Britain: ‘Russia’s ‘Poison Jab’ (Sputnik V) Really Stolen from Us!

Western Intel agencies that have conducted industrial and economic warefare for generations only just discovered that those targeted actually retaliate against us. Imagine that


VT: Our analysis of this makes us think it may be almost as stupid as anti-vaxx crap

[ Editor’s Note: Oh my, the wise old Brits have discovered that major nations conduct industrial and economic espionage. Imagine that. It is late in the year 2021 and they finally figured this out…what brilliance.

What can we say, maybe something like “what the hell took you so long”? How come we Americans know that the Brits conduct such espionage like this, just as the Americans do, to the fullest of their abilities and always have?

So why make fools of ourselves by publicizing something so silly, pretending it is news? Was it a slow day?

I am waiting to see the full report, which most of the major countries of course have, comparing their own offensive operations to those they are defending against. As a starter, we could take a look at how the budgeting between the two is allocated.

I hope you notice that we have never really been shown any of that kind of analysis before. Is this perhaps due to domestic intelligence operations being run by us for similar reasons as toward our selected foreign targets, to be better able to control and exploit our own population, the threat of it finding out what its government is really doing, why, and for whose benefit?

If anyone sees any mention of Israel being a long time leader in such espionage from any of these so-called security experts please let me know.

This is a subject matter that some of our major institutions, especially the vet orgs, have shown virtually no interest in. Look at what Trump inflicted on us during his uber crime wave. Was that not an attack on the country, with the cherry on top being January 6, and the clown show that led up to it?

What major veteran’s org denounced the Trumpers? What powerful industry entities did? Why did our media, covering January 6 from A to Z give a pass to the AWOL patriotic orgs who all swear to “…defend the Constitution and the country from all enemies, foreign and domestic“?

I know of one whose members told me they did not want a communist Biden government, preferring ‘Don’ the serial rapist, molester and bankruptcy expert. These are the same people doing school programs on patriotism. There is a term for this. It’s call ‘the world turned upside down’… Jim W. Dean ]

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There is no UN treaty against spying, including the cyber version because no one would want to give up their own offensive operations

Security services say they have proof one of Vladimir Putin’s spies swiped the vital data.

UK Sun: They say they have proof that vital data was pinched from the drugs firm — including the blueprint for the Covid jab.

Russia’s Sputnik jab uses similar technology to the Oxford designed vaccine.

Security teams are now sure it was copied. It is understood the data was stolen by a foreign agent in person.

Last year spies pointed the finger at President Vladimir Putin. They said they were “more than 95 per cent” sure Russian state-sponsored hackers had targeted UK, US and Canadian bodies developing a Covid vaccine.

The late security minister James Brokenshire said at the time: “We are very careful in terms of calling these things out, ensuring we can have that confidence in attribution. We believe we have this here.”

Tory MP Bob Seely, an expert in Russian affairs, said: “I think we need to get serious about Russian and Chinese espionage.

“Whether it is stealing the design for Astra- Zeneca or blackmailing us over energy by these authoritarian and totalitarian regimes, we need to get wise to them.”

Home office minister Damian Hinds said today: “We live in world where there’s state activity seeking to engage in industrial espionage and economic espionage.

“We face threats of this type that are different, they are more sophisticated, they are more extensive than they ever have been before.

“Constantly there are foreign states who would like to get their hands on sensitive information including sometimes commercial secrets.”


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  1. You have to be a complete idiot not to be interested in the history of the development of vaccines in the USSR and not to know the outstanding Soviet scientists who created vaccines in the traditional way, tested them on themselves and then saved millions of people’s lives in Arfrica, Latin America, etc. The School of Virology is one of the strongest in the world. The opinion of British scientists has always equaled the humorous opinion of the Armenian Radio. There was such a humorous program in the USSR. And now, when the luminaries of science have entwined their tails with dirty politics, their opinion is bullshit and is designed for those who watch tictoc for days and whose head is on their shoulders only to drink and eat into it.

  2. There is a tiny detail britons forget and that is ruskies developed their jab and start the trials several months before than even Oxford they had something like a vaccine working to begin the tests….

  3. That sounds like something Donald Trump or Israel would say. And were is the spirit of cooperation you would expect when dealing with a world wide pandemic? When you are fighting a Bio war there is no stealing.

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