House Committee: Trump Plotted Insurrection


Are the polarized narratives of both pro- and anti-Trumpers, of “election deniers” and “election true believers,” almost equally uncritical and mythological? We aren’t allowed to ask that question in US or Western mainstream media. Fortunately we still have Press TV.

The ever-Trumpers and the never-Trumpers should be able to agree that US elections are problematic and that we need to return to publicly-hand-counted paper ballots. For details, listen to my interviews with Jonathan Simon from August 2021, November 2020, August 2020, and September 2018; and my November 2020 interview with Harvey Wasserman.


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  1. My 2 cents versus J.P.’s.
    If in the USA the citizen must register on the lists, in Italy upon reaching the age of 18 all those entitled receive an electoral card (migrants sent to us by Soros do not have this right). The card has 18 boxes that correspond to 18 votes. In practice, the voter presents himself at the designated polling station, shows the electoral card, and an identity document that is noted on a register and on which the voter signs. While on the electoral card is affixed the stamp of the polling station, a stamp that is different for as many as there are polling stations in Italy.
    This says that the voter will no longer be able to vote anywhere else. There is no such thing as postal and electronic voting. Either you go in person and vote or there is no other way to vote. For this reason, voting is only on Sunday and, if necessary, half the day of the following Monday.
    Here can you see a electoral Card with designated polling station Where the incumbent only there can vote

    Trump got a privileged chance to lead that very few in history get and he dropped the ball like no other in the history of the USA. He could have been the President of the whole USA but instead, he choose to only be the President of his supporters. And he even let them down beyond belief by lying to their faces about election fraud. These people believed in him. They trusted him. They had high hopes and he made a mockery of their trust. But his lust for power far exceeded his sense of civic duty to lead his country. It truly is the worst display of leadership I have ever witnessed.

    DON THE CON is a grotesque failure of epic proportions. Sadly, he now surpasses James Buchanan and Andrew Johnson as the worst President in the History of the USA and it’s now, not even close! That’s truly pathetic! MY TWO CENTS!

  3. “The ever-Trumpers and the never-Trumpers should be able to agree that US elections are problematic…”

    You could have stopped the sentence right there, Kevin, without the hand-count baloney. There is simply no way that hand-counting would work in our big cities. Also, mail-in voting has enabled city folk to avoid the tried and true voter suppression technique of providing pitifully few poling stations in large urban districts so that the “wrong” people end up voting. That’s what the ever-Trumpers and never-Trumpers are really pissed off about.

  4. Fantastic program Kevin.
    Agreed. The ONLY solution is hand-counted paper ballots
    That clip of Liz Cheney is enough to make one vomit. Neocon daughter of mass-murderer arch-criminal Dick Cheney.
    Hope they both read this.

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