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House Committee: Trump Plotted Insurrection

The ever-Trumpers and the never-Trumpers should be able to agree that US elections are problematic and that we need to return to publicly-hand-counted paper ballots.

US Midterm: Defeats for Biden, Voting System and Trump: “Political Suicide”...

From hugs to “slaps”: on the cover image a photo of the repertoire of Donald Trump with the governor of Florida Ron DeSantis, the...

Biden rolls out new China policy with Blinken’s Asian tour

Jim W. Dean - "So here we are with an arms race still rolling on, which to a degree is a no win situation for countries, because there is no end to having enough."

Trump Insurrectionist finally goes to trial

The trial is one of the most significant tests of the government’s year long investigation into the Capitol attack.

Bannon to Appear before Congress on 10/14 – We shall see

Jim W. Dean - If the Select committee lets Bannon make fools of them, they will have deeply wounded the public confidence in their having the balls to fight the Trump machine.

Democrats moving quickly to get Insurrection testimony

"And where we do meet resistance, we intend to push back hard and fast," Schiff added.

#UNRIG Video (7:32) Autism, Glyphostate, Monsanto, True Costs, Intelligence, Congress Corruption...

Robert Steele connects our corrupt Congress to the persistence of autism from glyphostate (and mercury in vaccines) and outlines how a restructing of US intelligence and the election reform act are essential next steps to restore America the Beautiful.