry whose arms exports are an important economic income.

Will Haftar abandon Palestine?

Israel has sought an alliance with the UAE, Egypt and Saudi Arabia to counter common threats from Iran and Islamist groups. Since Haftar shares the same concerns with Israel on these matters, his relations with Tel Aviv are expected to get stronger.

Israel adopts the policy of “the friend of my friend is my friend”, and “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” In this context, the Israeli involvement in Libya is likely to increase albeit secretly.

Israel alarmed by Turkish role in Libya

The victories by the GNA and Turkey against Haftar’s militias have worried Israel, which believes that these victories will strengthen the position of Ankara and the GNA in the region regarding the hydrocarbon fields in Eastern Mediterranean.

Turkey and the GNA have previously signed an agreement to demarcate the maritime borders which Israel argues does not correspond to its “interests”.

By forging closer relations with Israel, Haftar may anger other countries hostile to Tel Aviv in the region, such as Algeria and Tunisia, as well as Arab nationalists in countries that currently support Haftar.

To avoid irritating Haftar’s support base in the region, Israel’s engagement with Haftar is conducted behind the scenes and in coordination with Cairo.


Ibrahim Mukhtar contributed to this report from Ankara.

MidEast Monitor: A number of Libyan General Khalifa Haftar’s aides arrived in Israel yesterday onboard a private plane that took off from the UAE, Israeli journalist Itay Blumental said.

Taking to Twitter, Blumental said: “An executive plane used by the men of Libyan General Khalifa Haftar (P4-RMA), which controls eastern Libya, is on its way to Ben Gurion Airport from Dubai.”

He added: “The plane will later take off for Egypt.”

Blumental went on to say that Haftar enjoys the support of Russia, Egypt, the UAE, Jordan, France and Israel.

No official information has been released about the visit.

Anadolu news agency has previously reported Haftar’s aide, Abdul Salam Al-Badri, calling on Israel for help. “We have never been and will never be enemies,” Al-Badri said. “We hope that you [Israel] support us.”

Israeli security and intelligence commentator Yossi Melman, wrote to the Middle East Eye that “Haftar, who has American citizenship, was known to be very close to the CIA during his exile under Muammar Gaddafi.”

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He added: “No wonder, then, that Haftar is supported by the administration of President Donald Trump, which outwardly supports international peace efforts but covertly encourages Haftar’s campaigns.”

“US allies in the Middle East follow suit. Among them stand out Egypt and the United Arab Emirates, and to a lesser degree Israel.”

Melman revealed that “the Israeli connection is less well known but still very important,” stating that “the role played by Haftar is a result of the axis created in recent years, consisting of Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Israel.”

Since the ousting of Gaddafi, Haftar has led Libya’s eastern government in its effort to take control of the country and remove the internationally recognised government in Tripoli.


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  1. For 18 years top general for Ghaddafi. Fought Israel in 1973 in Sinai.
    Captured in 1987 in French-Chad with army of 600. Ghaddafi had signed treaty no Libyans to be in Chad so Ghaddafi embarrased Haftar got captured.
    Ghaddafi doesnt try to get him and his 600 troops out of captivity. He ignores him. Eventually in a treaty, the USA says we will take them (now 600 hopeful CIA assets from Libya)
    Haftar and 300 of soldiers under his command go to USA getting war-refugees visas. Rest return to Libya.
    After 20 years Haftar living next door to CIA headquarters in USA, he returns to Libya to “try and overthrow Ghaddafi in mountains in the east” So says Wikipedia.
    Sounds like CIA operation to establish Haftar as enemy to Ghaddafi.
    2011 Haftar again returns, now a boss of army in the east. “Wikipedia” says they fought on the “rebels” side.
    Knowing what James and JoAnn Moriarty say, there was NO CIVIL WAR hence NO REBELS.
    it was an invasion of 250.000 well paid AlQueda terrorists, imported into Libya by NATO, US, Israel, Qatar, Saudis, HillaryClinton especially in on it.
    I think Haftar built his army to control the east and stop AlQueda invasion coming to the east, which he accomplished, while the propaganda against him says he was a “rebel” trying to overthrow Ghaddafi in the civil war but there was no civil war!
    It was an invasion and Haftar defended the east from terrorist AlQueda types. That makes him Libyan patriot, the last thing those holding onto Tripoli will trumpet.

  2. Hmmm… vicious treacherous Turks vs. vicious treacherous Zionists. Not sure that I have a team to root for here…

  3. It seems these Arab traitors have no chance to govern the countries they rule or want to rule without Help from Great Satan. But the Great Satan wants to see his agent in Palestine have more power over these traitors. That is why he is now directing them to the agent with the word, ” Do Not Approach me without applying to my agent first “. Thus we see all the royals, dictators, and would-be rulers in the Arab World queuing up at the agent’s door. Some of these applicants are frightened of their own public and some of these are out to gain power in order to enrich themselves and their families. Little do they know that they will be manufactured into toilet paper for who ever want to use it.

    • Hi Sarhan
      If a “warlord” like the LIBYAN Haftar is in process of liberating his country from invading and occupying mercenary military forces, he needs weapons, and the very best he can get.
      If he doesnt get them, his enemies will have them and he will not. And he will lose his battles with enemy.
      Wherever they come from, the warlord does not care one bit. From agent of Satan so be it, he is fighting against the agents of Satan anyways.
      In fact getting the latest weapons direct from your enemies the best wat to do it!
      The american indian tribes got repeating rifles from white man invader gun runners, massacred the US army in battle of little big horn, the US soldiers had only single shot rifles. Are those indians traitors to their tribes?

  4. Such perverse wide ranging ambitions. What is one to say, much less think. As the world becomes more and more openly twisted stakes get higher beyond sane. Will the branch snap or bend.The invaders & occupiers seem to have a winning hand, but the pressure will grow. Will ruling the world will be for the big guys in the end?
    What does China think about the malign forces at work in the eastern Med and East

  5. The fact that this dude headed first to Israel says it all. They are the masters of false-flag warfare. Here in the United States of Amnesia we always forget who are our friends (if we indeed have any) and who are our enemies. We have the most brainwashed population on the planet and we never see it coming before it hits us like a brick. When the great reallignment comes, both domestic and foreign, we’ll be saying…

    You may ask yourself, how do I work this?
    You may ask yourself, where is that large automobile?
    You may tell yourself, this is not my beautiful house
    You may tell yourself, this is not my beautiful wife
    Letting the days go by, let the water hold me down
    Letting the days go by, water flowing underground
    Into the blue again, after the money’s gone

  6. One has to admire the collective amnesia of the press. Why anyone would be surprised is beyond me. Haftar was and is a traitor to Libya, is a CIA owned POS that takes his orders from Tel Aviv. Especially admirable is the fake animosity between Turkey/Israel/US. Providing more war and conflict to feed the world-wide MIC…ostensibly run by Zionists, regardless their public BS. Their greatest asset is the multitude of faces they use to bamboozle and mislead. It’s all a coincidence that Turkey, the US and Israel are major weapons designers, builders and dealers. It’s all quite similar to the drug trade. Create the asset, build a market, create a supply line…then act as if they are combating it. One feeds the other, creating a self-perpetuating circle-jerk. One can apply this to the food chain, medical, energy…anything you like…and they have.

    • Libya more complicated than Haftar traitor to “Libya” since what is Libya now? – Is now Libya whatever the “victors” in the invasion of slaughter (250,000 Al Queda well-paid head chopper mercenaries imported) “won” since NATO, USA, QATAR, CANADA, FRANCE, EVERYONE but RUSSIA and CHINA ganged up and completely destroyed the country – and all with excuse Ghaddafi a terrorist dictator, and so the country “rebelled” against him (NOT) and they needed help with a UN no fly zone, thousands of bombing sorties etc.
      So does the regime supported by the bloody victors (not their own) that killed a million innocent civilians deserve to be in charge of Libyan people? Most Libyan survivors would not think so, so enter Haftar who in one narrative is a CIA fake turncoat and renegade warlord, another narrative a Libyan “patriot” trying to kick out the murderous assholes with their UN stamp of approval …in another narrative a Russian backed warlord of Libyan descent. Probably another 10 narratives to describe him. Israel might be wanting to make a deal – leave fully “zionist-controlled” Tripoli alone, we give you some weapons.

  7. Also zionists sent one delegation to South Sudan to talk and meet with the military leadership of recent coup and try convince them that get the support of zionist entity would help them hold on in the power…. zionists, zionists everywhere.

  8. If Israel gives weapons, training, sniper rifles, intelligence, perhaps a few mini nukes to his enemies; the “UN recognized” terrorist backed regime that Hillary and NATO/UN put in place after the genocidal take no prisoners torture them first chop off their heads invasion and pure destruction of everything in Libya, then Haftar is really fucked. He needs Israel on his side or at least Israel playing both sides (what’s going on I think) as Tripoli port has been controlled by zio-criminals for decades according to James and JoAnn Moriarty, two Americans trapped there in Libya during invasion by Al Queda and NATO. If anyone wants to know what really happened to Libya, watch a few of their interviews on YouTube. It will blow you away. Definite good guys and bad guys in Libya at first, Ghaddafi was the good guy!
    James Moriarty recently silenced with fatal heart attack. JoAnn now in hiding.

    • I refer to Haftar as traitor because he turned on Qaddafi and fled to the US before Qaddafi was killed and Libya was turned to rubble. What he is now is what he has always been, a western tool. Libya is nothing but another victim of the terrorism facade. He is what he is and remains so. Your so-called patriot of Libya is one of those involved in it’s destruction, as well as one of those that would kill Seif Qaddafi, who has far more support from the people. He is part and parcel of the entire plot…he helps keep Libya in turmoil with the continued contrived ‘civil war’…the same as Syria with Turkey/SDF. Yes, Qaddafi was a good guy, Haftar is a bought POS keeping Libya in turmoil. How many years now, with Israeli/UAE/Egypt backing…and still no victory? By design.

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