Are US war criminal invaders of Syria legitimate targets?


DISCLOSURE: Sourced from Iranian government funded media

US forces occupying Syria have come under attack. And why shouldn’t they?

The Syrian government doesn’t want us there. The Syrian people don’t want us there. Syria never attacked us. Congress hasn’t declared war. The American people have no interest in fighting Syria.

So why did the US commit the supreme war crime, aggression, by attacking and invading Syria and occupying sovereign Syrian territory? How can we possibly argue against the brave Syrians who defend their country by mounting attacks on the war criminal invaders?

Political Analyst, Kevin Barrett says U.S. military presence in Syria is against the will of the Syrian people and amounts to war crimes.

Source: “U.S. military outpost in SE Syria comes under attack, no reports of casualties”


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  1. All the US invaders of Syria can at the very least be charged with ‘illegal entry’ for failing to obtain a visa to enter Syria.

  2. It appears that the Iranians are fed up. They said that there would be consequences for the attack on Palmyra/T4 that Israel committed recently from the area of Al Tanf. Seems they are also figuring out that they will continue to be attacked regardless of anything they do and they have nothing to lose. Some sources say that this was a drone/missile attack from areas in Syria and Iraq, that was conducted simultaneously. We will see. What is for sure is that either the US will get the message or they will double-down, neocon style. One presages the removal of US troops, the other the escalation of more illegal attacks against Iranian forces…and where that could lead. One thing for sure, we need to thank the gutless SOBs from that terrorist state who used Al Tanf area and civilian airliners as cover for their continued attacks on Syria. Israel might just take note as well, as hitting Al Tanf is definitely a ‘word to the wise’…as was that ‘errant’ missile that hit near Dimona. But hey, as long as we have their back, why would they take note?

  3. “”So why did the US commit the supreme war crime, aggression, by attacking and invading Syria and occupying sovereign Syrian territory?””
    Is that a rhetorical question?

  4. This is why our troops in Syria are only there as a symbolic sop to Israel. They are mere pawns in the upcoming course of events that will force us into a cataclysmic war with Russia and Iran. This war will go nuclear within hours. It will be the final conflict between good and evil that the Cult of Trump prays for. Trump and Pompeo almost gave it to them right before Biden was inaugurated. The US military said no way, Donny boy. Zionists will now force the issue with a redo of 9/11, this time blamed on Iran. May Heaven preserve us all from the wrath of the chosenites.

  5. From what I’ve just read, it seems that the Syrian Air Force might have used 4 of its newly refurbished and updated Russian MIG-29SMs to carry out the strike on Al Tanf. These aircraft, in addition to powerful ordnance strike ability, have a state of the art electronic warfare package on board to suppress enemy counter-measures. Supposedly, the Israelis are on high alert knowing that the next attack could be on them and those MIGS can do tons of damage. The IAF is busy ordering tactical diapers for its pilots.

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