Inside a Florida Hospital Full of Dying, Unvaxxed Thirtysomethings

“I’ve never bagged so many thirtysomething-year-olds, leaving behind young kids, pregnant wives,” one nurse said.


MIAMI—After ending a 12-hour shift on Sunday, an intensive-care unit nurse at Baptist Hospital was ready to put August behind her.

The nurse, who spoke on condition of anonymity because she did not have permission from the hospital to speak to reporters, said the past month was the worst of the pandemic so far—echoing the horrific hard numbers in the state.

“It’s horrible,” the nurse told The Daily Beast. “I’ve never bagged so many thirtysomething-year-olds, leaving behind young kids, pregnant wives.”

“The screams when we tell them their loved ones didn’t make it,” the nurse added. “We’re exhausted.”

Across much of America, frontline hospital workers are going through similar stress and fatigue as they grapple with a devastating coronavirus surge primarily fueled by the Delta variant and vaccine hesitancy. But in Florida, experts and medical workers say, a uniquely stubborn and denialist Gov. Ron DeSantis has helped transform hot vaxx summer into a summer from hell.

With skyrocketing numbers of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths this summer, any optimism that the Sunshine State was rounding the corner on the pandemic has been laid to waste. And September may not offer any respite.

According to a Miami Herald analysis of recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data, Florida saw at least 894 people die from COVID-19 in August, most of them in the past fortnight. According to The New York Times’ COVID-19 tracker, an average of 262 Floridians a day drew their last breaths during the seven days ending Aug. 31, representing about a sixth of the nationwide total. Read more…


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  1. Wether the vaccine has secondary components or capabilities designed into it could be demonstrated by scientific analysis. Lame conspiracys thrown out with no evidence make every doubter look foolish and dangerous. Obtaining the vaccine and studying it by skeptics armed with scientific backing would not be that difficult.
    Looking to Israel where around 80% of the population miraculously immediately obtained enough vaccine that allowed them (not Palestineans) and than by getting booster shots 6 months after being fully vaccinated, they have been able to subdue this current outbreak. We could test some Israelies to see if they have become ‘nano-bots’ from excess vaccinations. While there are complications with the vaccines, it was designed through the development of a Bio-weapon after all, it does seem to be the best option to safeguard against the spread of this virus. In my mind taking the vaccination and utilizing masks, proper hygiene and distancing are the best options to get a handle on this virus. The criminals WHO released this are happy to see such confusion.

  2. [“at least 894 people and 262 Floridians a day die from COVID-19 in August…” Really??? Where are the Forensic, the proven Autopsies, Pathology, Darkfield-Microscopias and 894 +262/day criminal investigated High Court proven documentations, THAT they exclusively passed away, by the given badges, CoVID19, that the DATAs are fitting to the WAR against the Non-Contagionists, who are saying no to the high-criminal Monopoly-Business with the modification product, called DOSIS with mRNA/DNA and GEN-manipulating Graphen and other magnetic nanoparticles including the CHIP(s) and transformation of LIZENCES and PATENTS-RIGHTS, to own the BODY, so the Human, so its Spirit and Soul and all rights.. these one-sided oriented MSM can not provide ONE to underline their unproven assertion to create impression and fear….”]

  3. Ii [“ Wake up Guys, without proven fundamental evidences no trust and believe in nothing anymore, not to a single DATA-Dust-Cloud nor Phrases and Statements and Lies and Phariism and of course, any kind of BLUE and RED MSM of the ELITES and GLOBALISTS. Only a High Supreme Court Judgment counts, sealed, signed and sworn in, declared as the truth nothing else than the truth in the name and help of God, the Great Spirit that it is so, as declared. BUT we, the People in our Nations have to questioning that an placing the order to do so, to prove it and to secure Evidences, as longs as this is not done, they continue ice-cold with the FEAR-BUSINESS, on our costs and lives for their profit and NOW ™ Plans and continue to claim it as “ CoVID19” PANDEMIA…mamamia…what a Hoax…… “]

  4. “…The Times of Israel reported in April of 2020 that “the US intelligence community became aware of the emerging disease in Wuhan in the second week of [November 2019] and drew up a classified document.” The article went on to say that, “US intelligence informed the Trump administration, ‘which did not deem it of interest.” –

    So, just a ‘coincidence’ that the NATO games in Wuhan opened exactly the same day in October as NATO’s Event 201 in NYC and that a public trail of over 1k patents exists for SARS Corona virus variants extending back to 1999 submitted by Fauci @NIAIAD and his proxies @CDC, after applying 4k times and finally forcing the patent office to issue patents for over 1k of the applications from gain of weaponized function research Fauci funded @UNC, Chapel Hill, other US labs and @Wuhan.

    ALL records both applied for and granted are available at the US Patent office as documented and reported by Dr. David Martin with all patent numbers in his publicly released research reports.

    But the ‘US intelligence community only ‘became aware’ of the emerging disease in November, 2019, a month after Event 201 in NYC and the NATO games in Wuhan, and 3 months after over 400 vials of pathogens disappeared from Ft. Detrick, Md and forced its closing? Think again, friends.

    Trump may be a liar, but he’s got plenty company that knows no partisan boundaries. Do patent search, all public record. Fauci and friends have been developing SARS, MERS and Ebola based pathogens for over 2 decades! Search Dr. David Martin who runs an well established and respected research firm who’s documented ALL of it.

    The global population is now under relentless bio-war attack. The pathogen variants are being released as deemed necessary to provoke acceptance of the second phase issuance of bioweapons in the form of these so-called vaccines which are nothing more than RNA spike protein manufacturing instructions for the human body which eventually kill through vascular inflammation. Some are more susceptible than others due to a variety of individual health vulnerabilities, but they kill young and old alike eventually. They weaken human immunity substituting antibody response.

    ALL Fauci does is lie. He’s funded these pathogens for decades and the so-called intelligence community is party to it. The real question is why. And there’s clear answers for that as well.
    The global elite has made no secret of their global depopulation intent. Just ask Ted Turner, et al.

    It’s in your face, in plain sight, as always. Wake up, folks.

  5. The most despicable part of this whole narrative is that the republican politicians trying to score political points by “owning the libs”, rather than doing the right thing, people exactly like DeSantis and Abbott, have all been vaccinated.

    • Don’t leave Trump out of that crowd of despicables. The Times of Israel reported in April of 2020 that “the US intelligence community became aware of the emerging disease in Wuhan in the second week of [November 2019] and drew up a classified document.” The article went on to say that, “US intelligence informed the Trump administration, ‘which did not deem it of interest.'”

      Gordon told us in June of 2020, “John Hankey reports that Trump and his inner circle were vaccinated in November 2019, only days after the virus was deployed against China.” This is why everything Trump has told us since then about the bioweapon COVID-19 is a lie.

    • Exactly. His staged catching of covid, immediately after his epic self-owning / meltdown in the debate, was uber lame.

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