US leaves 3 bases in Syria after humiliating Afghan exit, expected to leave Iraq too


The United States has reportedly evacuated three of its military bases throughout Syria shortly after implementing a humiliating Vietnam-style exit from Afghanistan.

Press TV: An informed military source made the announcement to Iran’s al-Alam television network on Wednesday.

The source identified one of the bases in question as the US military’s most controversial outpost in Syria that is located near the country’s al-Omar Oilfield in the eastern province of Dayr al-Zawr.

It said the other two bases were near the Qamishli District in the Hasakah Province, situated in Syria’s extreme northeast.

The US and its allies invaded Syria in 2014 under the pretext of fighting the Takfiri terrorist group of Daesh. The outfit had emerged as Washington was running out of excuses to extend or enlarge its regional meddling.

The military interference was, however, surprisingly slow in confronting the terrorists, despite the sheer size of the coalition that had enlisted scores of Washington’s allied countries.

Numerous reports and regional officials would, meanwhile, point to the US’s role in transferring Daesh’s elements throughout the region and even airlifting supplies for the terror outfit.

In Syria, besides staging a completely illegal presence, the US has been engaged in looting the Arab country’s oil, prompting strong warnings on the part of Damascus that it reserved the right to defend its sovereignty and resources.

Meanwhile, Hadi al-Ameri, secretary-general of the Iraqi Shia Badr Organization, addressed an event, announcing that the United States and other foreign countries would end their military presence in his country by the end of the year too.

“We lay emphasis on the timetable for the departure of foreign forces from Iraq. At the end of this year, we will witness the forces’ exit from Iraq,” he declared.

Last year, the Iraqi parliament voted overwhelmingly in favor of all foreign forces’ expulsion after a US drone strike assassinated senior Iranian and Iraq anti-terror commanders, Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi Muhandis. Both the commanders had played a crucial role in defeating Daesh in late 2017 amid the US-led coalition’s constant failure or refusal to decisively battle the terrorists.

“The country and its guardians and builders are us. The army, the police, and Hashd al-Sha’abi (an Iraqi umbrella anti-terror group) are creators of victory in Iraq,” Ameri asserted.

He also pointed to Iran’s contribution to Iraq’s anti-terror efforts, saying “the Iranians helped Iraq in the war against terrorism.”

The information concerning the United States’ departure from the Syria-based outposts came only two days after the US ended its two-decade-long occupation of Afghanistan by taking the last of its troops out.

The withdrawal came although US Secretary of State Antony Blinken had alleged that America would not allow a repeat of “Saigon” in Afghanistan.

Washington coupled the pullout with a complete end to even its diplomatic presence in the Central Asian country, although the Taliban, which had just renewed its rule there, had pledged to ensure the security of diplomatic missions and staffers.

Addressing the developments, observers say the new trend of America’s winding down its unwelcome presence in the region reflects the reality that it has no choice other than to end the interference.

They cite the pressures that have been mounting on the United States over its trouble-ridden regional meddling that, aside from the regional capitals, have been bubbling across the US itself, where many Americans keep expressing shame over Washington’s foreign policy.


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  1. The great depression ended and began a period of strong middle class in the US, because the socialist party, and the communist party were able to exert pressure on FDR to implement the New Deal. The emphasis was on sustainable agriculture, social security, unions, very high tax rates on the wealthy and the industrial capacity certainly built by the war effort. A family farm could sustain itself, and most families in the industrial sector only needed one working adult.
    During the war, tax was imposed at 100% over (todays equivalent) $400,000. This was done to prevent anyone from profiting off the war. It was considered unforgivable and morbid.
    Now, the corporations own the courts, banks, churches and political parties. Tax the churches. Everyone will be mortified to see how much they have.

  2. We just sent in a huge convoy of equipment into Syria very recently. Where did that go? What was in that convoy, packing boxes? Regardless, with the atmosphere there becoming untenable, there is little doubt we will be leaving. On a side note, I talked with a Trumpet yesterday and his knowledge about the situation of the US in the ME was astoundingly ignorant. He was pissed over the Afgan pullout. He spouted the Saddam/Al Qaeda crap(as to why we were in Iraq), we were going after the Taliban because they were involved in 9/11, etc. I asked what the Taliban did and he just choked. He had no clue whatever. Then he said we’d have to go back and I asked him why. His answer…humanitarian reasons. I just shook my head and asked didn’t Trump run on ending forever war? Again, no answer. I also mentioned that Trump was going to leave Afghan even later than August and how did he think that would’ve turned out. Again, no response. He isn’t a Zionist, just completely a stupid, ignorant redneck…which seems to be a severe issue with some Trumpets. At this late date, I just couldn’t believe anyone could be so completely clueless.

  3. I sure hope that we don’t see any moves to start WWIII 2 save Netanyahu or Trump Also I don’t think Biden would want to help either of them and be the one who ended life as we know it. And that goes double for Russia and China I’m sure. Not enough hothead at the controls now, is my vertic.

  4. Pulling out of Syria is a ‘no-brainer.” We should have never been there.
    But Iraq?
    Oh, what a different outcome that whole ill-fated affair could have had, if only we had taken the opportunity at hand.
    Even though we went there under false pretenses and with malevolent objectives, not withstanding that, if somehow we could have risen to truly seek the good of the Iraqis, AND Americans, the imagination knows no bounds on what positive experiences might have been. There is no reason Iraq could not have been turned into good and strong friend of America.
    But as we all know, that wasn’t the objective, and any benevolence in that direction would’ve been met with fiery resistance from “you know who.”

    • Unfortunately, the whole thing was just a pincer movement to surround Iran and after 20 years, it has failed massively, as Israel never got the war with Iran they wanted so desperately. Now we’re moving into Yemen…which will likely be worse than Afghanistan. With Israel invading Yemeni islands with UAE assistance, the stage is set for a confrontation yet again. Syria may not turn out to be the trip wire many thought, Yemen might be, especially since they are geographically closer to Israel and are avowed enemies…not to mention Yemen is very close to Iran politically and militarily. The name of the game is attack Iran and always was, the rest was logistics. As you suggest, Israel would never have stood for a strong Iraq. But it was a nice thought anyway, however impossible it would have been. A million+ dead Iraqis would agree with you.

  5. Has anyone asked the Israelis about this American pullout? My guess is that both Trump and Netanyahu are looking for some way to stay out of prison and if starting WWIII is what will enable that to happen…

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