Russia Has First Vaccine for COVID-19: Is It Safe?


Russia Using First Vaccine for COVID-19 Before Phase 3 TrialsHe

Health Editor’s Note: Putin announced this morning that Russia has begun to use the first ever vaccine against COVID-19. He states that the vaccine produces enough immunity to ward off contracting COVID-19. The vaccine is named Sputnik-V, as a reference to the fact that the Russians launched the world’s first satellite back in 1957.

It seems that the Russians have skipped what is known as Phase 3 of the trial (where the vaccine is administered to thousands and the results of those vaccinations are evaluated for efficacy and safety), and have moved directly into the vaccinating phase.  Russia has not released its scientific data for this vaccine…

VT sincerely hopes that the Russian, Sputnik-V, is effective and safe and if so, that scientific and medical information would be shared and that any divisions between nations would be set aside so the world can beat COVID-19 and put this pandemic into the history books…..Carol  


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  1. If it works Russia could massively piss off the pharma companies by making it a gift to the people of the world.

    • The Russians do have some form on pricing. They have put a lot of research over the past decades into peptides designed to assist different parts of the body and the resultant products are generally available at prices no western pharma company could make money at. This has had the result of keeping them out of the market so very little is known in the west of the products.

      The creation of oligarchs in Russia and the west seems to have been by different mechanisms. In Russia they got rich by ripping off the state when the state’s assets were sold off. In the west they got rich by price gouging the people with high prices giving income and rising asset prices.

      In Russia there is, in common with most of its industries, little or no opportunity for pharma price gouging, the vaccine was developed (like in the west it seems) with state money and facilities. But Russia doesn’t, like the west, privatise the profits and socialise the costs. If the vaccine works and the price is right the World, apart from those countries with large pharma companies, will beat a path to its door, to the sound of considerable PR howls that it can’t possibly work (at that price not stated).

  2. Given that the highest German court has determined on the basis of the evidence presented to it that the measles virus does not exist, yet the ‘disease’ does and so does its mandated vaccine, and given that not one research facility in the world has isolated the covid 19 virus, and that there is no definitive test for the virus, and yet a vaccine has now been created, I fear our planet is plagued with madness!

    • peterb, Of course measles virus exists and causes a great deal of illness and death, even though there is an effective vaccine against it. The COVID=19 virus has been identified and this is how they know what areas to target to halt its destructiveness. SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, was isolated in the laboratory and has been available for research by the scientific and medical community. But you may not be wrong about our planet begin plagued by madness.

  3. It looks like Putin will do Phase 3 testing on the public. I would guess that the Russians saw no harmful effects from the last stage testing so felt that they had nothing to lose by moving ahead . Russia has been averaging around 5000 new cases a day, but with a low death rate, in the 70s, but is 130 today…far less than others per capita. So it appears that China and Russia are coming through this with hugely less economic damage than the US. One could even view this as Trump’s self inflicted Covid sanctions on the US, which is now seared into his legacy. Jared Kushner thinks they have done an amazing job.

    • I feared that Trump would be Bad but He’s way worse than all expectation ,within couple of years Americans are all split and doomed ,Trump has mauled and mangled the USA beyond recognition, looks another failed state .

    • I don’t think the Russian government was release this vaccine without a high degree of confidence it will work will minimally acceptable side effects. I hope they release the science on their vaccine to the rest of the world.

      I have been hearing on main stream media incessant doubts raised by experts and commentators who are challenging and sowing seeds of doubt about the new Russian vaccine. There was also the recent story about “Russian hackers” trying to get US covid-19 research improperly – if the vaccine works it can be claimed they got the necessary information from hacked US research.

    • If one wants to learn more about this new vaccine, one can search for sputnikvaccine to go to and find the official site discussing the vaccine. I did not put the full link in as I am not sure if that violates VT ‘s posting policies.

  4. RT has been censoring the reader’s comments – shameful for a supposed “defenders of truth”. They have sold out and refuse to report on the Lebanon nuclear blast. They can take their vaccine and shove it! In the meantime VT remains the eyes and ears of the independent world. Well done VT – shame on RT

  5. Yes, the vaccine will be shared with other nations. Politicians come and go. Helping people in need is the RIGHT thing to do regardless the regime they are under.

  6. All I can say is that were a vaccine to come out of Israel or the US, I wouldn’t even give it to a sewer rat.

  7. “There are suggestions”…now that’s the kind of hard-hitting journalistic prowess I’ve come to expect from CNN. (sarc)

  8. There’s times when people should understand the reality and quietly accepted it I think that Russia has repeatedly demonstrated itself a devolopped country besides with America’s stupid education you should be expecting a big fat zero America hasn’t been innovative in decades ,

  9. In pandemic we are allegedly one world, but appears that in vaccine we are more than a few worlds, because we are always feardemic. Sincere congratulations to Russians for successfully developing and registering first Covid vaccine!! Let’s get this calamity behind us asap.

  10. News flash to Trumpsters from last June: This from Gordon Duff of VT, “John Hankey reports that Trump and his inner circle were vaccinated in November 2019, only days after the virus was deployed against China.” Gordon goes on to say… “We knew the CIA funded programs were to develop a SARS related bio-weapon but we also knew that this would not be done without a vaccine and that vaccine programs would be highly classified. You see, vaccines make this a weapon, not the disease itself.”

    This means that your fearless leader has been lying to you about COVID-19. He did indeed know back in November that the bioweapon would attack Wuhan and warned Israel about it…

    Notice that he didn’t warn you about it, Trumpsters? Why do you think that would be?

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