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Schiff: Jan. 6 investigation going ‘straight to subpoenas’ in some cases

…from Politico

[ Editor’s Note: Adam Schiff is smart enough to know that he will be blamed for letting the Jan 6th investigation drag out longer via legal process delays on evidence. Republican Congress persons involved in supporting the insurrection and its subsequent ‘The Steal’ attack will want as much of the truth hidden as possible in the run up to the 2022 elections.

Trump will be doing the same on all of his legal cases, shooting for a decade of litigation delay, where he might die before any trial can take place. That way he can go out with a smile on his face, ‘I out foxed you once again.’

The best news here is that the House investigation committee is turning over everything it is getting to the DoJ so they have it in real time, so it is not stonewalled with endless court appeals challenging the turnover.

This chaos is like Christmas every day for all the attorneys that work at this level, and they are never in a rush to get anything done. Trump’s favorite lawyer has always been “Mr. Delay”Jim W. Dean ]

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First published … September, 2021

The select panel investigating the Jan. 6 insurrection is preparing to issue immediate subpoenas to witnesses whom the panel expects to resist cooperation, one Democratic member said Tuesday.

“In some cases, we’re making requests we think will be complied with,” Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), chair of the House Intelligence Committee, told reporters. “In other cases, we’re going straight to subpoenas where we think we’re dealing with recalcitrant witnesses.

The committee is going to “forgo some of the time-consuming steps” that have dogged previous investigations, Schiff added, Compared with the independent 9/11 Commission two decades ago, he said, the Jan. 6 panel is moving with “great rapidity.”

“And where we do meet resistance, we intend to push back hard and fast,” Schiff added.

Schiff said he also hoped the Biden administration would break from Trump-era practices of fighting efforts by Congress to hold witnesses in contempt if they refuse to cooperate.

The Biden administration’s posture toward the Jan. 6 committee may also help speed up efforts to garner new information, he added, noting that the current Justice Department is unlikely to support what he called “bogus claims of [executive] privilege” by the Trump team.

You and read the full Politico artile here.


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  1. Crazy Trumpsters are moving just as quickly to throw a monkey wrench into the legal process. Trump is a master at dragging out court proceedings. Look what he’s done to frustrate the Southern District of New York, months and months after his tax returns were turned over to them. At this point, Trump’s only hope is that he’ll be spirited away to a Kosher Nostra hideaway somewhere, maybe Israel, where he can play golf and diddle little boys and girls until he croaks.

  2. They should publish a list of names who will be on the warrant squad. That’ll get the nets full.

    There is no hesitation to use warrant squads on the people, and vets are familiar with “emergency powers’. If this isn’t as serious as the all too familiar “justifications” , then it says , well, {some are more equal than others}. Sometimes active duty soldiers go to jail for being late to work. Where does insurrection and incitement fit in ? What we are watching is extreme preferential treatment. In fact, all the lower rungs are doing time, while the leaders are drinking margaritas on the beach. Show us the Warrant Squad.

    • I can think of a couple capitol police who would probably answer the call.
      Better yet, why not special forces ? They get used for lots and lots of way dumber stuff.
      Make sure you { bang their heads as you put them in the car too }. I remember a high number of people who laughed at that one.

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