How Brutal Elites Focus Climate Change Issues on Others


VT: For America?  Drought, massive small ag bankruptcies, interrupted food supplies, permanent coastal flooding, and a Pacific Northwest turned to Sahara.

Then it will get really bad….

Salon: Africa has 54 countries, more than one-quarter of the 195 nations on the planet today. The continent is also home to roughly 1.3 billion souls, more than one-sixth of the human population. And despite comprising a large chunk of the community of Homo sapiens, however, Africa is responsible for less than four percent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Life is unfair, that isn’t going to spare Africans from suffering as a result of man-made global warming. A recent study revealed that Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, the Rwenzori Mountains in Uganda and the Mount Kenya massif in Kenya are going to lose their glaciers — the only ones on the entire continent.

Losing these iconic natural landmarks isn’t the worst thing that will happen to Africa because of climate change — there will be extreme weather events, rising sea levels, economic devastation, and more — but there is a melancholy symbolism to their impending disappearance.

Climate change isn’t a problem caused by all people equally; it is caused mostly by the rich, and since we live in a capitalist world, the suffering will fall disproportionately on the poor. Climate scientists, sociologists, and economists are largely in agreement on this point. And it presages the way that things will need to change in order to stave off the extinction of humanity.

“The problem is structural and systemic,” Dr. David Fasenfest, an American sociologist and associate professor at Wayne State University, told Salon by email. “Capitalist society is geared towards waste and destruction in order to promote consumption while producing at the lowest cost. That requires power and that means without strict restrictions most of the time we use ‘dirty’ forms of energy like coal that pollutes and promotes climate change.” 

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  1. Increased soil erosion and increased damage from floods and droughts all are results of a common underlying, but apparently unnoticed problem. In 1960 the soil scientist, William Albrecht, PhD, reported on an experiment started in 1888 between two adjacent plots at his college of agriculture.
    The two comparison plots were growing corn, year after year. One plot received six tons of manure annually while the other plot received nothing. All of the crop was removed annually. A single rain was sufficient to flatten the plowed condition of the untreated field and to seal over the soil’s surface to prevent the infiltration of the rainwater. The manured plot’s plowed condition was not altered by the rain. Rainwater went into the soil building up a supply of water for service to the plants in the summer. During the summer, the soil in this plot was ten degrees cooler than the untreated plot. Rills created by running water were only on the untreated plot. A laboratory test found that about four times as much water entered the soil on the manured plot.
    Is anyone on the west coast familiar with this experiment?

    • None of which is ever going to happen, other than that the poor have the least to lose which is their share of everything.

  2. It will be the greatest challenge before the world to somehow avoid the death throes of the AngloZionist Empire, which has it as part of its collective DNA to end human history in a cataclysmic Götterdämmerung. The Union of Concerned Scientists claims that as few as 100 nuclear weapons reaching their target anywhere on the planet would result in Nuclear Winter. On the bright side, that would be the fix not only for Global Warming, but world over-population as well.

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