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Britain: ‘Russia’s ‘Poison Jab’ (Sputnik V) Really Stolen from Us!

Jim W. Dean - How come we Americans know that the Brits conduct such espionage like this, just as the Americans do, to the fullest of their abilities and always have?

Data On Russia’s Sputnik V COVID Vaccine

This interim analysis of the phase 3 trial of Gam-COVID-Vac showed 91·6% efficacy against COVID-19 and was well tolerated in a large cohort.

Covid Vaccine producers announce plans to test combination vaccines using Russia’s...

Jim W. Dean - The biggest concern is that the vaccines are not producing a high antibody protection in seniors.

Russia to sell 100 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine to India

Russia now puts its Covid vaccine where its geopolitical mouth is. China already has several of its own in the pipeline. Putin sent a strong message to India as to who was able to assist an important ally more reliabily, the US or Russia?

Attack on Russian COVID-19 Vaccine: Just Another ‘Cold War’ Tactic

Russia Claims They are Being Negatively Targeted for Their COVID-19 Vaccine. https://twitter.com/Newsweek/status/1296478624275738624?s=20 Health Editor's Note: The idea that there is an "information war" against the Russian...

Russian Doctors Wary of Rapidly Approved COVID-19 Vaccine

The Russian vaccine’s approval comes before trials that would normally involve thousands of participants, commonly known as Phase III.

Some Russians are Wary of Russia’s COVID-19 Vaccine

Russia also has anti-vaxxers and conspiracy tales about vaccines.

Russia Has First Vaccine for COVID-19: Is It Safe?

Experts have voiced unease over Moscow's rapid approval process for the vaccine.