Pompeo Holdovers Sabotaged Pentagon’s Withdrawal from Afghanistan


VT takes this a bit further…that many at state are still on a separate payroll from MAGA/MEGA contributors to undermine US policy and keep passing secrets to Russia and Israel

“The writing was on the wall, according to State and congressional sources: OpMed, though an Obama brainchild, had somehow been tainted by its promotion under Team Trump, whose secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, had not exactly been welcomed with open arms by either Team Biden or the State Department’s rank and file,” said the report. “What’s more, to some in the foreign service, Doc Walters and his team were loose cannons who almost reveled in defying the buttoned-up veneer that diplomats tend to project.”


Raw Story: While many are focusing on getting as many people out of Afghanistan as possible, Republicans are already promising hearings for the mistakes that were made and focusing on what went wrong. One report from Vanity Fair reporter Adam Ciralsky revealed that turf wars between the State Department and Pentagon hampered the exit from Afghanistan.

The story began by explaining that a physician and a veteran of the Army’s elite special operations unit, “Doc” Walters ran Operational Medicine or OpMed. The unit is out of the State Department and is used to help organize dangerous rescues of U.S. officials or Americans abroad. It was started in 2013 after the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi. Secretary Anthony Blinken had wanted to elevate the unit, renaming it the Bureau of Contingency and Crisis Response (CCR), but that all changed in July.

The unit would now be forced to answer to a series of administrators, a director, an acting undersecretary and the deputy secretary for management and resources. Effectively the new process crushed the unit under the weight of bureaucracy. So, Walters told Blinkin that he was resigning.

“America’s chaotic departure from Afghanistan was not unforeseeable,” the Vanity Fair report said. “Nor was it an intelligence failure—that old chestnut often used to absolve leaders of culpability. Instead, the Biden administration’s tumultuous exit from the war-torn country seems to have been the result of incremental and baffling bureaucratic decisions.”


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  1. When military objectives and operations become totally divorced from the true defense of the nation, and become focused on all manner of illicit projections of private and traitorous skullduggery; and is placed into the hands of a bloated and incompetent bureaucracy, the outcome is the totally failed militaristic foreign policy we’ve seen for the last 80 years.

    • P.S.
      I guess the terms “incompetent bureaucracy” and “failed… foreign policy” are dependent on one’s perspective.

  2. Remember, the USA and Israel together with UK comprise the Anglo-Zionist Empire. They’ve always been about domination and exploitation of indigenous people, whether it’s Native Americans, Palestinians, or Afghans. This little setback in Afghanistan is only a temporary blip on the screen. Just like the Brits, who fought 3 wars there, eventually learned to keep their interventions short, the USA will be continue backing some form of the mujahideen like they did in the 1980s, all controlled by the CIA. This is all marking time until the Trumpster rapture-me-outta-here folks who look to WWIII as the apocalyptic conflict between “good” (them) and “evil” (everyone else) get the “big one” they all pray for. We’re just one horrible false-flag event away from that happening.

    • Lindsey Graham said after the 2020 election, “Republicans will never win another national election in the USA if we don’t do something about mail-in voting.” He’s right, changing voter demographics and mail-in voting are certain to work in the Dems favor in 2024. This is why ReTrumplicans have given up on democracy and the rule of law. They long for “some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor” to put Trump back into office again.

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